Desert Island Discs

Occasionally, I like to troll through the Celebrity Playlist section on iTunes to see what people count as songs they could not live without. It’s usually interesting, and I’ve come away with new things to listen to. And sometimes the commentary is witty or thought-provoking or even delightfully bizarre. *coughs* Gnarls Barkley *coughs*

There used to be this radio show on back in the day called “Desert Island Discs.” The idea was very similar to celebrity playlist: the host would interview musicians and ask which records they would have to take with them to a deserted island. The interviews were usually meandering and somnambulent–better than a Tylenol PM if you couldn’t sleep–and I’m pretty sure everyone in the studio had smoked whatever could be smoked: “Hey man, try this.” “Yeah? What is it?” “It’s the couch, dude. I shredded it up and put it in a Big Bambu. ‘S not bad.” The eighties. Sheesh.

Anyhoo, I remember the show for two reasons: 1. It was a great way to fall asleep, lying in my bed, feet sticking out of the covers, posters of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page standing watch like strutting angels with a cherry-sunburst Les Paul and a couple of Zoso talismans. And 2. They’d always play the music that the (probably stoned) artist recommended. I distinctly remember Todd Rundgren introducing the Talking Heads’s “Once in a Lifetime.” I remember the tingly feeling along my arms, the realization that I had never heard anything quite like it and that I “got” the song but couldn’t articulate the what, why, or how of it. (Kind of like the way Magritte’s paintings and Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” make me feel–as if someone has staged a quiet, bloodless emotional coup inside me, and my vital organs are now plastered with absurdist truth banners, and the top of my head just might be a propellor beanie cap, ready to lift off at a moment’s notice. Really, that’s the best I description I can give. See, I said it was impossible to explain.)

I’m amazed that people can choose ten or eleven songs they can’t live without when I can barely limit myself to a manageable twenty or thirty for a playlist. But that won’t stop me from trying. And so, I submit my songs I couldn’t live without.

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rein/Edith Piaf–Her voice makes every single hair stand up on my arms. So sweeping. So stirring. So epic. So French. And who wouldn’t like to claim that they regret nothing?

Hallelujah/Jeff Buckley–Haunting and beautiful. I’ve heard lots of people sing this song but no version ever quite reaches the exquisitely painful nirvana of this.

What Makes You Happy/Liz Phair–“He’s got an ex-wife in Pasadena/And sometimes, she’s a mess to deal with/But mostly we’ve been living here uninjured.” That’s why she’s Liz Phair, folks. That’s why she’s Liz Phair.

Hyper-Ballad/Bjork–I first heard this at Wigstock in NYC. I can’t remember the name of the utterly fabulous drag queen who did an avant-garde performance to this (more’s the pity) but I remember turning to my friend Ed at the same time he turned to me, both of us mouthing the words, “I want this song!!!” Makes me want to wear my swan dress proudly.

Sunday Morning/The Velvet Underground–This song is like a bruise you just can’t let alone. Perfect for depressing rainy days. You know, like this one.

Rebel, Rebel/David Bowie–So hard to choose a Bowie song because I love so many of them, but this one never fails to put a little strut in my walk. (Or into my fantasy of me walking, the one in which I actually AM David Bowie. And I can wear leather pants. Because in real life I would need a crowbar and a vat of talcum powder and a dismantling of my mortification gene. Great, now the fantasy is ruined for me, just ruined.)

You’re My Best Friend/Queen–Freddie Mercury ruled, as far as I’m concerned, and it was a real toss-up between this and Bohemian Rhapsody. But this song reminds me of riding around in my car with my best friend when I was sixteen, and for that, it makes the list. Shout out to you, Miss Ellie Mae. The Ostway way!

Fight the Power/Public Enemy–You could count on Public Enemy to come out swinging, serving it straight up without a spin chaser.

A Quick One While He’s Away/The Who–It hurts me to try to select only one or two Who songs. No, really, look–see that bruise on my forehead? That’s from trying to decide which I love more, Tommy or Quadrophenia? Who’s Next or The Kids Are Alright? (I love Pete Townsend so much, that If I ever had the chance to meet him, I’m afraid I would probably cry, vomit, and sh*t myself all at the same time. Which would certainly make an impression.) But I’m choosing this song for a number of reasons: it’s a mini-opera, it’s got that great Townsend wit, and underneath it all is that driving, raw, passionate tsunami of sound that makes me want to run along the white cliffs of Dover in a leather jacket along with a cigarette-smoking mate fresh out of reform school like we’re both runaways from some Stanley Kubrick/Joe Orton hybrid world. Okay, I’m scaring myself.

