On the road again

I made a huge mistake last night. I went to bed before the end of the Cowboys-Bills game, thinking that my ‘Boys were stinking it up (Tony Romo? Five interceptions? What up?) So I wake up this morning and read Sports Illustrated online, and holy moly, I missed one helluva a last twenty seconds. Nine points! Cowboys scored nine points in twenty seconds! Curse my sleepyheadedness! But the football gods smiled upon us and next weekend, it’s Cowboys-Patriots…two undefeateds. Bring on the nachos. (If you don’t care a whit about football, you can skip to the next part.)

In other news, I’m heading out in about an hour to Iowa City, Iowa.

I’ve never been to Iowa, and I’m always excited to get to go somewhere I’ve never been. My friend Chris used to live there and said she loved it. She said I should go to the Java Cup for coffee, if it still exists. Iowa City is also the home of the famed Iowa Writers’ Workshop, so I’m hoping I can soak up some greatness while I’m there.

If you live in the general vicinity and you’re so inclined, you can come see me at the Iowa City Public Library. Here’s the info:

Iowa City Public Library
123 S. Linn Street
Wednesday, October 10, 2007
3:15 pm

Hope to see you Iowans there!

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