Ask the Author!

Oh. Hello there. I was going to write up a whole post about gender issues today. But after four hours of chasing my tail on The Book that Is Super Late and Also Impossible, I was burned out. So instead, I am putting the remote control in your hands, people. Any burning questions you want to ask me? (Actually, if it involves burning, you should probably see a doctor.) Anything you want to know? Even if I don’t know the answer I will make something up, Magic Eightball Styles: “Libba, is a giant meteor going to hit the earth?” “Ask again later. I am eating pie.”

Wheee! Fun!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. Questions I have answered so many times that I get a little PTSD if asked again. Then I cry and scare my cats. When the cats get scared, they barf on the carpet. That’s icky. We don’t want that. So, yeah, don’t ask me these, okay?

1. Will there be another Gemma book?
A: No plans to write one at this time. But I am getting very psyched about the new four-book series “The Diviners,” a supernatural historical set in 1920’s New York City. That’s going to keep me busy for quite a few years.

2. Is there going to be a movie of the Gemma books?
A: Nobody has stepped up to make a movie. If you know someone with boatloads of cash who wants to produce, by all means, direct them to my agent.

3. Can I be in the movie?
A: Please see answer to #2. As far as I’m concerned, you can all be in the movie. Except that there isn’t a movie so it’s a moot point. But, you know, thanks for asking anyway.

4. Will you read my story/novel/poem/tattoo/fan fic/letter to my ex?
A: Sorry. As much as I wish I could, because it would probably be a lot more fun than having to read over my own stuff till my eyes cross, the craziness of my schedule doesn’t permit for that. To wit, I am seven months late with my Beauty Queens novel. Seven. Months. I do not deserve to watch the season finale of “Dr. Who” tonight. I don’t, but I will. But PLEASE keep writing! Misery loves company. 😉

5. What do you think of fan fiction of your work?
A: I think it’s awesome that it exists. I am truly flattered by it. I don’t read it, won’t read it, because I think that’s not a good idea. But, you know, rock on with your bad selves, fan fictioners.

Okay. Have I covered the FAQs? Yup. Think so. Fire away! Save me from a life of brain circling on the novel that isn’t working.

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