The World Domination Tour–Now Wis Ze Power of Shannon Hale!

“After a week of relaxation in ze jetted tub of pure wickedness, Mr. Bubbles Kitty und I set off once again on our Tour of World Domination. Ve are quite excited as ve are joining forces wis ze–how you say–Bodacious Literary Talent zat is Shannon Hale, she who writes ze gorgeous tome, BOOK OF A THOUSAND DAYS. She who is Newbery honored for ze fabulous PRINCESS ACADEMY. She who wrote the equally fabulous GOOSE GIRL. She who, in her spare time also wrote ze fantabulous AUSTENLAND. Mr. Bubbles Kitty vould cough up a hairball of envy if I had not bought her special food for keeping ze tummy happy.”

“Ve shall be able to dominate ze world twice as effectively wis Shannon on our Team Evil. She looks so sweet, but, you know, ve shall make her wicked in no time.”

Hooray! The fabulous Ms. Shannon Hale and I are hitting the road together next week, making stops in San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland. But first, I will be stopping in Austin, Texas, one of my favorite places on earth. Here’s the info:

Saturday, January 19th
7 pm
Book People
603 N. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703

I hope to see you all there! In the meantime, here is an interview from the hilarious Shannon’s blog with yours truly. Now, I need only come up with some burning questions for her. And I have them. Oh believe me, I do…

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