21 Proms

I keep forgetting to mention that I have a story in a new anthology out now–21 PROMS. They are, shockingly, stories about prom. And there are 21 of them. Yes, we like to keep you on your toes with our mysterious ways.

You’ll also find stories by Holly Black, Rachel Cohn, John Green, E. Lockhart, Cecily Von Ziegesar, Jacqueline Woodson, Melissa de la Cruz,. Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Mlynowski, Aimee Friedman, Daniel Ehrenhaft, David Levithan, Jodi Lynn Anderson, Leslie Margolis, Brent Hartinger, Lisa Ann Sandell, Will Leitch, Adrienne Maria Vrettos, Ned Vizzini, and Billy Merrell. Good people, all.

I’m looking forward to promming it this week. Yep, I’m going to sit near the book and say, meaningfully, “Wow, prom is coming up. (pause) Yeppers. Next week. (pause) I don’t have a date yet. (whistle) Oh, you’re going with Tina Landry, she of the enormous…shoes. No, sounds great, sounds great. Me? When I said I didn’t have a date yet what I meant was…I didn’t have a date yet for…this thing–no, this OTHER thing that I totally have to attend. What? I’m, a, uh, um, I’m developing a third eye. Yeah, it’s a new program, very intensive, gonna require lots and lots and lots of attention, no time to have shoes died to match my dress, but thanks for asking.”

I’m going to put baby’s breath in my hair at odd angles so that it makes me look like Princess Leia after rolling down a flowery hill. I’m going to wear uncomfortable shoes, sit on the sidelines of my house with other (imaginary) girls and guys I do not know, smiling uncomfortably, watching people slow dance. I’m going to imagine some terrible cover band is playing, “Celebrate,” urging us to “get down!” before seguing into one of the worst power ballads of all time with a singer who also does Thursday happy hours at the Holiday Inn bar. She wears a lot of frosted blue eyeshadow and polyester. I’m going to smell Binaca breath spray mixed with drugstore perfume and the overly generous use of After Shave. I’m going to pretend that at least one guy makes the party horns with his thumb, forefinger and pinkie, while saying, very cleverly, “Party!!!” I’m going to imagine the chemistry teacher flirting with the just-out-of-student-teaching biology teacher, her playing with her perfectly feathered hair, and the choir director prosletizying for the First Baptist youth group while serving punch that is a color not found in nature. I’m going to imagine several guys using Visine as they come out of the bathroom, and at least one girl lurching drunkenly toward us saying, “Oh my god, y’all, I’m so drunk,” as if I have lost the powers of observation and smell.

And once the mood is appropriately set, I am going to read every single story. I will be grateful that there is such a thing as a prom and that I never, ever have to go again. And I will be especially grateful to get to read cool stories by cool writers I really like.

I did not get asked to my senior prom. In fact, I could barely get arrested in high school in terms of dating. (Lots of guy friends. Lot of guy friends who often asked me who they should take to prom. Oh, it’s all so John Hughes, isn’t it?)

But my friend Maria, whose parents were quite strict, could only go to prom if she doube-dated. I believe her opener in the girls’ bathroom was, “Libba, you don’t have a date for prom, do you?” Why no. No, I don’t. Thanks for assuming. So she arranged a date for me with a guy from the Jesuit school in Dallas. The guy turned out to be someone I went to middle school with, a really cool guy who showed up in a tux…and red hightop sneakers. And I thought, yeah, this’ll work.

There was no pressure, and we had a great time. The only two things I remember are all of us who were into new wave rushing the dance floor when they played the B-52’s “Rock Lobster,” and scaring the bejesus out of the Hall & Oates/Van Halen/”Endless Love” crowd who thought we were freaks for creating a sort of prom mosh pit and ending up on the floor. They were probably right, but it’s a fond memory. The other thing I remember is going to somebody’s house for a senior breakfast and hearing the Tom-Tom Club’s “Genius of Love” for the first time and loving it. And yes, there was baby’s breath (oh, the burning shame) and the dress was peach taffeta. Peach. Taffeta. Take a moment. I know I need one. One match and I could have reenacted “The Wicker Man.” Now, THAT would have been a prom.

