Book questions

Many of you have been asking if I will answer questions about the book. I’m of two minds about that.

I have always felt that, as the reader, you are the captain of the ship, as it were, in terms of the reading experience. Whatever meaning you assign to the book is what matters and I hate to muck that up with my own thoughts. Honestly, I’m not sure what I can add that’s helpful.

But I also understand that it is the end of the trilogy and so you’ve got, well, QUESTIONS! And so another part of me thinks it might be nice if we could have a space to chat about the book and where you can chat with one another about it. And I reserve the right to answer some questions with the annoying, “Interesting. What do YOU think?”

So let me think on that idea a bit. Maybe through LJ I can create a space on here for book talk so that those who haven’t read TSFT yet won’t have to read any spoilers.

Anyone who has ever read any of my blogs knows that I struggle deeply with technology issues. (“Well, doctor, it all started when I couldn’t figure out how to screw in that confusing light bulb…”) So if any of you guys, you tech-savvy, crazy, hipster kids who are down with all the hep-cat techno-jive, know how I might create said forum, lay it on me. Remember, keep it simple and no sudden movements. You’re dealing with the Jessica Simpson of technology here.

In the meantime, I am still screening posts and deleting any that hint of spoilerage. ( Just gotta give you guys props–you have been amazingly respectful of that and of each other, so thank you.) Also, you read amazingly fast. Like, breaking the sound barrier fast. Yowza. Thanks for all the kind words (and tears) about the book so far–it is very meaningful to me.

One last thing…
I don’t have any intentions of never writing again. I got the impression some people thought this was it and I had hung the “Gone Fishin'” sign forever and that I might end up twenty years from now on some YA writer equivalent of Behind the Music: “Libba Bray. Once, she was the writer of a trilogy that kept her occupied day and night. But when the writing stopped, her life spiraled into a nonstop parade of internet lamp shopping, home repair, experimenting with Manic Panic, and watching infomercials.”

At present, I have no plans to shuffle off this mortal writing coil. In fact, I’m happily working on the next book, which is a dark comedy/road trip book. I’m enjoying it very much. (Well, I’ve only changed a comma or two, so it’s all potato chips and bliss right now. I’m sure come March I’ll be going, “*#&%&#& why did I think I could do this?!!!”) I’ve also got an idea for another historical/supernatural series that I’ve begun the research on. And then there’s that other idea I want to get to, a graphic novel. And then…well, you get the idea.

So, lots of stuff to keep me busy. (Why is my cat staring at the ceiling? Stop it, Squeak. You’re freaking me out. Okay, I waited a minute and looked again and she is still. staring. at. the ceiling. *five minutes later* AAAAHHHHH! She’s still doing it!)

Right, did I say another supernatural series? I’m too freaked out to be downstairs with my weirdo cat who I’m sure is sensing GHOSTLY DANGER. I think I have to go get under my covers before the zombie nation arrives on my doorstep any minute now…

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