Well, crap

The first disappointment I can remember came courtesy of Baskin-Robbins when I was about six. I hocked my mom and dad to buy me a double-scoop on a sugar cone. I mean I was relentless. (Wheedling and pleading–just two of the many services I offer, free of charge.) I finally break them down (thus setting the stage for seeing “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in my early teens.) I get the cone. I’m doing my “two scoops” six-year-old’s victory dance. The ice cream was bubble gum flavor, with real bits of chewing gum in it, which totally ooogs me out now, but whatever, I was six; I still thought my boogers were good. I walk outside into that Texas heat with my hard-won bounty, take one lick…and the whole thing goes kersplat on the sidewalk. And no, the sobbing didn’t soften up my parents. Tough luck, kid. Enjoy that empty cone.

There were other disappointments along the way–most school dances, dorm food, the last two “Matrix” movies, The Cars in concert.

Flash forward to this week. I’m psyched because I’ve finally caught up on all my DVR episodes of “Veronica Mars” and now I’m up to the two-hour season finale. Logan’s in deep doo-doo. Keith’s in deep doo-doo. Veronica’s skating that delicious line between bantering, smart-ass, vulnerable P.I. in the making and possible sociopath. I am primed and ready as I settle in with the hubby on the sofa. Microwave popcorn? Check. Dr. Pepper? Check. Lights set for optimal viewing pleasure? Check. Grab the remote, click on Guide and…it’s not there. The two-hour season finale has pulled a Houdini. It’s just gone. I scroll up and down, up and down (I am of the Never Say Die club–I’d still be scrolling right this minute if my husband hadn’t taken away the remote.) Take a cue from The Zombies, cue music: It’s. Not. There.

But you know what is there? A gazillion episodes of freaking “Pokemon.”

“Pokemon: Emerald.” “Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl” (which I thought was a Prince song, so what do I know). “Pokemon to the Tenth Power.” “Pokemon The Price Is Right.” “Pokemon The Situation Room.” What? Is this show on every hour of the day??? Even Dr. Phil isn’t on that much. (Pokemon: Dr. Phil–“You need to get real, here, Pikachu!” “Pikachu, use electric power!” “Peee-kaaaa-chuuuu!” Okay, I’d pay to see that. And is it just me, or does anyone else want Pokemon to be Jamaican: “You got the power of the Poke, mon. Much respect.”)

Anyway, it’s like that old saying: Bring a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach a kid how to program the DVR and HE WILL ERASE YOUR TWO-HOUR SERIES FINALE OF A SHOW YOU’VE BEEN WATCHING SINCE DAY ONE!!!!


Okay, so I guess I need to download it from iTunes and watch it on my laptop. No spoilers, okay?

And I’m happy to see that the third season of Dr. Who starts July 6th. And if anybody replaces it with Pokemon, there will be carnage.

127 thoughts on “Well, crap

  1. you

    just made my day. i had ice cream. but this, is a topper on the cake. my mother had this ice cream attack in the middle of a gorgecry store aisle. and i posted a new chappter of my fanfic. to your story of course. ahh. i want more ice cream now.

  2. AGATB movie? Check.

    Yay! what a wonderful enlightment! so sorry, but someone else thought of it first.
    AGATB is being made into a movie, and, accorinding to IMDb.com, it is due out 2008 and is directed and written by Charles Sturridge. No other news about it is available, but Ms. Bray plans to keep us posted. =)

  3. The Cars

    Ok, I saw the Cars twice, once at a relatively small college auditorium (UT Arlington) while I was in high school and once about a year later in a large arena (Reunion Arena) after they became big stars. The UTA show remains, to this day, one of the best concerts I have ever seen. The second show, at the big venue, was not as energetic as the previous show, but was still entertaining. Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr were spot on with the vocals and Elliot Easton, one of the most under rated guitarists of all time, was on fire. There was a boring keyboard interlude (the intro to “Living in Stereo” perhaps?) and the show lacked intimacy, but all things considered I would not call it a dissapointment. I certainly would not lump the Cars into the same category as the second and third Matrix films.

  4. pokemon

    that is exactly what is on my DVR set. a million different pokemon. my brother absolutly adores it!!! so when ever i wake up in the morning i have to sit and watch 3 whole hours of pokemon before i can have the remote. my brother trys to explain things to me when i watch it and i really DONT CARE!!! we just finished watching the first movie of pokemon where a evil clone pokemon trys to take over the world. thats just WEIRD. so i understand how u feel.


  5. I can’t believe they are cancelling all the good shows (i.e. Veronica Mars!)

    Besides, are the later episodes of Veronica Mars good? I only got to see a few!