So–21 PROMS. On sale now. Check it out. Take a date or go stag. Baby’s breath optional.

139 thoughts on “21 Proms

  1. Please Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was wondering when you were going to write andother book? your book was very good and I would like to read more of it…..

  2. Prom

    I’l have to check it out. I didn’t go to Prom. 😦 My husband knowing I didn’t go and always felt sort of sad about it arranged for us to be chaperones at a local high schools prom. Yes, He then let me get my hair done, get a dress a corsage the whole bit. It was very sweet. So I went to Prom in my late 20’s hehe….

  3. I need help, I need avice.

    ok, I have this boy friend, and when ever I call him to talk he makes up a excuse to hang up, and when I ask him to call me back he dosn’t! now he’s not even responding to my e-mails!He’s been like this since we had a vary romantic conversation last weekend, also the only ting is that he lives in a different state [i didn’t meet him over the internet, I meet him when I was on vacation in Jamaca(we live 3hours away from each other)] WHAT THE @&#$ should I do???? the last 2 nights I’v been crying my head off to my friends and they don’t know what to do. I was hopeing you guys could help because I love him like crazy and I’m just an emoshenel wreck.-Jasmine

  4. Re: to leav or not to leav that is the question!

    but if you leav it then it will spole the story and the flow of the story and how the cariters evolve and interact. but if you leave it for someone elce to find then if the next person finds it and reads it they will get deeper in to the story and reallize other littel tidbits (whitch you only notece the 2nd time you read the book). do what you pleas but I think you should take it and burn it (the note I meen)-Jasmine

  5. Re: to leave or not to leave that is the question!

    but if you leave it then it will spoil the story and the flow of the story and how the carters evolve and interact. but if you leave it for someone elce to find then if the next person finds it and reads it they will get deeper in to the story and realize other little tidbits (witch you only notice the 2nd time you read the book). do what you pleas but I think you should take it and burn it (the note I mean)-Jasmine

  6. Re: I need help, I need avice.

    maybe you should lay low for awhile and then attempt again. Having a long distance relationship can be tuff. Maybe(God forbid) but maybe he has found someone he likes where he lives. You need to take that into consideration.

  7. Re: You’ve got help! You’ve got advice!

    *laughs*Deep breaths!Ha,ha.Calm down….Jeez, you’re like a walking Soap Opera!Relax. How old are you anyway? I mean, jeez! You sound like those psyched out women on The Wedding Bells!
    Okay, my ideas:
    *If you’re still in school, maybe he has a ton of homework.
    *Maybe he’s embarrassed by his open feelings during your romantic discussion.
    *Maybe his parents are getting divorced
    *Maybe something happend to his sister(rape,murder,cancer,kidnapped..)
    *Maybe something happend to his brother(see above parentheses)
    *Maybe his dad/mom lost his/her job
    *Maybe his dog died
    *Maybe he loves some other girl(Ouch.)
    *Maybe he’s failing in school
    *Maybe a funeral’s coming up
    *Maybe he feels like a stupid idiot about something he thought he said to you
    *He’s moving

    Anything could have happened.

    I read somewhere that when we’re being total bastards is when we need our frinds the most.(does that make sense?)