(What’s So Funny About) Peace, Love and Understanding/Elvis Costello–Such a genius, and again, hard to choose just one, but this is the one I want to hear with my car windows rolled down, my favorite people in the car, and my hand in a bag of Cheese-Nips. Probably not what Elvis had in mind when he wrote it.

White Man in Hammersmith Palais/The Clash–Love this band, love this song. Didn’t even matter that I couldn’t understand a word Joe Strummer was singing.

Beat Surrender/The Jam–There is no brooding funk that cannot be dispelled by this song, and it’s not just because I used to doodle “Mrs. Paul Weller” on scraps of paper, I swear. I dare you to resist its beat. No, I double-dog dare you.

The Ballad of El Goodo/Big Star–To me, Big Star set the bar for melodic American pop. But this song has a special place in my heart: it’s the first song I ever slow-danced to with my husband. God, I’ll really miss him on that desert island. 🙂

Message of Love/The Pretenders–“When love walks in the room/Everybody stand up/Oh, it’s good, good, good.” Yes. Yes, it is.

Bad (Live version)/U2–When I go for a run…okay, when I used to go for runs, before I sat all day at a computer trying to meet deadlines while hoovering up muffins, this was always my favorite song to run to.

You’re All I Need to Get By/Aretha Franklin–I couldn’t go to a deserted island without some ReRe. I almost chose “Respect” and “The House that Jack Built” but I love the build on this one.

Once in a Lifetime/The Talking Heads–Still my favorite song, same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

Okay, final tally is seventeen songs, and still, I know I’ve left off tons of songs I love. (What? No Ramones? No Nirvana? No Radiohead, Led Zeppelin or Sam Cooke? No Stevie Wonder?) but I’ll let this stand for now.

What songs could you not live without? Go on. Be a celebrity–make your playlist.

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  1. music

    ok so i forgot my account name and my sister is currently on my computer playing world of warcraft with her boyfriend so i am sitting in my room listening to celtic and clare de lune whilst driving her crazy. (my computer is in my room) im on my sisters macbook which is currently driving me crazy because of the position im in. i fear i now may need shoulder replacedment. lol. but anyways not the point. at all. ok . what was my point? OH! yeah. ok so it showed on the entry before this one that you were listening to the B-52’s Rock lobster. i love that song, as well as Loveshack and roam. blame my screwupness on my mom. honestly. she raised me. but my sister somehow turned out ok…. ok well i ramble but time to go attemp to sleep with the light blaring on. arghhh can’t sister’s be like tranfered? like to their own room? honestly.

  2. AGATB movie? OMG.

    hmm…. background music for that….. well, i have a thing where if i have a song stuck in my head while i’m reading a book, if i hear that song again it’s always going to remind me of the book. well, my AGATB and RA “themesong” is ‘Vicinity of Obscenity’ and ‘Hypnotize’ by System of a Down. i have no idea why. but whenever they , my mind just goes “whoooooooOOOSH” and i find myself thinking about gemma and co. very strange. but cool. so i would say, weird as it is, system of a down for the AGATB movie. with lots of creepy violin solos.


  3. Re: music

    Sisters transferred to their room? Naw, that’s still too close for me. Mine’s such a bossy peice of white meat that I nearly bought her a plane ticket to Hell. Lol. Yea. On the matter of the movie, I heard that it was going to come out some time 2008 (damn new year. Curse you.).

  4. I am not quite as taken with the rest of Regina’s catalogue, I have to say. It’s good, but “On the Radio” just shines. My cover songs entry is open to visitors 24/7, so stop by any time you like.

  5. Hyper-Ballad/Bjork Wigstock performer was…

    Ffloyd (yup, with 2 F’s). FFABulous, wasn’t she?

    I can’t even begin to tell you how embarrassing it is to have your 14 year old niece text message you and ask you about a drag queen that we saw 10 years ago!!

    And please, don’t talk about Peanut Butter Pie. Kelsey’s not old enough yet for THAT story.


  6. I don’t know if I’ll be in LA this summer or not. Guess it depends on whether or not I get asked to the dance and the writing grind. If so, we must have a drink. I’d love to hear your tales! (And yeah, I hear you about those missing brain cells.)

    The name of the band who sang Never Say Never was Romeo Void. OMG. That takes me back.