  6. calm down, Libba!

    OK, I know how you feel about the Pokemon thingy. Even though I’m the only child, I feel your pain. Please don’t kill anyone because of Pokemon. PLEASE! YOU ARE MY FAVORITE AUTHOR AND YOU WON’T LIKE JAIL!!!!!

  7. calm down, Libba!

    Libba: two words:
    Try not to have so many donuts or bagels, no matter how liver-destroying and delicious they are. PLEASE! YOU WON’T LIKE MENTAL REHAB!

  8. pokemon

    wow, i thought pokemon was a nice simple thing, but when it takes away innocent tv programing it must be stopped!(or at least the tv show, if i said stop the game, i might be killed by my friends . .. )

  9. sadness

    i was feeling so happy this whole week like on a happiness high. I saw Harry Ron and Hermoine riding on a dragon, i took the WOMBATS and i got my dad the greatest card for fathers day. But when ur that high on happiness then u most fall down. I got into i fight with a friend of mine and now we arent talking. I feel as if i am in high school again and i have not been there in years. I truly believe the saying that high school never ends. I long for feeling the happiness i just had and wish i just hadnt called my friend last night. I dont think we will talk ever again because both of us think were right and were both stubborn. Maybe a good movie will make me feel better, any ideas?

  10. exactly.

    You sound like me.
    I remember when I lost the seventh season of Buffy.
    OMG. I freaked. It was like anxiety attack numero uno.
    My best friend says she still has nightmares about it.

    I go OCD sometimes. Haha.

    but yeah.
    good luck with that finale.

    have you seen apocalypto?
    (I’m basically going around telling everyone that now, sorry for the solicitation.)

  11. i completely understand, ever since i taught my parents how to use the tivo all of my shows have been erased. who cares if it’s the last season of stargate ever? not my parents. if Rick Steve’s Europe (*shudder*) is on then i’m SOL. And they never tell me if they’ve cancelled my recording, so i always miss the second showing because i think they’ve recorded the first.

  12. Hi my name is Tina and I justed wanted to let you know that 1. I just finished reading Rebels Angels and A Great and Terrible Beauty back to back(I know talk about the last one to get on the train) B.They were AWESOME and I say that with the highest respects to Kelso himself. Fab Deary really!(nice zoot suit accent) ‘Twas fantastical and I truly am on my heels for the next one! 3.Veronica Mars should be the next president and just out of curiosity have you had an offers in making them into movie or a few movies? or is that really rude…

  13. Watching your shows

    OK so at http://www.tv-links.co.uk you can watch your show on the computer.

    I just it when I’m bored, and I am generally bored because I’m a boring person.

    I also started your Facebook fan club and it’s got hundreds of members, join in on the fun?


  14. In about a second, I’m going to disgrace myself…I am seventeen(well, sixteen, my birthday is the last day of this month) and I have to say…I side with your son…There was a 33 hours marathon of Pokemon leading up to the new series, Diamond and Pearl…and I DVR-ed it. I feel your pain though. My mother saw all my wonderfully recorded episodes that I planned to enjoy while remembering my good childhood memories *coughlastweekcough* and she erased them all. To record her show. *hits head on desk* I was so upset. Pokemon is priceless. My friends and I are all over 16 and still love, play, and watch it. Why? Because we have no life. And because we’re cool enough to still be childish!

  15. *cringes* I hate when that happens! I mean honestly…but I’m sorry. 😦

    However, you do get kudos for the Dr. Pepper love. I mean, come on! Dr. Pepper is definitely the best thing like… ever. I’m looking at my trash can at the moment and I’ve just counted a grand total of 9 empty cans. My garbage was emptied on Tuesday. >_< *sigh* Why does it have to be so addicting?

    Well, anyway. That's my random expression toward the love of Dr. Pepper. And yes, I definitely feel the Jamaican vibes toward Pokemon. It also makes me laugh that I have two large binders full of Pokemon cards. I even have Dragonite, the shiny version! 😀

  16. Awww sorry about about the Veronica Mars thing. Isn’t it the best show ever, though? I’m still depressed that they cancelled it. 😦

  17. I know what you mean

    I feel for you….. Veronica Mars is one of those things that keeps my brain functioning. Knowing that she’ll be there next week to solve another nail biting college case with her wit, I have to admit helps me sleep at night.

  18. Just dropping in here after a long absence from your blog to cheer at the Who love.

    I’m still weighing between teaching my mom how to program a DVR, and coming to find out all my episodes of Angel and Buffy (I’m not getting up at 5 AM to watch David Boreanaz brood, I’ll watch it when I roll out of bed at noon like a normal person) have been replaced by Cold Case Files.

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