It’s all in how you see it

Blog on Worst Make-Out songs to come. (seemed to be the winner of the VCB by a hair.)

Have been having philosophical debates about what makes a make-out song bad or good. Baristas at Tea Lounge argued that Joy Division doesn’t inspire lust. I disagree: I could loosen my lips for “Love Will Tear Us Apart” despite the less-than-hopeful lyrics. But I could not get all kissy-face for Damien Rice’s “The Blower’s Daughter,” because I would just spend the whole time sobbing. *shrugs* It’s all subjective.

(I asked Justine Larbalestier this question, and rather than give me an answer, she asked if I had ever heard a popular Australian song that has just been voted into the national registry of song there. She then put her headphones on my head and ordered me to listen. So I did, because when Miz J orders you, you do whatever she says. This is my advice to you. But I digress.)

Similarly, I have been having a hard time determining what makes a movie into A Movie I Love. Because there are a jillion movies I love. I had to put it down to a movie I would watch again and again and again. This is not to be confused with Really Good Movies I Appreciate. I really like “Citizen Kane” but watching it involves a serious commitment. You don’t just say, “Oh, it’s Friday night, what will I do…oh, you know what? I’ll watch ‘The Seven Samurai.’ A little popcorn and Kurosawa.” Or I don’t. But “The Warriors”? I’m telling you, if it’s playing when I switch the TV on, I will watch till I see the Riffs fanning out on the sands of Coney Island. So maybe I should amend it to “Movies I Find Compulsively Watchable.” Much more interesting category, doncha think?

And speaking of compulsive, we got Rock Band.
It is video crack of the highest order.
I have newfound appreciation for drummers.

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