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You know those horrible chain emails you get? The ones that say something like, “You’re the reason I smile! I love you! You’re special! Hope I made your day! Send this to 800 of your closest friends before the sun goes down, and you’ll never have to wear deodorant ever again–I swear it’s true; it happened to a cousin of a friend of mine’s girlfriend. Don’t break the chain. Because if you do…you will contract poison ivy of the heart and get very, very sick and probably go into total organ failure and bleed from your eyes just like the beginning of Brian K. Vaughn’s “Y: The Last Man” and then you’ll spend the rest of your miserable life in an iron lung/dialysis machine that also plays a synthesizer version of “The Wind Beneath My Wings”–don’t let this happen to you!!!!”

Yeah, well, I hate those suckers. I delete them, usually while saying, “Die, pig, die!” Then I live in slight fear until the sun goes down.

But just recently, my YA writer compatriot from Canada, Arthur Slade, (yes, Arthur, you) at http://www.arthurslade.com sent me a meme, which, I gather, is a sort of chain blog thingie with no threats made to your internal organs and no promises of wealth and/or a permanent lack of body odor. ‘Cause he’s a class act. So I’m going to do it. Sort of.

Here are the rules as passed on to me by Mr. Slade:

The rules are that “each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.”

Now, I’m a big one for breaking rules. And for being lazy. Especially when I am on deadline. So I’m going to do the meme, but I’m not passing it on. And if I end up in an iron lung, blinking out the words, “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?” with my one good eye, you’ll know what happened to me.

Here goes:

1. The first concert I ever went to was Paul McCartney and Wings in the sixth grade. I forged Sir Paul’s signature in a little slam book I had and told everybody I got his autograph. I started securing my suite in hell early.
2. I bite my nails; my hands always look like I’ve gone a few rounds in a bar fight.
3. I will read/watch anything that has to do with zombies. But clowns creep me out. So I guess if there were a zombie-clown movie, I’d have a tough call on my hands.
4. My favorite movie is “Blade Runner.” I could watch it again and again. I especially love Roy Batty’s (Rutger Hauer) death speech. I wish I could write a book the way Ridley Scott directs.
5. For a short person, I walk very fast.
6. My shoe size is seven. Please feel free to make donations of cute shoes at any time.
7. The last thing I read was the graphic novel, Fables. (#1)
8. I’m a mom. (I was stumped on the last one and my son, who is sitting next to me, suggested that. I suppose this might be my favorite fact/habit.)

Allrighty. That does it. Feel free to post your own memes.

211 thoughts on “Tag, you’re it

  1. Re: Vampires!!!

    I just read Blue Blood and it was pretty good. Besides that I haven’t been able to find any books that i like right now. I go to the library a lot (yes im a geek like that) and im pretty sure i have read every vampire book there and i cant find anything new. But Eclipse comes out next month. Yay!

    What you’re doing is not neurotic…unless im neurotic too because i keep re-reading those books.

  2. Re: 1 through 8

    No, I don’t practice anarchy (at least not right now 😉 ) The icon is from Cleolinda’s Movies in 15 minutes (right here on live journal). I like it because it combines one of my favourite movies and my obsession with musical theatre (in this case, the Phantom of the Opera).

  3. re-post already!!!!!!!!

    i think im gonna go insane if i dont read another message soon, but will do own thing
    1-look kind of like felicity, blond but green eyes
    2-i bite my nails to dont feel bad
    3-hate zombies they wigg me out blech…..
    4-favorite book is so far AGTB
    5-i jog every morning
    6-shoe size is also a 7
    7-last book i read was the last installment of harry potter(connections)
    8-im falling in love with my roomate

  4. Goodey!

    Two things:
    One: I haven’t been on your site for a while and am glad that I haven’t missed anything new.
    Two: I can tell when those sort of emails are coming, so I delete them before I even open them. (The trick to knowing, at least for me, is when someone that hates you and that you hate emails you all of a sudden. :))

  5. Re: Freaked by Clowns

    yeah i did. they were AWESOME!!!! did u read the next 2? prisoner of time and for all time? they are awesome too!

  6. Re: following the trend

    LOL, your friends must be more patient than mine, they stare blankly at me for a few moments before attempting to celotape me mouth closed 😦

    My hunger strike was actually quite petty, it wasnt against anything useful like trying to stop third world debt, it was just because they wouldnt let me go out to a friends party.

    (Also it didn’t work, my mum just went ‘not hungry tonight dear? ill leave soon leftovers in the mircowave for you to heat up later…’ ‘thanks mum…’ ¬.¬)

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