Ack! It’s October!

Where did September go?
Is September on a Lost Pet-type poster on phone poles across the country? Because I swear I don’t remember it happening. This is doubly flummoxing because I meant to put up this invite a week ago. For the month of October (which is possibly my favorite month), I am the Author in Residence at the fabulous

I will be answering YOUR questions (but only if you show up because my superpowers don’t extend to mind-reading. Yet. Working on it.) and talking about The Sweet Far Thing (and Going Bovine, too, if you wish.) I will also be participating in a LIVE CHAT on Wednesday, October 28th at 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST. So mark your calendars. I’d hate to be hanging out in my jammies and sipping hot chocolate all by my lonesome. Also, we could talk Halloween. (Just got all my decorations out yesterday. Yay! My favorite holiday.) 

I must go help The Boy with math homework, which sucks for him since I couldn’t add a fraction back in the day and it has not gotten any better in the subsequent years. Wish him luck. Really. 

As promised, I will blog about my travels as soon as I get a smidgeon of time to myself that isn’t devoted to insane deadlines. So, do not despair, CAMP AWESOMENESS 2009 OF BALTIMORE, MD. Your time will come. Yes, it will. 🙂 

P.S. I am sorry that this is all underlined. It won’t stop. And I do not have time to beat my blog into formatting submission. My underlining mechanism will have its day. It will be seen. Like a two-year-old that insists on wearing a tutu to the doctor’s office, it will be what it is. 

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