  7. my very small huge playlist

    ok im going to just have to do artists that sing the songs cus choosing only 1 song by certain ppl would be a sort of hell.
    taylor swift- cus she is just so happily depressing
    gary jules- cus like he is my lyric idol
    snowpatrol- other than chasing cars they hav some very cool unique songs
    the fray- they= love and anti depressents hehe
    fall out boy- extremely addictive….i put those songs on replay WAY TOOO MUCH
    lifehouse- becus they r LIFE
    liz phair- is just so cool
    the barenaked ladies- they make me laugh
    dixie chiks- they r my other lyric idol
    3 doors down- hehe…O_o
    pink- portrays emotions so damn well
    and other random loud, cool, and awsome ppl!
    i suck so bad i cant even remember evryone i wanted on ther. o well

  8. i love the calendar hung itself by bright eyes! i used to listen to it all the time. it reminds me of my sister though because we used to walk home from school together and she was the only one with an mp3 player so i always made her sing songs to me and that was one of them. i love it!

  9. i have to say, i used to listen to Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley constantly but then we had to erease our hard drive and i lost all my music which was kind of depressing.

    My list would probably be:

    Those Anarcho Punks are Mysterious by Against Me! just because its amazing
    Norweigen Wood by the Beatles
    Luara’s Theme by Craig Armstrong
    God’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash
    Sunshine (Go Away Today) by Jonathan Edwards… it’s incredibly addictive
    Fair by Remy Zero
    Phantom Limb by the Shins
    Que Sera, Sera by Sly and the Family Stone
    40 Oz. to Freedom by Sublime
    Jesus Christ by Brand New
    Naked as We Came by Iron and Wine
    Fascination by Nat King Cole

    and that’s the extremely short version…its impossible for me to narrow it down so much

  10. Songs I currently love

    “Could be Anything” by The Eames Era. It’s my happy song. I literally can’t listen to it without smiling. This is the song I recommend most!!!

    “Degame” by Anna Nalick. Such a beautiful song.

    “Whatever Gets You Through Today” by Teegan and Sarah

    “Portions for Foxes” by Rilo Kiley

    “I Hate Everyone” by Get Set Go

    “Into the Ocean” by Blue October. Bit depressing but good.

    “Once upon a December” I don’t know who sings it, but it’s from the Anastasia movie. It’s really pretty.

    “White Flag” by Dido.

  11. Songs I currently love

    “Could be Anything” by The Eames Era. It’s my happy song. I literally can’t listen to it without smiling. This is the song I recommend most!!!

    “Degame” by Anna Nalick. Such a beautiful song.

    “Whatever Gets You Through Today” and “You Wouldn’t Like Me” by Teegan and Sarah

    “Portions for Foxes” by Rilo Kiley

    “I Hate Everyone” by Get Set Go

    “Into the Ocean” by Blue October. Bit depressing but good.

    “Once upon a December” I don’t know who sings it, but it’s from the Anastasia movie. It’s really pretty.

    “White Flag” by Dido.

  12. A valiant attempt

    Ok…I’ll give it a shot, although it’s tricky as my taste has changed so much over the years.

    Rebellion (Lies)- The Arcade Fire. Absolutely stuns me every time I hear it.
    Head Over Feet – Alanis Morissette
    Comalies – Lacuna Coil (even though it’s mostly in Italian. It’s just so gorgeous.)
    Bachelorette – Bjork
    The entire album “The Campfire Headphones” – Boards of Canada….extremely peaceful, relaxing, and sensual.
    Symphony No. 1 Andante Cantabile – Brian Crain. This was the song I planned to walk down the aisle to, before my fiance and I broke up. So now it both makes my heart ache and a little happy at the same time.
    Winterborn (This Sacrifice) – The Cruxshadows. This song made me fall in love with the band!
    Cassandra (Ego Likeness Remix) – The Cruxshadows. I love the original song but this remix is possibly even better, as Donna’s voice is exquisite and the piano adds something incredible to it.
    Burn – the Cure
    She’s Lost Control – Joy Division
    Higher Love – Depeche Mode. Another one I planned to use at my wedding, as the first dance.
    In Your Room – Depeche Mode
    Master and Servant – Depeche Mode
    Dreamsleep – Collide
    Raise Your Red Flags – Ego Likeness
    Once Beautiful – The Last Dance
    Gollum’s Song – Emiliana Torrini. Heartbreaking. It took me awhile to get used to her voice but now I do believe it is exquisite.
    At Least We’re Dreaming – Eve 6. I about wore this song out when I was obsessed with Eve 6, it resonated with me so much.
    Hey Montana – Eve 6. I really appreciate this since I have lived in Montana, and now that I live in Dallas and feel like it’s killing me and wish I could go back.
    Imagine – John Lennon. I can’t believe no one has mentioned this yet.
    Novelty – Joy Division. This one always strikes me as even more depressing than Love Will Tear Us Apart. Yet I love it. It’s like he’s asking both himself and me the same questions.
    Samwise the Brave – Howard Shore.
    The Fall – Ministry
    Dazzle – Siouxsie and the Banshees
    Peekabo – Siouxsie and the Banshees
    The Wanderer – U2 and Johnny Cash
    Letting Go – You’re Pretty

    Ok, I’m going to have to physically restrain my fingers and stop here. Ack!

