Heading Home

I should be packing/folding laundry/sleeping, but instead I’ve been sucked into a new documentary on The Who on Vh1. The Who. My favorite band of all time. I can’t stop watching. Tommy and Quadrophenia are two LPs I nearly wore the grooves out on.

And speaking of all things nostalgic…

I’m heading home to Denton, Texas, tomorrow. On Tuesday, I’ll be the 2007 Joyce Thompson Memorial Lecturer at Texas Women’s University. The event is open to the public and FREE! Whoo-hoo!
Here’s the info:

“I’m Trying to Tell You but You’re Not Listening: What It Means to Write for the Teen Audience”
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Texas Women’s University, MCL (Multipurpose Classroom & Laboratory Auditorium) on Bell Street
Denton, TX

I’d love to see my fellow Texans there.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight. Yawn. Must leave Pete and Roger and go to bed.

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