Birthdays are magical

Today is my birthday.

Right now, it looks like the sun is going to cooperate. It’s sleepy, but it’s doing a little yawn-and-stretch of pink over the trees. Go, sun! Whoohoo!

My husband is treating me to a spa day. I don’t have enough words to tell you how excited I am about this. The last time I got a massage, I think Bill Clinton was in office.

I am going to do some favorite birthday things: eat a bagel and drink hot coffee while reading the papers. Listen to music. Daydream. Wander. Read a book while getting a pedicure. Window shop. Gab with my friends. Laugh. Go for a run. Ride the subway and make notes in my notebook. Go out to dinner with my family. Eat cake. Make a wish or two or five. Read that silly “You born today” section in the horoscope section of the tabloids.

Hmmm, lots to do. Guess I better get started. Probably I should start by changing out of my pirate pajamas and doing something about my serious bedhead. Yeah, that’s a good start.

What do you like to do on your birthday?

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