  13. firstly: i love love LOVE your writing. it is a fantastic vehicle for procrastination. in fact, it is a good thing the next book does not come out until september or i might pull off the shameful feat of not graduating from college due to spending important chunks of my very final semester holed up in my room reading……
    secondly: i clearly need another form of procrastination, and writing a list of can’t-live-without-them songs fits the bill nicely!!!!so my 20, ranked in no particular order:

    -“Atrevete-te-te” by Calle 13
    -“Hip-hop” by Dead Prez
    -“Waltz #2” by Elliott Smith
    -“You Do” by Aimee Mann
    -“Unravel” by Bjork
    -“Love That Dirty Water” by the Standells
    -“Pennyroyal Tea” by Nirvana
    -“Pink Moon” by NIck Drake
    -“Boom Boom Boom” by the Vengaboys
    -“La Bilirrubina” by Juan Louis Guerra
    -“The Last Goodbye” by Jeff Buckley
    -“The Time Warp” from Rocky Horror
    -“It’s Not Easy Being Green” by ‘Kermit the Frog’;-)
    -“Better Not Look Down” by B.B. King
    -“Nouveau Western” by MC Solaar
    -“Back Burner” by Ida
    -“Badfish” by Sublime
    -“Pussy” by Lords of Acid
    -“Blackbird” by The Beatles
    -“Take on Me” by A-ha

  14. I am a Broadway nerd, so majority of my songs are showtunes so bear with me.

    #1-Here Without You, Three Doors Down:That is totally my fiance and I’s song.
    #2-Past the Point of No Return, Phantom of the Opera : Gotta love the strong sexual undertones.
    #3-Johanna, Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Hello? Serial killer barber and a pedo!judge? Love it.
    #4-The Rose, Bette Midler : Just so cliche. I love cliches.
    #5-I Love You, Samantha, Bing Crosby: Two words. Bing. Crosby.
    #6-In His Eyes, Jekyl and Hyde: Dramatic, and has great contrast of emotions.
    #7-Scarborough Fair, Hayley Westerna: d00d. She’s like nineteen and has an incredible voice. Not to mention I love her irish folk songs.
    #8-Minuet, Idina Menzel (my IDOL): These lyrics are so…accurate when it comes to my fiance and I’s relationship. lol. Not to mention it has a really catchy beat.
    #9-February Song, Josh Groban: Um…Josh Groban?
    #10-A Case of You, Julia Murney: Comparing love to a case of wine? Brilliant.
    #11-I’m Not that Girl, Wicked: Basically describes my former love life to a T.
    #12-Smile, Lily Allen: this song makes me lolz.
    #13-Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen: The most random, pointless fun song ever.
    #14-Samson, Regina Spektor: Now HERE is a song that is breathtaking. It is a lovely story in a song, and her voice is beautiful. Seriously, if you haven’t already, take a listen.
    #15-Courage, Superchick: This song just gets into the thoughts of a person struggling with an eating disorder. As I can relate really well, this song has wonderfully written lyrics. Gut wrenching and beautiful.
    #16-Lover I’ll Cover You, RENT: What? I like gay guys who sing love songs to each other. Good song, gay or not.
    #17-A Little Fall of Rain, Les Miserables, Original London Cast: Kind of a sad song, but love the analogies.

  15. This is so tough for me. D; I’m consulting my itunes and doing it by a process of elimination.

    My all-time favorite songs:

    Total eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler

    and then

    Do you hear the people sing? from the musical Les Miserables
    Defying Gravity from Wicked
    By the Sea from the Sweeney Todd revival
    The ballad of Sweeney Todd, the original broadway cast.
    (Or, really, I just love the whole show. :’D)
    Walk away by Franz Ferdinand
    What are you doing the rest of your life by Dusty Springfield
    Gaston from Beauty and the Beast
    Fergalicious by Fergie

    and the Fellowship of the ring soundtrack.

