Jumping the shark

Must not jump the shark with book.
Must not jump the shark with book.
Must not jump the shark with book.

Must not pull a Bobby’s-in-the-shower-it-was-all-a-dream-St.Elsewhere-is-really-inside-the-head-of-an-autistic-kid-thing.

Ways I could make this novel jump the shark:

Darth Vader is really Kartik’s father.
Gemma becomes greeter at Victorian equivalent of Wal-Mart, wears badge that says, “You can enter the realms–ask me how!”
Winterlands Creatures On Ice!
Circe ends up counseling teens at a realms magic rehab center–“Friends don’t let friends become power-hungry, vampiric, magic stealers who kill people. And drive.”
Nightwing really a drag queen.
Pippa–the Search for a Victorian Pussycat Doll. “Doncha wish your girlfriend was a corpse like me? Doncha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me? Doncha? Doncha?”
Gemma and McCleethy face off in OrderFu slow-motion battle. (Hard to write slow-mo: My…fists…rise…in…fury.)
An adorable pig enters the realms and gets the Winterlands creatures to walk in formation and win the blue ribbon.
The butler did it.
Ann reveals her evil twin sister, Skippy.
French New Wave ending: nothing happens but everybody walks toward a grainy “fin” while smoking.

Must not jump the shark with this book.
Must not jump the shark with this book.
Must not jump the shark with this book.

196 thoughts on “Jumping the shark

  1. okay you need to stop and take a deep breath.
    it was funny and made my mom and dad look at me like i was crazy.
    but then again every one thinks i’m crazy!!!

  2. Re: frankly, my dear . . .

    yes, it dose…is that bad or good, because I really am geting this bad vibe…as in the next book kartik will not love her!!!!!!!!!!! (that’s what I just feel… libba if you make Kartik not love gemma I will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad… but that would be a good twist because AGATB and RA have been leeding up to them falling in love.)-Jasmine

  3. one Q

    whats a leia and Han????? sorry I must sound dum right now but if this has to do with star wars then I have no clue. -Jasmine

  4. Kartik

    How do you say his name??? i am bad with this kinda thing because i have dislexia and it prevens me from that kinda thing…not a big deal though… i kinda just see the shape of his name and don’t worry about it…. just gotta deal with it i guess.


    ~Madie Lew~

  5. the books

    When i read your book, Libba, i almost didn’t get any sleep. I could not stop! I had to read more!

    When i read and i am inspired i draw pictures…and every once in a while they are good!… anyway, your books help me draw. i have once picture with the well behind a waterfall and it is my best landscape thing i have ever drawn!! 🙂 I also have a picture that is a little funky… it has the cresent eye over Gemma and Kartik (I like that part best) but everywhere else it is almost like a tapistry. It has a green cloaked person one a cliff conjering something from the sea. three girls in white floating over that cathedral. the gorgon is slithering through the water of the river like a snake (it is just how i imagen it) it has Pippa and her knight standing together. and last, but sertanly not least…Felicity and Ann in the garden with Pippa and her knight.

    WOW!! i kinda went on a rant and rave!….opps…..:-)

    That whole teaser thing was funny! lol… Thanks bunches!!


  6. Hee. These are wonderful. In, you know, the humor sense, not the “That’s a clever plotline! No wonder I didn’t think of that!” sense. 😀 I adore your books, by the way – would you mind if I friended you?

  7. well, you could always add one of those in as an alternate ending.

    also, i’m sad that the next (and last… 😦 ) book is coming out in december… but if it’ll make it that much better i guess i can wait.

    i just recently re-read AGTB and RA and i’m really excited to see how everything ends, and how kartik and gemma’s relationship turns out… hopefully good! even though it could never work… it has to work!

  8. I am fully confident in your abilities to successfully succeed.
    There is no way that you could possibly mess up this book [[Ok, well, the pussycat doll thing…but Darth Vader would be sweeeet. Lol, please know that I am kidding.]]

