Udder Insanity. The Going Bovine trailer

 A big old kiss to everyone who I managed to guilt into participated in the Random House Fantasy Road Trip contest. And thanks to everyone who said they would have if they had a camera/weren’t too old/weren’t Canadian/weren’t actually living a life that does not involve catering to my forlorn public service announcements. You were all so sweet and concerned in your responses that I felt a little chagrined. Sometimes my attempts at humor don’t come through. (For those who wanted to wrap me in a blankie and give me a cookie, that pathetic 7th grade dance was a loooong time ago, and not only did I survive, but I was uncool enough to think my Little Bo Peep outfit was totally bitchin’. I have always had a rich fantasy life. Sometimes to my detriment. Anyway, didn’t want any peeps to think that this was a deep and lasting emotional scar. The awesome thing about the slings and arrows of cruel fate that make up the middle school/high school experience is that, in my profession, it is all awesome material.) Anyway, as a few of you noted, my guilt tripping skills are SUPERB (Thanks, Mom!) and it did spur quite a few of you to represent for the Gemma Doyle Trilogy and make what I’m sure will be delicious videos. As far as I’m concerned you are all winners. Did I ever tell you you’re my hero? You’re everything, everything, I wish I could be…

In other ridiculous news, the GOING BOVINE trailer is finally up. You can watch it here at Entertainment Weekly’s Shelf Life: shelf-life.ew.com
Be warned, you may never feel the same about me or cows or ukuleles ever again. And I cannot be responsible for your therapy bills. You watch at your own risk. 

GOING BOVINE. September 22nd, 2009. Let the countdown begin.

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