This is your cat; this is your cat on drugs

About two days ago, I noticed that my kitty, Little Squeak, had started limping. I didn’t think it was a blatant ploy for sympathy and fresh tuna. It’s not like she sidled up to me and sighed, “All the other cats have fresh catnip toys. I’m the only one who doesn’t.” So I figured she had managed to hurt herself in some way.

Off we went to the vet today. Now, Little Squeak is usually a very mellow, sweet kitty. She will try to nurse in your armpit. She will come to the door to say hello when you walk in. She’s quite snuggly. But when she’s had enough, she’ll let you know that, too. (Hmmm, she sounds strangely like her owner…except for that nursing in the armpit thing.) Then, she’s suddenly like Bette Davis in a bad women’s prison movie. She hisses. She yowls. She scratches and bites and gets her fur in an uproar. She overacts. I’m sure if she could smoke and yell out, “But ya ARE, Blanche, ya ARE!!!!” she would.

I’m in the waiting room while she goes up for x-ray, and after about twenty minutes, a technician comes down and says, “We need your permission to sedate her.” That’s my cat. I imagine her banging a tin cup against the cell bars and shouting, “Ya dirty copper, you’ll never take me alive!” Well, they did take her alive, with a butt full of sedatives, and now, poor Little Squeak looks like she’s enacting a scene from “Leaving Las Vegas.” She keeps trying to get up and then falling over. Her pupils are the size of basketballs. She’s licking her kitty lips a lot. I tried putting her water bowl right up to her mouth but she was like, “Whaaaa…? Smrffnhasafffppper…” She’s currently lying on the rug looking way out of it. And I am an evil person for being so greatly amused. But that’s okay, when I have to give her oral syringes full of pain medication the next few days, she will get me back by flaying me alive.

The good news is, it’s just a bad sprain of some sort–all inflammation and no broken kitty bones. But it should be fun to watch her weaving around our house like Keith Richards the next few hours.


Just a heads up that January 7-10 is the first leg of my tour for TSFT.
January 7-8, I’ll be in the Chicago area (Naperville, LaGrange)
January 9, I’ll be in Milwaukee
January 10, I’ll be in Detroit

I don’t have the exact details, but as soon as I do, I will post them.

The other cities I’m scheduled to hit in January/February are: Dayton, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Miami, Austin, Phoenix. I should have all the info on that shortly, too. I’m very excited not only about the tour but about the fact that for part of it, I will be traveling with the amazing Shannon Hale. If you haven’t read Shannon, well, you should get right to it. She’s great. I’ve just started BOOK OF A THOUSAND DAYS, and I’m loving it.

And now for today’s random TSFT quote:

“With seemingly no effort at all, Croestus swoops me up onto his back. As we ride toward the forest, I clutch his waist for dear life. Whatever the reason for this visit, it can’t be good. Down below in the river, I see that Gorgon steams ahead, keeping pace with us. No, this isn’t good at all.”


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