    READ CAREFULLY:I think you should just, after a few days of “alone time”, send an e-mail asking “Are you OK? I haven’t heard from you in awhile I thought somrthing was wring.” It could touch his haert and you wouldn’t sound too nosy. If he doesn’t respond wait another day and a half then ask him small question and then get to the point and say,”I’d like to know what’s going on.Are you angry with me? Do you not like me any more? Is that why you’re not talking to me?” Put in aliitle hurt into those three questions but not too much. REMEMBER TO ASK HIM SMALL QUESTIONS LIKE HOW’S SCHOOL GOING OR WHAT HE DID THAT WEEKEND. Don’t
    just talk about yourself, no one likes a self obsessed girlfriend. If it turns out to be he doesn’t like something you do or say alot(like if you’re a messy eater or something) and it’s something you can work out, workit out! But if he doesn’t like the best friend you’ve had sinse kindergarten, you need to lay down the law. If he continues to ignore you after you leave 4 more messages(leaving a few days inbetween to respond) call his parents to see what’s up. His parent can talk to him and say that you’re worried about him ’cause he hasn’t contacted you in while and you think somethings wrong. If they say he already has a girlfriend, you tell them that you met him on vacation and have been tempting to stay in contact, then his mom(mom’s are best with this)
    apologizes and you say that you can’t believe he didn’t have the nerve to braek up on his own, and the mom agrees and says something and you chat for a few more seconds before aking the mom to have her son call/e-mail you back so you’re sure she shows/yell her dissapointment at her son. Then when he contacts you, listen to his explaination(if he doesn’t give one ask)then if he doesn’t brake up, make some relationship rules(like he has to call atleast once a week,e-mail on the weekends. Limit yourself to only calling him once a week and email on weekends) and see how you go from there.If he does brake up with you, keep a level head and your voice cold(NO tears till AFTER you hang up) and tell him you hate the bastard for lying to you(yes, I did say bastard). You hang up after saying that (no nice-girl good byes) and you have you’re pride and most of your dignity intact and you also make him feel like a real jackass.If he says you can “still be friends” you can say,”If we couldn’t handle a relationship for more than 2 months, how the hell can we be friends? After you lied to me too.” (you can say this anyway you like to (the word bastard optional)and hang up b/c most boys use that as an excuse to ease thier conscionce.

    Remember:If he dumps you, you’ll get over it.Not right away, but in time.

    Good Luck,

    PS I apologize for spelling mistakes and if your relationship doesn’t work out.

  8. Re: You’ve got help! You’ve got advice!

    But sometimes, if he really sounds sincere, you can tell that the two of you can try it and see how it goes.

    ~Again, Best of Luck,

  9. why did you write the books?????it would be great if you answered!!

    Um Libba why di you decide to write AGATB and Rebal Angels? I have to do a book report on why the authors decided to write their books.
    Again, it would be great if you answered!!! =D

  10. reading

    dear Libba,

    i love your books im just finnishing your second book and i love every thing about your books. Keep up the writing im looking forward to the 3rd book. my name is haley and im 14 and soon to be 15. i write poetry and mabey you could give me some tips. it would be cool if i could like send you my poems and you told me what you thought of them. my english teacher said i can write very beautifuly. and the thing is, i never really knew how deep sadness is or how if you have the right flow of words and rhyme going you can make a flourishing poem. i have always loved english and now im ready to share my poetry with the world.
    hey you never know. it could happen.

    faithful reader till the end,


  11. Re: You’ve got help! You’ve got advice!

    OMG! I’m being soooo vague.I mean you could try being friends in that last comment.


  12. Re: why did you write the books?????it would be great if you answered!!

    You should read through the first blogs.


  13. question…

    ok where did you get your inspiration for spence? and “circle”?

    i love the thought of “magical Realms” and seeing dead family members.

    lol…where is spence i simply must visit sometime..lol (kidding but hey a girl can dream)

    and where did you get “Mr.Bumble”…lol

    i simply must get you to indulge my growing curiosity. i think you could be like my BEST friend..lol seriously…i mean i am like Felicity.

    of course i do not have a lust for power, as does she.

    i just want to make a difference in the world somehow…

    oh and i was wondering if i could help you with book 3? or if i could write my own book about Felicity, Ann, and jemma as the fight for their very existance and the safty of whats to come…and the nasty betrayel Pippa has shown to come and shall not surrender without getting revenge?

    ive been a harry potter fan for a year now but i have a feeling thats all about to change… 😀 yippie!

    faithful reader,


    p.s. my email is : Princessha20032000@yahoo.com


  14. Eclipse!

    Has any one seen Stephanie Meyers Website?

