Fantasy Road Trip Contest





Hey, wanna hear about something really awesome? Okay, here it is: I managed to import this logo into my document all by myself! I know! I am, like, in love with myself right now. Oh. You want to know about the actual contest. Yeah. Okay. I guess that’s pretty cool, too. I mean, not as cool as my moment of technical proficiency, but, you know. Whatever. Be like that.


Random House is sponsoring a super-coolio video-making contest for summer. (You know, summer. That stretch between school years in which you down Slurpees till your brain has a perma-freeze headache, and you watch every old Hammer Horror movie ever made while lying on the couch ignoring the people who snipe that you should be “outside, doing something”? Or maybe I’m just describing my ideal summer.)


Here’s the dealio: You make a video that answers the question: If you could do on a fantasy road trip with a character (or characters) from your favorite series, where would you go? What would you do along the way? Would there be Cheese Nips? (I, personally, cannot travel without a box of Cheese Nips. It’s a security blanket. I read about the Donner Party is all I’m saying here.) The video must:  A) mention Florida somehow. See I just did it there. Florida. How hard can that be? B) make a reference to audiobooks. Watch this: Hey, everybody! I’m making a reference to audiobooks! Audiobooks rock out loud—literally! See? So easy.  And C) include a clip of dialogue from the audio you’ve chosen. Okay. I don’t actually know how to do that. It took me ten minutes to import the Fantasy Road Trip logo. Also, I can’t seem to un-bold this section.  But you are all geniuses and you will figure it out.


I know from personal experience that many of you are insanely creative and very talented with a video camera. (Barbie version of The Gemma Doyle trilogy much?) And you can use anything—animation, songs, sock puppets (really, they say you can use sock puppets).  I would suggest staying away from juggling fire unless you’re really skilled and/or highly insured. And getting your cats to swing dance is harder than you might imagine. But other than that, I say go for it.


People, in addition to YouTube fame (or infamy), you can win an 8GB iPod touch AND a collection of audiobooks signed by the authors. The authors in this case being the incredible Tamora Pierce, the just-as-incredible Rick Riordan, and the rather dodgy Libba Bray. (Two out of three ain’t bad, peeps. Also, I can’t help but notice, looking at the side-by-side author photos of La Pierce and me, how much we resemble one another. Same mischievous smirk and everything. And considering that she is descended from “a long, proud line of hillbillies” and my mom is from Appalachia, I am now determined to find out if we are related. Because how cool would it be to claim relation to the fabulous Miz Tamora Pierce? I don’t see a resemblance between Rick Riordan and me. Maybe it’s the beard. However, we are both from Texas. So maybe. Maybe if I grow a beard. Now I have a summer project. Huzzah!)


Anyhoo, here is the link to said fabulous road trip contest. Enter at will. Enter at won’t. Enter through a door that is not locked or you’re going to be very frustrated. But do not break and enter as that is a crime punishable by law.


After I finish my very late short story, I’ll post a recap of the weekend’s BEA (Book Expo America) goings-on, including, hopefully, some Tiger Beat stuff. But that’s later. Now is the time to enter this contest.


And for everyone who chimed in on my last post, thank you for being part of the dialogue and for being respectful toward one another, whatever your feelings. You’re welcome to continue that conversation on that post if you wish.


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