What I Did on My Summer Vacation

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

1. worked
2. worked
3. worked
4. worked
5. saw Dark Knight
6. worked
7. worked
8. went for ice cream
9. worked
10. worked
11. had a BBQ in the backyard
12. worked
13. saw Tropic Thunder
14. worked
15. worked
16. read some cool books
17. worked
18. worked
19. worked
20. saw the Police’s farewell concert at Madison Square Garden
21. worked
22. played drums for the first time; discovered I like hitting things
23. worked
24. watched the Olympics
25. worked
26. worked
27. got my broken tooth fixed
28. worked
29. worked
30. watched “Spinal Tap” for good measure

Man, summer blew by faster than Usain Bolt. I’ve been writing my brains out, pinging and ponging between BOVINE and a short story for VACATIONS FROM HELL and a few other things. I just turned in the story on Friday. Bovine has come back to me for its third go-round; the story will follow. But right now, I’m a little fried, so I’m taking the next week off to be with my family and have some downtime. Will post afterward.

What’s the best thing you’ve done this summer? What was your favorite part?

(Mine was going to see the Police. We took the boy, and I couldn’t decide whether it was more fun to watch the band or watch him watching the band and rocking out to his first real concert.)

Enjoy what’s left of August. See you in September. 🙂

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