A Letter to My Patient Readers Awaiting LAIR OF DREAMS

Dear Lovely-and-Patient Readers,

Many of you have been asking, “Hey Libba—when is the second Diviners book, LAIR OF DREAMS, coming out? It’s been moved on the schedule so many times we have lost faith in the old gods of the book pub-scheduling universe. We have stopped leaving small plates of cheese before their effigies. We no longer sing the playful songs of patient waiting, songs taught to us by our sequel-anticipating ancestors as they camped on the shores of Robert Jordan/George R.R. Martin-land. Madness reigns, Libba! Blood and chaos in the streets! Twinkie shortages! We look into each other’s eyes, wordless, lost, for what can be said when you promised us a book in April of LAST YEAR and have managed to blow through every date since? For the love of all that’s holy, will you please stop messing with us?!”

Gentle readers, I hear you. I am sorry. I thank you for bearing with me, for being so understanding, and out of a sense of undying gratitude, I want to give you all the things made with butter: “You deserve a book from me, my plucky darlings. But in the meantime, here—have a Butter Pop™ on a stick. Also, the number for a cardiologist. Regrets are for the weak.”

So here’s the good news upfront: It is finished.[1]

No way! You cry from the streets where you have begun to set small fires and tell the rats about a story called THE DIVINERS which was started long, long ago—so long ago, you have forgotten how heavy the book was in your hands. The muscles of your arms have now atrophied.

Way, I whisper, as I fly by on roller skates, tossing glitter across a blighted landscape.[2] (I am dressed in elaborate layers of seafoam-green chiffon while I roll by, because I know how to make an entrance.) Pump some iron and ready your arm strength, my doves, because that sucker is in copyedits as I type this. And, barring some nightmarish apocalyptic scenario that sees us all drinking our urine to survive while trapped in an abandoned amusement park run by mutant clowns[3], come August, LAIR OF DREAMS will be a real, live book with an actual beginning[4], middle, and end…ish which you can find in bookstores across America—nay, the world. Even Canada[5]. Hooray! Take up the Eddas once more! Tell the rats I come anon; your sacrificial plates of cheese have been answered.

I wish the writing had gone faster. This book has been quite a crucible. And the truth is that writers are people[6], and people have lives that are, at times, less than convenient, and, at other times, downright bothersome. Sometimes, there are trials to be gotten through. At those times, all we can do is hunker down and wait for the dust storms to pass so that we can see clearly enough to do our work.

We keep at it. We keep trying. Listening. Thinking. Considering. Reconsidering. We write what we can and edit what seems false as it occurs to us, which sometimes isn’t until much later. We try to be as conscious as possible.

Ask the rats. They’ll tell you.

It’s been a long, tough haul. Thank you for your patience, faith, and cheering. I appreciate it more than you know. And I really hope you’ll enjoy LAIR OF DREAMS when it comes out IN AUGUST. FOR SURE. Unless apocalypse-mutant-clown-urine-smoothie scenario.

More fun things to come as we countdown to August! Stay tuned. And enjoy the Butter Pops.

All the best,


[1] The book, that is. I have not become Jesus.

[2] By “blighted landscape” I mean the ruin my house has become whilst I was engaged in the writing. (Also, it is unacceptable that I just used “whilst.” I am not British. This is pretentious and should not be excused.)

[3] Or, you know, whatever happens in your post-apocalyptic fantasy world.

[4] Fun fact: This book has had approximately SEVEN different opening chapters. Isn’t that DELIGHTFUL? Ha! Hahahaha! I LOVE COUNTING! IS FUN GAME! Where is my morphine? Has anyone seen my morphine?

[5] 100% true: Canadians are so nice they will let you stay in their houses and eat all their snacks and dry pasta for free! Or maybe those guys were just too embarrassed to say, “No, really, this is not the bookstore. You are in the wrong place.” It is weird that they don’t return my emails.

[6] Except for David Levithan, who has many clones. Otherwise, how could he do everything? I ask you.

37 thoughts on “A Letter to My Patient Readers Awaiting LAIR OF DREAMS

  1. Woohoo! Can’t wait till August. I now have a reason to live. YES. In actuality, I have many reasons to carry on despite the depression sometimes zapping my will. But alas, I now have another. And Libba, I have your morphine. Sorry, I’ll give it back.

  2. I squealed louder than I would like to admit upon getting the notification for thus update. So excited!!!!
    (And whilst is totally acceptable. Just pretencious enough.)

  3. I’m ashamed to admit that it’s been so long I’d even forgotten to anticipate the sequel ….
    But the holidays are coming up and I’ll hopefully find time to reread The Diviners and, like Estrella, refresh my memory!

