Let the voting begin

Calling all Rochester, NY peeps…

I’ll be participating in the Rochester Teen Book Festival this coming Saturday, April 5th, from 10:00-5:00. There are many fabu authors coming to this thing. It should be a good time. Here’s the link: http://www.teenbookfestival.org/

Movie update: From what I hear, the script should be finished in about 4-6 weeks. No, I haven’t read it. I haven’t seen it. I swear that is 100% of what I know about the movie. If I hear anything else, I will let you know. Pinkie swear.

Speaking of movies, my friend Jennifer Hubert (Readingrants) and I have a tradition: When a new scary movie comes out, we make a date to see it together. (Our husbands don’t care for them and Jen and I are total spookiness addicts.) We don’t go for gore, but we love creepy. So yesterday, we met up at the AMC on 42nd Street in Times Square, grabbed our ICEEs, and plunked down to see “Shutter.” It’s one in a long line of Japanese ghost story rip-offs, and we pretty much knew the score early on, but we still had a great time making snarky comments. It helped that there were many teens in the audience to make snarky comments with us. (Is there some rule in horror movies that all buildings have to look like they’ve had the same bad gray paint job? Can we also fire the electrician who makes hallway lights inexplicably flicker and go out when the heroine walks beneath them? Also, why is a professional photographer not shooting in digital, anyway? Oh wait, I’m trying to make sense of a Grade D flick. My bad.) This one was definitely a throw-away, not like, say, “The Ring” which still haunts me late at night. *shudders*

So, who’s up for Viewer’s Choice blog topics? I tried to pick some new ones. Just like last month, I’ll post these and y’all can cast your votes for a few days–let’s say polls close at midnight on Tuesday.

1. Unlikely musicals
2. A story of personal humiliation
3. Thoughts on writing
4. Favorite TV shows
5. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”
6. Other

Okay. Polls are open. Cast your votes!

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