Tiger Beat vids

My cat is sitting on my head. 
I do not know why she thinks my head is an ottoman, but there is no rhyme or reason when it comes to cats. They own you, and if you are smart, you will play along, make no sudden moves, and give them the kibble when they demand it. 

It has been raining here for, I swear, four years. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. But it feels like four years. I have grown mold on my brain and that is why I have been unable to write a blog. I would look outside, see the rain, sigh, and invite the cat to sit on my head in hopes that she would warm it up. (This is not a proven scientific technique, but I am a pioneer.) 

Today, there is glorious sun. It hurts the eyes, this strange glowing orb in the sky of which we have heard tell in legend. And so I must go outside and play. Thankfully, other people have come to do my work for me. 5AwesomeYAFans fiveawesomeyafans.ning.com/ provided me with some video of Tiger Beat doing "Superstitious" at BEA. There is also video from Melissa C. Walker www.melissacwalker.com/blog/ and the lovely Rachel Cohn www.rachelcohn.com of some Tiger Beatness back in March at the NYC Teen Author Festival. It’s, um, interesting to see yourself on video. *runs screaming*

Much as I love Books of Wonder (much respect to our beloved NYC children’s indie), next time we gig, I think we have to be somewhere where the mic will allow me to move more than three inches in any direction. I was terrified of pulling everything out and bringing down amps in a crash of "Oops, sorry. You know those head injuries often aren’t as bad as they look." 

So, in place of my blogging, please enjoy (hopefully enjoy?) the stylings of the all-YA author-comprised Tiger Beat: Daniel Ehrenheft www.danielehrenhaft.com/(bitchin’ guitar), Barnabas Miller "I need a website ASAP" (thunderous drums), Natalie Standiford www.nataliestandiford.com/(oh-so-cool bass…she’s the one hiding behind the pole in the vids), and yours truly on vocals. I can now cross that singing-in-public fear off my list of things I won’t do. So there, Lauren Myracle lauren-myracle.livejournal.com/37608.html

When I get back from ALA next week, will do an ask the author blog. And I can answer one question already: No, I have no new information on the movie of AGATB, which seems to be stalled at present. Perhaps we should just film our own version in my backyard.

The Tiger Beat vids:

"Down on Me"/Janis Joplin (which Melissa thought was "Down on Knee," which makes me giggle and think of all the song lyrics I have heard differently over the years) 3/19/09

"Superstitious"/Stevie Wonder At BEA 5/29/09 (Thanks, 5AwesomeYAfans!)

"Dear Prudence"/Beatles 3/19/09 (Thanks, Rachel)
Cutest little girl. Like, to die for.

"I Want Candy"/Bow Wow Wow version 3/19/09 (Thanks, Chrissy!)
Just scroll past Dear Prudence to the second half. But from this angle, you get to see Dan’s smokin’ guitar solo with violin bow.

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