    I have no idea what this list says about me. ]:

  16. Defying Gravity from Wicked
    100 Years by Five for Fighting
    Mina Soko Ni Nemura from the Blue Submarine Number Six miniseries (don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it. i’m weird)
    Written in the Stars from Aida
    Bad Reputation by Halfcocked
    Emily by Bowling for Soup
    Gollum’s Song from the LOTR soundtrack (or just the whole soundtrack)
    La Vie Boheme and Halloween from Rent
    Princes and Frogs by Superchick
    Hips Don’t lie by Shakira
    Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
    Ode to a Superhero by Weird Al

  17. Here is my play list:

    “Thunder Road” – Bruce Springsteen (more than any other song, this one captured my yearning to break free when I was younger. I still desperately believe that those two lanes could take us anywhere)

    “Hazy Shade of Winter” – Simon & Garfunkel (I guess I was an old soul because in high school one of my favorite songs was about passage of time. A passage from this song was my yearbook quote)

    “Night Train” – Guns ‘n F***in Roses (Dude, spark one up and pass the bottle)

    “Gringo Honeymoon” – Robert Earl Keen (possibly the most beautiful song ever written, I have actually stood on the mountain top referenced in the song, wishing that the world would stop)

    “Pretty Vacant” – Sex Pistols (this one goes out to all the pretty girls in high school)

    “Baba O’Reilly” – The Who (“They’re all wasted!!!!”)

    “Sweet Jane” – Mott The Hoople (not Lou Reed, no disrespect to Lou but Mott’s version is cooler. What an awesome groove!)

    “Angel Mine” – Cowboy Junkies (A close second for most beautiful song ever)

    “Gloria” – Patti Smith (again, no disrespect to Van Morrison, but the Patti Smith version is one of the most empowering songs I have ever heard, like an anthem to reckless abandon: “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine.” Damn right!)

    “Sweet Emotion” – Aerosmith (a guilty pleasure)

    “All the Pretty Girls” – The Judy’s (if you have ever heard this song then you are one of the true few that were privileged to know the best party band of the 80’s. Another one I dedicate to the popular girls. I seem to have issues.)

    “Gangsta Gangsta” – NWA (“if ya f*** wit me I’ll put ma foot in ya a**”)

    “She’s Got” – The True Believers (the best song from the best band that no one has ever heard of)

    “Brown Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison(best sing along song ever)

  18. I had to contribute…. so in no particular order, my top 20 (it was hard to limit it to that)

    Weird Al- White and Nerdy (I can’t get enough of it)
    AFI- Days of the Phoenix (unquestionably the best song in the history of this band, and arguably all of modern punk)
    The Aquabats- Pizza Day (A fantastic, silly song)
    Architecture in Helsinki- Do the Whirlwind
    The Beatles- A Day in the Life, Norwegian Wood
    The Clash- Rock the Casbah
    Cut Chemist- The Garden
    Deerhoof- Panda Panda Panda
    Dropkick Murphys- The Green Fields of France, I’m Shipping Up to Boston
    Dustin Kensrue- I Knew You Before
    Harry and the Potters- The Weapon (Such a great message!)
    The Producers- Springtime for Hitler (too funny to not love!)
    Chicago- Cell Block Tango
    Hairspray- You Can’t Stop the Beat
    Rent- La Vie Boheme
    Sondre Lerche- Two Way Monologue
    Stealers Wheel- Stuck in the Middle With You (addicting)
    Story of the Year- “Is This My Fate?” He Asked Them
    Sublime- Santeria
    Thrice- For Miles

  19. I just recently decided to pick up Tori Amos, and I love her!

    Heh… So many good songs just happen to be depressing I guess. It might have to something to do with the fact that the best songs are written out of extremely depressing situations? Like Elliott Smith? Hehehe…

  20. That’s so cute!

    My best friend is the one who introduced me to Bright Eyes, and to get me into him, she very cleverly put The Calendar Hung Itself, Lover I Don’t Have to Love, and Hit the Switch on a mix tape for me before I went to France. I came back completly in love with his music!

  21. ok i now its the third but i have it

    Love Your Memory/Miranda Lambert
    Makes Me Wonder/Maroon 5
    There’s Us/Amexz Johnson
    Casimir Pulaski Day/Sufjan Stevens( very good song!)
    If Everyone Cared/Nickleback
    Gravity/john Mayer
    Save The Last Dance For Me/Michael Buble
    Trouble Sleeping/The Perishers
    Suddenly I See/KT Tunstall
    No Rain/Blind Melon
    Hate Me/Blue Octover

  22. playlist

    here are my favoyrite songs that i would absoulutly die without:
    1. Paralyzer- Finger Eleven
    2. Dragula- Rob Zombie
    3. The Animal I have Become- Three Days Grace
    4. Devil in a midnoght Mass- Billy talent
    5. Y’all Want A Single- Korn
    6. Tyranny Normality- Papa Roach
    7. Blanket of fear- Papa Roach
    8. Do or Die- Papa Roach
    9. Infest- papa roach
    i have countless other favourite songs but, it would probaly take forever to write them all down!!

