You lot are super talented


I’m making my way through your entries for the vampire short story contest right now and you guys are a seriously talented bunch. This is going to be an extremely tough choice. I have been inspired, moved, excited, and sent into convulsions of laughter by your entries. I’m trying to figure out what I do in the case of entries that have multiple parties involved because I’m trying to spread the love around. I might have to get creative and name clubs or restaurants after people. We’ll see. Also, I think we all owe a big thank you to eeglfether for painstakingly going through and making sure that everybody’s links were linky. You rock and have earned your own special place in the story just for that act of uber-kindness.

What I’m trying not to spread around at present are my germs. I have managed to come down with a nasty cold on top of bronchitis. Blecchh. I have Rudolph nose. Soooo attractive.

I’ll post the winners as soon as I can. American Idol has started up again, and even though I swore I wouldn’t watch this year, I ended up getting sucked in once more. One of my early favorites, Emily the tattoo girl, didn’t make it past H’wood week. There’s some fantastic talent this year, and some incredible drama in the personalities. (Hello, Tatiana.) What can I say? I just can’t quit you, American Idol.

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