My Internet Hates Me


Stupid bloody Internet. I hate Time Warner Cable. To quote one of my favorite LOL phrases: “urge to kill…rising.”

Okay, so apparently, my connection is like Brigadoon and it’s going to disappear the next 100 hundred years any second, so I am going to type this as fast as I can.

Here is today’s TSFT quote (bloody stupid Time Warner Cable, I hates them!)

“The London fog envelops us in its murkiness. Figures emerge at first like ghosts, like something that belongs to the mist, before taking on form–top hats, coats, bonnets. It is an effect as thrilling as anything conjured by the Wolfson Brothers’ magic lantern.”

OFFICIAL TSFT COUNTDOWN: Well, technically 4 days though it doesn’t seem to matter much as it seems to be magically on sale across the country. But we’ll say 4 days.

***Update: Hey, look! It let me on again! Huzzah! You guys are so darn nice about holding out till 12/26, but honestly, if it’s currently on sale at your local bookstore, well gosh darnit, feel free to go out and get it straightaway and read to your heart’s content. Maybe the bookstores were just feeling the love early, right? And for those of you whose local bookstore didn’t put it out early, I’ll still be here for the next four days doing the countdown. ‘Cause I’m loyal like that. And, um, apparently without a life or hobbies. 🙂

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