Facing fears


Well, right now, it seems that singing a song (and posting it to YouTube) and filming myself at American Girl among the creepy dolls (and posting it to YouTube) are duking it out in the face-your-fears poll. It’s funny, because I got an email from Maureen saying she would happily–HAPPILY!–film me at American Girl. And then Holly Black said she’d be happy to let me sit among her dolls in her doll room, the one I make her close the door to the entire time I’m at her house. My friends are so…helpful, aren’t they? Just helpful, helpful, helpful.

I must be sure to help them with their fears, too. Note to self: organize care package to Holly, include Day of the Dead, 28 Days Later, and Dawn of the Dead. Buy Maureen tickets to Six Flags.

I am going to keep the polls open for today and close them at midnight, tabulate the results tomorrow and announce the winning I-will-face-my-fear challenge. Thanks to everyone for voting. And also thanks to everyone who voiced their own fears, especially that nasty fear-of-exposure thing.

I’m still typing up my notes from Rome. But over at YA for Obama, my blog is up. You can view it here if you wish:

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween. The boy went as Hellboy. I went as the mom who was too jet-lagged to do anything but brush her teeth and throw on her hoodie. The husband went as himself. We always say we will dress up and never do. We are lame, lame, lame.

Anyway, we trick-or-treated around Greenwich Village. Most of the businesses and restaurants give out candy. It was a pretty impressive haul, I must say. Then we grabbed a hot dog at Gray’s Papaya and camped out at the barricades along 6th Avenue to watch the famous NYC Halloween parade. It was much tamer than I remember from when I first came to the city. My favorite was an elaborate puppet and media exhibit that featured Victorian (!) looking ghosts on tall sticks that were flung out over our heads. It was amazing! Around 9:30, the boy had had enough. (My feet had had enough a lot earlier but nobody wants to be a wuss on Halloween.) We made our way home, and Hellboy barely got through the door before he collapsed, leaving his trick-or-treat bag unguarded.

One bag of Skittles isn’t too much to ask as a tip, is it? 🙂

One thought on “Facing fears

  1. Pues yo creo que 4 es lo justo,que es lo que yo pago por las entradas,pero eso si en unos abonos,que para poder acceder a ellos tienes que ver muchas peliculas al año,el abono en question se llama targeta aficine,hay la normal y la vip,yo por supuesto soy vip,es que me lo trago casi todo,ese casi es en referencia al cine essop±ol,Ãaludas

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