  23. I don’t know that I could come up with a list of 10 at the moment because I’m pretty aware I’m not listening to high quality stuff lately (I’m 21 and reverted to childhood Disney Princess songs and a newer High School Musical soundtrack that I stole from my 12 year old sister).

    However, I know Hallelujah sung by Jeff Buckley would make my list. It’s the only song I can just listen to over and over on repeat. It’s powerful.


  24. My list!

    My top 25 songs I couldn’t live without!

    “Lola”- The Kinks
    “Changes”- David Bowie
    “I Will Survive”- Gloria Gaynor
    “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”- Muse
    “Edge of Seventeen”- Stevie Nicks
    “Like A Feather”- Nikka Costa
    “Dancing in the Streets”- Mick Jagger and David Bowie
    “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”- Cake
    “Don’t Feel Like Dancing”- Scissor Sisters
    “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”- The Darkness
    “Comfortably Numb”- Pink Floyd
    “Sexyback”- Justin Timberlake
    “Tiny Dancer”- Elton John
    “Cry Baby”- Janis Joplin
    “Should I Stay or Should I Go”- The Clash
    “You’re Beautiful”- James Blunt
    “Mercedes Benz”- Janis Joplin
    “The Trial”- Pink Floyd
    “Sweet Dreams”- Eurythmics
    “Piece of My Heart”- Janis Joplin
    “Sad Songs and Waltzes”- Cake
    “The Phantom of the Opera”- Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford
    “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2”- Pink Floyd
    “Think of Me”- Sarah Brightman
    “Wild Thing”- The Kinks

  25. I know, Liz Phair is just Liz Phair. She’s just awesome. I own “Exile and Guyville” “WhiteChocolateSpaceEgg”, “Whip Smart “Liz Phair” and “Somebody’s Miracle” and NO ONE knows who she is. Whenever I have the CD on, people are like “Oh, whos that? This is an awesome song.”

  26. Release date.

    I know you are under a lot of pressure to finish the book but why has the release date of the book been moved until after Christmas?

  27. i love being a celebrity =)

    ahh okay, these are the 50 songs i love. and play whenever i’m writing.

    Kindle My Heart -Abigail Doyle
    Black Roses Red -Alana Grace
    Rush- Aly & A.J.
    You Once Told Me -Andain
    Time -Andain
    Breathe- Anna Nalick
    Brighter Than Sunshine -Aqualung
    Mardy Bum -Arctic Monkeys
    Riot Van- Arctic Monkeys
    Despair In The Departure Lounge -Arctic Monkeys
    Unreachable- Ashlee Simpson
    Eternal Flame -The Bangles
    Hero Takes A Fall -The Bangles
    Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds -The Beatles
    Tale as Old as Time -Beauty and the Beast
    I’ll Be Seeing You- Billie Holiday
    Vienna- Billy Joel
    Soco Amaretto Lime- Brand New
    Speed Of Sound -Coldplay
    I Can’t Get Started -Ella Fitzgerald
    More Than Words- Extreme
    Band Of Gold -Freda Payne
    When I Grow Up- Garbage
    I Think I’m Paranoid -Garbage
    Im Only Happy When It Rains -Garbage
    There She Goes –
    Collide- Howie Day
    Perfectly -Huckapoo
    Maybe I’m Amazed -Jem
    Standing Still -Jewel
    Good Life -Leslie Millis
    Invisible -Lillix
    Wishing Well- Lillix
    Stay- Lillix
    Blind Lillix
    Why Can’t I- Liz Phair
    What’s Good For Me -Lucy Woodward
    Baby I Love You- Martina McBride
    Heaven- Moonpools and Caterpillars
    If You Leave -Nada Surf
    Mother, We Just Can’t Get Enough- New Radicals
    Different People- No Doubt
    Stop Crying Your Heart Out -Oasis
    Wonderwall -Oasis
    Champagne Supernova- Oasis
    Greatest Story Ever Told- Oliver James
    Ramayana: A Morning Raga -Patrick Doyle
    Losing All Control -Rooney
    That Girl Has Love- Rooney
    Wonderwall- Ryan Adams
    Back To California -Sugarcult
    Cute Without The E (Cut From The Team)- Taking Back Sunday
    There’s No ‘I’ In Team -Taking Back Sunday
    You’re So Last Summer -Taking Back Sunday

  28. Twee/Tullycraft–Makes my tongue feel less big and round and my lips less asymmetrical because I know the words and they’re so fast and it really takes a lot of coordination and practice to get this one right.

