NYC, Miami, and Phoenix

Ack! I meant to do a post this weekend, but then I ended up taking a sledgehammer to a boarded-up fireplace in our house and…oh, this is too long to tell now.

Also too long to tell now–I WENT TO THE SPIDERWICK PREMIERE TONIGHT!!!! All you need to know, besides the fact that I walked the “leaf” red carpet and met Mary Louise Parker, is that Holly Black looked UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS and the movie ROCKS SO HARD! It’s really, really great, and you should all go see it next weekend when it opens.

Okay, quick post before bed. I am off to Miami in the early, early a.m. But I wanted to let everyone know I’m going to have a NYC signing. The TSFT World Domination Tour will be making a stop at:

Tuesday, February 12th
7 pm
Barnes & Noble Union Square
17 E. 17th Street

You New Yorkers come out and make some noise!

Also, I’ll be in sunny (please God…) Miami starting tomorrow. Here’s the scoop:

Tuesday, February 5th
7 pm
Books & Books
265 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables, FL

Thursday, February 7th
7 pm
Barnes & Noble
12405 N. Kendall Drive
Miami, FL

Saturday, February 9th
2 pm
Changing Hands
6428 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ

And on that Saturday, I will be on Good Morning, Arizona somewhere around 9:15. Tune in and enjoy that look of freakish terror on my face. I am sure I will be asked what my books are about, and I’m sure I will snort and say, “umm, ahhh” a lot and not manage to say anything sound bite-ish or even remotely intelligent. Fun!

Can’t wait to see everyone on the road. Now, to bed. Hope the ogre doesn’t get me…

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