    However, I will have you know that if Gemma and Kartik dont have some steamy scenes in there, I truly WILL die. So far, the stable scene was my favorite between them 🙂

    Anyway, yeah, speaking of the model…who is she? Is it the same one?

    And, final question: I know you dont really have any say in it, but if you could choose, who would your ideal actress be for gemma?

  9. Good Luck!!!!

    I just wanted to wish you tons of good luck. You write awesome books that really draw a reader deep into the pages of the magic world that you weave with your words. These books have touched me and made me thirst for more of the story. I feel like I’m hungry and the only thing that will satisfy me is the next part of the story. Just keep breathing and try not to stress out too much. I know about deadlines and they suck. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for the book and the movie. Please let me know if they are going to have open casting calls. I am VERY interested if they are going to hold those. It would be lovely if they were somewhere in the Midwest also. I don’t believe that I have ever wanted anything more than to be in this movie. I would not even care if it weren’t the lead. I would be content to just be an extra in the background. To just be there would be enough. Anyway, good luck on the book. Please let me know about casting.

  10. Interviews?

    Hello, Libba –

    I am Carrie Kay, a presenter with the online radio station Box Radio UK. I was wondering if you would be at all interested in allowing me to interview you for my radio program. Please let me know if this might be at all possible and how to go about contacting you more formally if you would be interested. Thanks very much for your time!

    Kind regards,

    Carrie Kay
    Box Radio UK


    AAAAHHHH!!!! I didn’t know it was possible, but I love you even MORE!!!!

    WICKED is LIFE!!!! GAAAAAHHH!!!!! Sorry, sorry, breathe, breathe. Haaaaaaaah.

    Okay, so, I saw Wicked in London while I was there a month ago and I started weeping during Defying Gravity, which is the song you were listening to while you posted, in case you didn’t already know that. Anyways, if you haven’t seen it live, YOU HAVE TO!!! It is amazing!! You will laugh, you will sob, weep, cry, gasp and wet yourself all in one go. I know I did.

    For a Drama project, my best friend and I have decided to do a movie version of WICKED. Our Drama teacher told us to keep it down to 15 minutes, but sadly, he will have to watch the full 2 acts, complete with intermission. My friend is going to be singing her part as G(a)linda and I’m going to be lip-synching as Elphaba. WOOOT!!! Problem: I’m going to be green. We didn’t know what to do for makeup, so we decided that we’re going to dye my face and my hands green. That’s right, I’m going to be green. Um, woot? But, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for WICKED.

    I didn’t know my life could get any better. I was just sitting here, reading your hilarious post and eating Sticky Toffee Pudding Ice Cream then you somehow manage to merge all of my favourite things in to one beautiful moment of life.

    Thank you Libba for listening to WICKED and forcing me to love you even more. If I could have you as Madame Morrible in my movie, I would buy you Stick Toffee Pudding Ice Cream for the rest of your life.

    Love, Charlotte.

    P.S. I cry every time I hear that song, do you? My mom says she gets chills, and she hates musicals. Such is the power of Defying Gravity. Which I have iron decaled on to my pink Chucks. Just another Libba connection. It’s like six degrees of Libba Bray/WICKED.


    P.S.S. I forgot to mention that my Aunt is having her first child, a girl, and my entire family is writing lists of name suggestions. Mine so far includes;
    and Amelie just for luck.
    And no matter what they name it, I’m dying the baby green. For St. Patricks Day, rrrright, St. Patricks Day.

  13. Third Book

    Um, sorry to bother you with a question that I know thousands are asking, but do you have any little inkling when a third book following the story of Gemma is coming out? Or if there is going to be a third book? I understand that you have an extremely busy schedule or you just don’t want to answer this question. I like the idea of Pippa going on the Pussycat Doll Search. I just don’t know if they’ll like the creepy eyes or that she kind of eats raw meat. Nice blog by the way. Take care and thanks for reading.