    100,000 Fireflies/The Magnetic Fields–“You won’t be happy with me/but give me one more chance/you won’t be happy anyway” Beat that. Plus I love Claudia’s voice on this one.

    Nights of the Living Dead/Tilly & the Wall–It always makes it feel like summer. Well, not summer. Pure? New? Like everything was drained out of me, all knowledge, and I’m starting all over again? I don’t know how to describe it, but in ten years, it’ll make me feel nostalgic.

    Boys, Girls, Sing!/Backseat Goodbye–Happy song!

    Nothing to be Done/The Pastels–I don’t know why I like this song so much, but I haven’t gone a day without listening to it in months.

    So Unbelievable/The Fat Tulips–I would die without all of the Fat Tulips songs, so I just picked the one lastfm said I listened to most.

    Macy, Macy/Push Kings–Makes me want to sway.

    Canopies and Grapes/Emmy the Great–Great anti-folk reference song.

    The Girl With the Strawberry Hair/Talulah Gosh–I love how everything just goes crazy at the end, and the girls start shrieking.

    All Boy Band/Park Ave.–Early Conor Oberst + Neely Jenkins singing. Love how Conor Obersts voice is just screaming the lyrics at the one part.

    (Jessica’s Got A) Ropeburn/Nothing Painted Blue–“Jessica says that she can’t scale/the steps while she’s so thin and frail/but can’t you tell that I’ve got ailments, too?” So STFU emos. Stop complaining.

    Rent a Wreck/Suburban Kids with Biblical Names–Such odd instruments. Sounds so good.

    This Must be the Place/Talking Heads–It makes me remember the long ride from Pittsburgh to D.C. to visit family when I was little. The drive doesn’t seem so long now, and it’s usually spent listening to all “69 love songs”…in order. It just makes me feel nostalgic.

    103/Whispertown2000–Because Morgan Nagler’s voice is really comforting.

    Final Count-14.

  29. Not that it matters, but that one was just my post and I forgot to log in.

    And I forgot to say Darklands/Jesus and Mary Chain.

    A side note about park ave., it has Jamie Willams (now of Tilly & the Wall, Neely is also a Tilly), Clark Baechle (now of the Faint), and Jenn Bernard (formerly of Magic Kiss, who only played one show, and now nobody who wasn’t there knows what the fuck Magic Kiss sounded like, but Kianna Alarid was in Magic Kiss, and is now a Tilly, and if you think too hard about the indiecest going on in the Omaha scene, and all the indiepop, knows from the indiepop list, Jesus and Mary Chain on Stephen Pastel of the Pastels record label, which brings us to Kurt Cobain who loved the Pastels, and had a K records tattoo, and you can then link with All Girl Summer Fun Band because of K recs, etc., etc., your head will explode, so I’ll just stop this rant now before I break out the 3D chart of this stuff and because you probably don’t care)

  30. Ha! LOL. I checked out the Tilly & the Wall song, which I then downloaded. So thx. I’m also a big lover of Magnetic Fields. My fave is Grand Canyon. And this post cracked me up. “Indiecest.” Genius.

  31. Magnetic fields are so great. Same with the other Stephin Merritt bands (The sixths (try saying that three times fast, especially in conjunction with one of their albums, thistles & hyacinths and wasps nest) the gothic archies, and future bible heroes further adding to the indiecest confusion). I bet you could just listen to bands that Stephin Merritt is in/though of for days straight.

    And, if the mood strikes, you can go to, and go to releases, all tilly & the wall songs are downloadable for free (click on the album. and yes, it’s legal, it’s their record label, and yes, people still do buy their cd, if you like a band, you have to support them), and twelve tullycraft songs are available for free at, more if you feel like going through the archives looking for tullycraft tuesday songs (there’s a song “look how we killed the riot grrls” which is great, especially if you enjoy making fun of riot grrls and they did a cover of yeah, oh, yeah, which was priceless…for everything else, there’s mastercard).

    Long comment, and now I’m late for school.

  32. Okay, here’s my top 25…

    Lola- The Kinks. My science class has been known to burst out randomly into ‘Lola’.

    Changes- David Bowie. Oh, David Bowie. This is another sing-a-long at school.

    I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor. What middl-school-aged girl doesn’t love this song?

    Can’t Take My Eyes Off You- Muse. My favorite cover. Ever.

    Edge of Seventeen- Stevie Nicks. Wow, one time me and a few friends did a lip-singing bit with this song. It was crappy, but fabulous.

    Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps- Cake. *worships Cake*

    I Believe In A Thing Called Love- The Darkness. I remember whent this song came out, me and my bud George sat on the school bus and sang this at the top of our lungs. Because it was the only song both of us knew the words to.

    Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd. I lurve Pink Floyd. The Wall is one of my favorite CD’s.

    And Then I Died- The Moaning Myrtles. Wizard Rock, or Wrock, is awesome, and The Moaning Myrtles are amazing! My favorite Wrock band is either The Moaning Myrtles or The Parselmouths.

    Sexyback- Justin Timberlake. So many of my favorite jokes could not have been told without this song.

    Tiny Dancer- Elton John. I remember being little, and at family gatherings, dancing with my cousins to this song.

    Cry Baby- Janis Joplin. My first Janis Joplin song, and it’s still one of my favorites.

    Should I Stay or Should I Go- The Clash. I absolutely adore this song! My friends and I always listen to this at birthday parties.

    You’re Beautiful- James Blunt. *sigh* So pretty…

    Don’t Feel Like Dancing- Scissor Sisters. Scissor Sisters is my favorite band. All their stuff is just fun!

    Mercedes Benz- Janis Joplin. Just good stuff.

    The Trial- Pink Floyd. Gosh, I lurve this song, because it’s so out there!

    Sweet Dreams- Eurythmics. My friend Jayme and I have a whole dance routine for this song.

    Piece of My Heart- Janis Joplin. Oooh, Piece of My Heart has helped me through some tough times.

    Sad Songs and Waltzes- Cake. *worships Cake again*

    The Phantom of the Opera- The Phantom of the Opera. As a rabid phan, I prefer the Original Cast over the movie, mostly because I’m a Michael Crawford phangirl!

    These Words- Natasha Bedingfield. The lyrics just make me smile.

    Foxy Lady- Jimi Hendrix. Whenever I hear this song, I think of Wayne’s World.

    Think of Me- The Phantom of the Opera. This is the type of song I sing when I sing at the old folks’ home!

    Wild Thing- The Kinks. Is there anyone who doesn’t knwo this song? And is there anyone who hates it?

    That’s my top 25, though they are liable to change at anytime.

    o.O Julianna O.o

  33. So I’m downloading any of those songs I don’t already have. Love the recs.

    My List (In no particular order)

    Belle & Sebastian – The Blues are Still Blue : A song that I absolutely adore but for some reason can never remember the words to. That doesn’t stop me from singing along at the top of my lungs. I’ve never met a B&S song I didn’t like, but this one, this one I always seek out.

    Harry Connick Jr. – The Pajama Game Revival – Hey There : If there’s anything I enjoy more than Harry Connick Jr singing, it’s two Harry Connick Jrs singing.

    Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenowith – Wicked OBC – For Good : While it’s easily one of the sappier songs in the musical, my having discovered this musical during a transitional period in my life gives it great sentimental value. And Menzel and Chenowith are basically amazing.

    Cake – Shadow Stabbing : How can you not love a song with the first lines “Adjectives on the typewriter / He moves his words like a prizefighter / The frenzied pace of the mind inside the cell”

    Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine : A majority of my music catalogue is piano driven, so it seems only natural to have a bit of Fiona Apple here and there. I love the light bounce of the song and it makes me feel good about myself. Always a plus.

    Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You Into the Dark : I’ve been captivated by this song since I first heard it. It reminds me that there is still a bit of an idealist buried deep within me under the cynicism.

    Aqualung – Vapour Trail : Another piano driven piece, this one with a brilliant build from it’s soft and slow beginning to a stunning and climactic end.

    Ryan Adams – Harder Now That It’s Over : A desperate song about a toxic relationship. The simple guitar combined with Ryan Adams’ Neil Young-esque vocals is haunting.

    David Bowie – Labyrinth – Magic Dance : How can you not love a song that brings images of Bowie with big hair, and an equally big codpiece. Well, I guess you could find that terrifying–but oddly enough–I don’t.

    Spoon – I Turn My Camera On : Because every Desert Island Discs list needs a song you can strut to.

    Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah : By the sound of it, this cover of the song is as powerful to me as Buckley’s is for you

    Wow…That was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

  34. I must say…DAVID BOWIE favourite…couldn’t LIVE without his music.

    One song I absolutely love is Recessional by Vienna Teng

    Listening to the lyrics reminds me of all the growing up I’ve done in the past 5 months. Believe me…a lot of growing up and changing.

    Your taste in music rocks!! As I was reading this I was squeeing and jumping in my chair. Bahahaha.

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