  4. I too have had a promised sequel cooking, but have not been able to write it. (And another sequel that just needs edited but I just want to scrap the whole series and pretend it never happened…just think happy thoughts…) I am glad to hear this update and also saddened by news of any hardship which has befallen you. I have been there (sort of but not entirely but similar) and it’s never a fun place to be.

    I realized just yesterday that I was yours from the beginning. I picked up A Great and Terrible Beauty hardcover first edition in a bookstore and by the end I was listing you as my favorite author. (I lost my first edition to a careless borrower and had to replace it with a paperback since no one seems to sell hardcovers new anymore. Many sads are had by me.) One day I’ll finish reading the series, when I can afford to buy them. Your writing inspired me to really write more than just poetry and short stories. I always wanted my own beautiful hardcovers sold in bookstores (all bookstores should have dry pasta). Alas I have been tossed into the bin of lost self-publishers. But at least I get to design my own covers! But thank you. Your work has always been an inspiration and I plan to always own first editions of your work!

    Keep on trudging! Write on! Et cetera ad nauseum!

    And remember: Never go sane. Sane is for the weak.

    • Dear Shamedford, your kind and honest note is a gift. I am quite moved. Thank you. And so, let me say to you: Your sequel will come when it comes. Just keep showing up every day, and it’s okay if some days that doesn’t amount to much. One foot in front and all that. Really. That’s all we can do. But for what it’s worth, I am rooting for you. Peace.

    • Camc#roles&e8230;sush better than dealing with barricudas. In fact, I think I’ll start a request for good pashtida (casserole) recipes because I could do with a few myself to vary the freezer dishes.

  5. I guess it’s time for me to read yet another Libba Bray novel !!
    ah….the literary addicts you have up in here
    so refreshingly delightful to read.

  6. Callooh Callay!

    (That isn’t pretentious…um…what if I go back up there and mis-spell it? Will misspellings dispel pretentiousity? And if “pretentiousity” wasn’t a word before now, I gift it unto you. Unless “unto” is another Cumberbatchism….maybe it’s Canadian, that would be okay?)

      • &#ev20;Who82er, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”We will need a very large facility to hold all the enablers in this massive fraud. Maybe Guantanamo?

  7. My classroom of middle grade book addicts just cheered in abundant joy at this news! Now they all have another book to look forward to along with Carrie Ryan’s newest and the next Throne of Glass novel. They’re marking calendars, shuffling reread schedules, plotting bookstore camp-outs, and sacrificing things to the Reading Gods. Glad you made it through the hard-won revisions and edits to have a pub date. We are cheering you on! *fires confetti cannon*

  8. Libba darling, you just made my week (or is it mid-week since it’s only Wednesday and, by Friday, I could win a lifetime supply of magical dark chocolate dipped in more dark chocolate and rolled in edible, wish-granting glitter sprinkles, in which case THAT would make my week?). News of the upcoming publication of Lair of Dreams increased my happiness better than a XL-sized smoothie and an afternoon of bowling, and made me do the happy dance. Right here. At work. Fortunately I work in the teen department of a public library and my odd behavior didn’t raise too many eyebrows.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is: You Go Girl! Having read your previous posts, I know all you went through to finish this book. I’m happy you didn’t give up on it. And I’m very excited to read Lair of Dreams. I’m sure it will be absolutely epic!

  9. She lives!!!!
    -Suddenly Lion King I Soundtrack-
    But seriously though, it’s good to have you back Libba.
    I also often believe that David Levithan takes steroids Every Day :p
    (I really struggled to get that in, didn’t I?)

  10. Love you Libba and all your writings! Looking forward to The Diviners sequel. Maybe it’ll come out on my birthday, August 12th… which would put it in running for the best birthday EVER! No. Seriously. The Best.

    Your patient reader,
    Heath L

  11. Congratulations on finishing the book! I’m completely sympathetic to the writing process taking so long and I’m looking forward to reading it in August 🙂

  12. Yay! I have my advance copy ordered! Question: What happened to The Diviners movie? I’ve seen the trailer on YouTube, but can find nothing else about it.

  13. I just saw mention of the sequel release whilst (it’s contagious!) scrolling through Goodreads. Thought #1: Yay, more Diviners! Thought #2: Yay, Libba Bray survived the sequel writing! Thought #3: Yay, I bet this calls for one of her awesome blog posts! So I rushed over here, and it was even more amazing than I could have anticipated. All of the cheese plates, butter pops, and congrats to you!

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