Stuffs and What-Nots

I have sufficiently recovered from Obama-Palooza to get back to bidness.

Today is going to be a round-up day of stuffs and what-nots. (No, that is not a department store in England. But I feel it should be.) I will try to do this even though the cafe where I am ensconced is playing a trance music loop that borders on cruel and inhumane punishment. Oh, hello, Mr. Headphones! You have come to rescue me–hoorays! Ah. Paul Weller. Much better.

First stuff: My pal Tanya Stone is asking tweens/teens/peeps of all ages if they’d like to contribute to a new anthology she is putting together about Barbie. Here is the link to her website where all is revealed: Sounds like big fun.

Second stuff/what-not: I will be offering a contest early next week. Stay tuned, campers.

Third stuff/what? Not!: ATTENTION ALL YOU CONNECTICUT PEEPS! On February 25, I’ll have the unparalleled joy of doing an appearance with Maureen Johnson, Robin Wasserman, Cassandra Clare, and, I believe, Holly Black, at the Westport, CT public library. This could be crazy. Even I don’t know what to expect. Frankly, I hope they have good insurance. Good times. Mark your calendars. Details to follow in February.

Fourth s/w-n: I am making today “Ask Libba!” day. Are there burning questions you’re dying to ask? Have you been lying awake nights wondering just how much sugar I take in my coffee or how many times I saw Cheap Trick in concert (let me pre-empt that one: seven) or whether Pippa will have her own spin-off novel: Really, REALLY Dead Girl Walking? Well, this is your chance to ask me. The only thing I ask is that maybe you could ask me things that I haven’t answered eleventy-two billion times on this here blog. (i.e. “Will there be a fourth book in the series?” A: Not planning one. “Why did the incident on p. 779 of TSFT have to happen?” A: Because. “Will there be a movie? Are they casting for the movie? Where can I audition for the movie? Will you promise the movie won’t suck? Blah, blah, blah moviemoviemoviemovie?” A: I HAVE NO INFORMATION ON THE MOVIE. I PROMISE I WILL POST AS SOON AS I DO, SO HELP ME PAPA SMURF. “Can I have a lock of your hair?” Sorry. I promised it to Lauren Myracle, and she’s very sensitive.

I also ask that you ask your questions ON THIS HERE POST so I can have them in one convenient location. So, the lines are open. Ask me stuffs. I can’t wait to answer. Or, you know, make stuff up. 🙂

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