Internet. I haz it. I hopes.

I am now the proud (desperate?) owner of something called an airport. I don’t know whether I got O’Hare or LaGuardia. And does this mean my emails will circle endlessly, waiting to land, and I will have a leg cramp and no pretzels to show for it all?

{fingers crossed} Here’s hoping.

My computer still needs work–the network reverts to the old one at will and knocks me off the server–but I’m hoping everything will hold until I can finish Bovine and can actually take my Mac in to the Apple store for a tune-up or exorcism or pedicure or whatever needs to be done. But don’t die on me now, Bessie. Please hold it together, baby. I’ve heard of too many computer crashes lately. Makes a girl nervous.

I’m deep into BOVINE, changing things left, right, and center, trying to keep all the balls in the air. Just finished a short story for GEEKTASTIC, an anthology edited by the incomparable team of Cecil Castellucci, Holly Black, and Alvina Ling at Little Brown. Busy, busy, busy.

Alrighty. This is turning into the blog equivalent of muzak, so, without delay: It occurs to me that it’s Viewer’s Choice Blog time. Here are your choices for this month’s blog topics:

1. A Writing Lesson from Mr. Fantastic Fiction
2. Zombies
3. Movies I Love/Movies I Hate/Movies I Hate to Love
4. Pet Peeves
5. World’s Worst Make-Out Songs

Have at it. 🙂

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