AGATB movie almost-update

I’ve gotten a lot of emails recently about the movie version of AGATB. It seems there are rumors of everyone and her brother being cast: “Starring Daniel Craig as Mrs. Nightwing…and Seth Rogan as Gemma Doyle…”

Just to let you know–I am having a conversation with my film agent tomorrow and then I will know the latest scoop. And then I will post it here. And then YOU will know the latest scoop.

So, please don’t post and ask if Bonnie Wright or Brie Larson or Gary Coleman has been cast. I don’t know. (But I’m holding out hope on Gary.) Tomorrow. TOmorrow the fabulous Eddie will tell me things. And I will tell you. Promise.

I just got back from the store where my shopping list included trash bags, bleach, rubber gloves, a new mop, and scissors. I looked at my cart and thought, “This is a serial killer’s shopping list. They are going to think that I am dismembering people in my basement. But they’ll know that I’m clean about it. It’s important to be clean.” I added candy and a magazine just to break it up. It was too creepy otherwise.

I’ve been trying to catch up on some things stored on my DVR. I watched back-to-back episodes of “Project Runway.” Oh, lordy. If I were trapped on a deserted island with Kenley, I would have to eat her, and not just for sustenance.

I tried watching “Fringe” but was left cold. It seems like it wants to pick up where “X-Files” left off, but it feels like it’s all surface. “X-Files” had great chemistry and smart, subversive humor and a sense that at least one of the characters really, really believed in the paranormal. He was emotionally invested and so we, the audience, were emotionally invested. And also, he was David Duchonvy, which helped. Anyway, I think I’ll give “Fringe” one more try and see if I like it better.

I want to watch “Eleventh Hour” tonight just because it stars one of my favorite unsung British actors, Rufus Sewell. (Any “Dark City” fans out there?) I’ve got the third season of “Heroes” taped. I hope it’s an improvement on season two. What else? I’ve got “Chuck” and “Reaper” and “House” recorded, although I had to stop watching “House,” because even though I LOVE Hugh Laurie and have since his “Black Adder” days, I start to imagine that I have whatever the disease of the week is:

Me: OMG, I think I have that.
Husband: (wearily) You don’t have that.
Me: No. Really. I have a metallic taste on the back of my tongue.
Husband: Then stop eating metal.
Me: Funny! (smack, smack)
Husband: Stop tasting your tongue.
Me: (sheepish) Okay.
(two minutes later)
Me: So it’s not schizophrenia but rabies from a cat bite. Crap. I was playing with that cat up the street–the one who sits outside all the time?
Husband: The one that’s so tame it lets you scratch its belly? The one that lives in the house where they take very good care of it?
Me: You never know. Maybe they feed it Purina Rabies Chow. Maybe that cat saved them from a genetically altered rat the size of Godzilla but not without taking it in the neck first and it hasn’t started showing symptoms yet, like John Hurt in “Alien.” Do you think I have rabies? Do I seem afraid of water to you?
Husband: You have something. I think it’s called a six-pack of crazy.
Me: Yeah, but beyond that. Wait–did the lights just dim? Or is that a brain tumor? OMG. I have a brain tumor. Hold on, let me blink and see if it happens again. Okay, I’m blinking and…wow, it’s really hard to tell about the light when you’re blinking. Hey, honey? Why don’t you try it? Just blink and–
Husband switches to “Monday Night Football” and ups volume.

Yeah. So. No more “House.”

What are you guys watching? Anything good? What’s your favorite new show of the year so far?

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