It’s Maureen Johnson’s Birthday

Today is Maureen Johnson’s birthday. Happy birthday, Maureen! Someday, I will surprise her with a weird video. Just as soon as she teaches me how to do it.

So why don’t you go to Maureen’s blog and wish her a happy birthday? She also loves cake, ice cream, party hats, confetti, pinatas, diamonds, unicorns, zombies, books, music, t-shirts that read, “Feel the power of my MOJO!”, cash, credit cards, museum passes, real English tea, vegetarian goodies, M&Ms, bad eighties songs, dance videos, toe socks, monkeys, amusing air fresheners, mod bands, shoes, and sugar.

But she hates eggs. So no eggs.

Also, you could just buy her books. That’s always a plus.

Happy Birthday, Maureen!!!!

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