  14. um…i dont honestly know

    Um, hi. I have never done one of these before, and well….I don’t know what to say. sorry. probably a disappointment. but I have read some of your stuff on this site (obviously) and I think you are like, a really cool person!! I know, that must make you feel good, but anyway, now that kinda sounds like a kiss-up, so I’m just gonna get straight to the point. ok, I read your newest book (the 2nd one) Rebel Angles, and might I say, good God, you are like, my favorite author right now!!! Ok, Felicity and Ann and Gemma are like, the coolest characters i have ever read about in my life! and i didn’t read the first book, A Great and Terrible Beauty, but I understood a lot of the second book. and considering i have a lot of “blond” moments, i should tell you that is a big compliment. oh, and by the way, i really like that thing you posted above about the Pussycat Dolls. I swear I was laughing really hard, and my brother looked at me like I had 5 heads!! but I just can’t wait until the 3rd book comes out!!! Good luck with it!! I am so going to buy it!

  15. I really liked the ways you could make the novel “jump the shark”. I thought they were hilarious! I can’t wait until December! *sigh*. This year is going to go bye so slow. There are so many books I want…

  16. Re: Third Book

    the 3ed book is coming out the 26th of december (for the u.s) and it’s called the sweet far thing. -Jasmine

  17. hey.

    did you know that the album “wincing the night away” by the shins reminded me of Rebel Angels? like, honestly. mainly the songs “split needles”, “sleeping lessons” and “sea legs” most of these songs remind me of gemma, anne, and felicity go to see pippa in the realms, which become more dark and more forbidding as the story progresses.

    just so you know.
    you should listen to it if you haven’t already.

  18. LOL LOL

    if u really did that to the book,it would be sooooooo hilarious but ur not so i am still ok.I can’t wait to read the next one, been waiting for almost 1 year and a half gor the next one. no it’s gonna be great. funny journal

  19. Hi

    I just wanted to say that you books are amazing and I am so excited for the next one. I hope everything goes well with the book and the movie!!!

  20. My, my, my…
    I would have never imagined Darth as Kartik’s father
    So…does that mean Luke is his twin brother, who was taken away by an evil witch at birth to an alternate unviverse?

    Quite a Twist!

    I’m sure the book will be fine!

  21. leaving more frequent blogs

    i know your busy Libba, but to people like me who live for your books it would be wicked/awsome if you would leave more blogs. I know its pathetic but i love to hear what you will say about the nw book/movie. Sorry about my geekness. &_&

  22. drag queen

    i am so diggin the nitwing is a dragqueen.. did they have drag queens back then?? they should have?? and Llamas rule!! i have faith this book is gonna rock!! =]

  23. drag queen

    i am so diggin the nightwing is a dragqueen.. did they have drag queens back then?? they should have?? and Llamas rule!! i have faith this book is gonna rock!! =]

  24. I was just wondering….

    I was just wondering which book you’re talking about. I simply love your books, you are a great writer and your books have encouraged me to write as well. I’ve written a few short stories now and am working on a couple novels. Are you going to make a Third book about Gemma. I’m really hoping you are because I just love them! Thanks for your time,
    Beth Irvin

  25. …I have had a supremely shitty day. My best friend replaced me and I feel like stomped on dog poo (Steel magnolias for the win).

    And the OrderFu and Llamas. And then LLAMAS DOING ORDERFU popped into my head and I laughed until I cried.

    Thank you Libba, ever so much. XD

    Also, we sang Defying Gravity at our High School graduation this year (everybody bawled).

  26. lmao. even if all that happens, it will still be my future fav book. can’t wait till it comes out! im sure it will be great!

  27. Song

    i laughed when i read this, and freaked when i saw your music. i love that song! i haven’t seen wicked yet but it’s on my high priority list.

  28. Twist

    There are very few things online that make me laugh.

    This almost made mem pee in my pants.


    Sarah Reese-Toome/Circe is Virginia Doyle’s secret twin sister

  29. Re: kartik

    I always pictured him iwth totally dark skin, like Rihaunna;s or somebody’s, with Luke Wilson’s cheekbones, and really curly hair, with big brown eyes.

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