Signing in NYC TONIGHT!

The World Domination/Book Babes/Torso Twin tour is over, and I’m back in Brooklyn. I miss Shannon! *sniff*

I will do more bloggage later in the week, but for now, I just want to remind all the NYC people that I will be signing tonight in Manhattan. Here is the scoop:

Tuesday, 2/12
7 pm
Barnes & Noble, Union Square
33 E. 17th Street (It’s the big honking B&N on the north side of the park)

I hope to see you NYC peeps there. There will be singing!* There will be dancing**! There will be questions & answers***! There will be sock puppetry****! Come on down if you can.

*”singing” might be a loose interpretation of what I do to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”
**Less “Solid Gold” and more Axl Rose
***Although I am not able to answer the one about where that one sock goes in the dryer
****Only if things get really ugly

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