Haunted at 17

Yours Truly at 17 in the library

Yours Truly at 17 in the library


As I try to wrestle my revision of LAIR OF DREAMS to the dirt (where, inevitably, it will throw me onto my back, twist my arm and elicit a desperate “Uncle!” from my constricted lungs), I’ve been unable to do much blogging. That’s too bad as often, when I’m stuck, blogging helps me come “unstuck.” I’m going to try to do a bit more of that in the coming months to see if it’s like kicking the Coke machine to make it work–the “Coke machine” being my misfiring brain in that scenario.

You know who has a kick-ass blog? Nova Ren Suma. Her Distraction 99 is filled with wisdom, support, and some nifty guest posts. She gets you thinking.

This was a post I wrote for her back in March when her new book, the amazing 17 & GONE, had just come out. The suggestion was that we write about what haunted us at the age of 17. As it’s the month for all things haunt-y, I asked Nova if I could reprint the post here and she, being nice, said sure.


There are some really terrific posts in that series from everyone from Adele Griffin and Gayle Forman to Bennet Madison, Nina LaCour and more. Why not procrastinate and read them all?

Today’s writing prompt: What haunts you?

One thought on “Haunted at 17

  1. Nova rules all. That series of guest posts (including yours!) was fantastic, I read each with avarice. Good luck getting unstuck, and hopefully a few swift kicks will yield results.

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