Zombie Throwdown!

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, the delightfully twisted Maureen Johnson started a round of Zombie Idol. The rules are simple: You have to take a piece of literature (250 words or less) and zombify it. Already, Scott Westerfeld, Cassie Clare, Justine Larbelestier, and even noted zombie-phobic scribe, Holly Black, have posted their brilliant, brain-eating entries. (I am sorry–I’m not good with the linkage thing yet. Just find their blogs and read ’cause you should read their blogs anyways. They is good.)

You can read all about the contest and enter to win a copy of Suite Scarlett here:

(See? I managed that one.)

Here is my entry. It is a reworking of Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.

In the great scary mall
There were survivors
And some dark halls
And a picture of
The zombie cow jumping over George Romero
And there were three little zombies sitting on chairs
And two dead kittens
And a pair of severed mittens
And a little toy house
And a flesh-eating mouse
And a lost sombrero and pain and a bowl of bloody rains
And an old zombie lady whispering “braaaaiins!”
Goodnight mall
Goodnight sombrero
Goodnight zombie cow jumping over George Romero
Goodnight light
And goodnight shotgun
Goodnight zombie bears
Goodnight chairs
Goodnight dead kittens
And goodnight severed mittens
Goodnight useless locks
And goodnight head-gouging rocks
Goodnight screams
And goodnight bloody rains
And goodnight to the old lady
Whispering, “braaaaiiins!”
Goodnight flesh-eaters
Goodnight hope
Goodnight to the survivors trying to cope

I’m not sure if I actually did that right, but whatever, it was much more fun than it should have been.

Will post a wrap-up of all things tour related this weekend. In the meantime–GO SEE “SPIDERWICK”!!!!! It opened yesterday! It’s awesome! Go forth, and get your ogre on!

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