Today’s the Day

I can’t believe it’s December 26th. It seemed like it was months away and now it’s here. Wow. That went quickly.

I took myself to a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan and signed two copies of TSFT that they had in stock at the Chelsea store (6th Avenue @ 20th Street). Then I went to the Union Square B&N and they were sold out! Huzzah!

But today I really want to thank all of you for joining in and making the countdown so incredibly fun. You are twelve kinds of awesome and I count myself lucky to have you as readers and to have the chance to get to know you here through your comments, which are entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny and sometimes touching and often thought-provoking. So thank you. (Mr. Fantastic Fiction thanks you, too, and will, no doubt, be back in a future post.)

Now, like a certain headmistress of a certain English boarding school, I will try not to become overly sentimental. And so–go forth and read. I hope you enjoy.

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