Too late to blog

It’s late. Way past my bedtime.
Had a houseful of delectable YA authors for pizza and a movie and general mirth.
will blog it tomorrow.
Oh, wait. It IS tomorrow. 12:48 a.m. Okay, later tomorrow. Like daytime, after a snooze and the digestion of the four million bad things I ate. (Chocolate truffle cake should be reported to the DEA.)

So…more later.

Here is today’s (yesterday’s?) random TSFT (The Sweet Far Thing, for the reader who asked) quote:

“It is hopeless. I shall never curtsy without falling. I shall lie sprawled upon the gleaming floors of Buckingham Palace like a disgraceful stain of a girl, my nose resting upon the boot of the Queen. I shall be the talk of the season, whispered about behind open fans. No doubt every man will avoid me like typhus.”

OFFICIAL TSFT COUNTDOWN: 11 going on 10 days.

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