Mortal Instruments Treasure Hunt!

Oh hello. I didn’t see you there. Come on in. You can park your unicorns right there in the lot and your zombies in the storage shed. Don’t forget the lock.

Do you know what we are doing today, peeps? We are treasure hunting! You know, kind of like when you dig into the pocket of that coat you last wore in the fall before the weather got cold…feeling underneath the used tissues (Is that old gum or a piece of somebody’s liver? Let’s hope for gum)…rooting around past the loose pennies…finding the random phone number of that person whose name you don’t remember whom you were supposed to call about something that eludes you…

Wheeee!!!! Treasure hunting is FUN! (Full disclosure: It has been a big coffee morning.)

But today, peeps, we are not concerned with old gum and used tissues of questionable origin. Today, we are part of Cassandra Clare’s fully awesome treasure hunt for what Cassie calls the “DSAS, or Dirty Sexy Alley Scene.” You’re intrigued now, right? (P.S. Dirty Sexy Alley is my new alias. I’m going to use it when I check into hotels.)

Anyhoo, the story is—if you haven’t yet been to Cassie’s blog and really you should start there—that when they shot the book trailer for City of Fallen Angels, there was a “makey-outy” scene which was deemed “too hot for TV” by Simon & Schuster. See, already that’s got my attention. So Vania, the videographer, made a mini-movie out of the “lost” footage and you—Y-O-U—can see it…IF you are willing to seek it, young Padawans.

All you have to do is start at Cassie’s blog then follow the clues across the blogoverse of YA authors gathering letters. Once you have all the letters, you can unscramble them for the password that allows you to watch the video. Note: The password is Mortal Instruments-related.

Okay. Download complete. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the kissing footage. (However, this blog will not self-destruct in five seconds. At least, I hope not.) Hop on your unicorns—or your zombies—and get a move on. Happy treasure hunting!


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