We have a winner–or two

Thanks to everybody for voting in the first Viewer’s Choice Blog! Huzzah!

It seems like there was a dead heat between #2 (What I’m working on now) and #9 (Fan fiction). It could be that one won out over the other but seeing as I’m entirely too lazy to play Florida recount, and there’s no Supreme Court to make a decision on this one, I’m going to say it’s a tie and that I will blog about BOTH.

I’m a little bit country. I’m a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. Sue me.

I’m still hoping to post tomorrow, but it’s possible I’ll have to wait until this weekend as my week has been all kerfluey since my son managed to get gouged in the head by a shovel wielded by his best friend. (Why they thought that was an acceptable part of a snowball fight, I do not know. I was not there to utter one of my usual calm, cool, sympathetic cautions like, “YOU BOYS BETTER PUT DOWN THAT SHOVEL OR I WILL REMOVE YOUR SPINES AND USE THEM IN MY HOLIDAY DECORATING!” Or my personal fave (Thank you, “Christmas Story”):”You’ll put your eye out!” Don’t think for a moment I don’t experience a certain fiendish glee getting to be the one mom in the neighborhood who can back that up with some serious gross-out factor. Yes, I am evil. Yes, I will go to hell. But I will claim innocent souls along the way, my friends. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Anyhoo, said gash required stitches and doctor’s visits and my nice, relaxing, work-filled week was suddenly as much of a pipe dream as a painless bikini wax.

As for American Idol…oy vey, Maria. There were moments watching the contestants where I actually winced. What’s with Orlando Bloom-Lite Luke Menard butchering Queen? I swear when he started in I turned to Barry and said, “Oh no he di-in’t!” Please…I saw Freddie Mercury live. This guy would be lucky to paste the sequins on Freddie’s harlequin leotard. And Jason Yaeger? Is it just me or does he seem like Tom Cruise if Tom Cruise decided to become a cruise ship singer? I taped the ladies but couldn’t bring myself to watch more than the 10-second recaps at the end. That told me pretty much what I needed to know which is that I should turn off the TV and go back to my book. (E. Lockhart’s forthcoming The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, which I’m loving and can’t wait to get back to.) Also, I finished Sharp Teeth and it was fantastic. Really, that’s the answer, isn’t it? Just read.

Hey–happy leap year day to everyone tomorrow! I have a friend in Austin who will be “16” tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Jan!

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