    She has the cover of Eclipse there and its TOTALLY FREAKING ME OUT!!!

    Luckily, There’s a 4th book so, hopefuly, Edward & Bella are still on!

    Who will she choose?Jacob or Edward?

    Will the werewolves attack the Cullins?

    Will Victoria have her revenge?

    Will Edward and Bella part?(no, they won’t or my friends and I will go crazy on her)

    Will the Voltura(sp?) stop for a visit?

    And why do all the villians names start with V?

    Is it a new fad among authors?

    And why am I even posting this?

    Isn’t this Libba Brays LiveJournal?



    I Like RoootBeer!!!!!!:D

    Caffiene lover,

  15. Re: why did you write the books?????it would be great if you answered!!

    where does it say? can u get me a link to it or tell me or something? Please. 8D

  16. Re: Eclipse!

    AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Eclipse, i cant wait to read it, that is one of the three books that i want for this year, oh wait, I also want Masquerade.=D CANT WAIT!

  17. ECLIPSE!!!!!!!

    ECLIPSE! ECLIPSE! ECLIPSE! I am dying a slow and painful death waiting for that to come out! I’m telling you right now….THEY BETTER STILL BE ON!!! THEY BETTER BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. books!

    I know that this is probably really off topic, as I’ve not read te other comments, but whatever. I just wanted to say that I a) love your books and writing, and b) that you are an inspiration. To me, at the VERY least, and c) thank you for keeping me sane for another day at a time. Your writing, I mean. (Though is that too obvious to say?)

  19. Re: Eclipse!

    OMG!!i nearly hy0erventilated wen i saw the cover, i can sympathize. i started dancing in circles screaming. ya, inm slighlkty paranoid. but for a good reason. if bella choses jacob i will go and find stphenie meyer asnd try to rip her arms of. yes very dramatic. jacob should go screw himself. the werewolves should go screw themselves. and victoria should go screw herself. and ya its kinda wierd to post it here 😛 lol but its too exciting not to tell the entire world!!!!!!XD!!!!RIGHT????

    crazy hyper edward lover person,

  20. so i’ve been checking this livejournal since i read your books and i don’t think i’ve ever left a comment which is extremely unfair of me seeing as you totally rock and deserve all the praise you get. so kudos, bravo, and all those other wonderful words of acclamation that i’d totally look up on dictionary.com’s translator had i any sense of patience… i did have another purpose for this particular comment, though. i’ve been wondering if anything else has happened with the possibility of the movie. i got totally psyched out when i heard about it being a maybe but then i didn’t hear anything else so it’d be great to get a bit more on that. thank you so much for those books though. they’ve got an amazing message and i’m really looking forward to the third installment. i’m sure it will be mind-boggling.

  21. Prom stories, eh? I’ve only ever read one, and it ended up with an entire town being blasted to smithereens; I’m sure you can guess what I’m talking about.
    You forgot one aspect- a group of girls clustered into the washroom bemoaning something so-and-so said to them/about them. No school dance is complete without a sob party. It’s why I don’t attend them anymore.

  22. Oh, prom. ;; I went to prom last year. Yep. My Junior year.

    Cried my pretty green eys out I did. It was just after we moved for the first time and as soon as I walked in all I could think was “this was supposed to be OURS.” So I sat and I cried.

    And now the one friend I have here has pretty well completely forsaken me and I won’t go to prom if I can’t at least go with a friend. ;; Florida sucks, man.

    …orange taffeta. … Yikes. XD Maybe it’s just me, the little redhead, but orange…yuck.

  23. 🙂

    I just wanted to wish you good luck with the new book you’ve been writing. I’m looking forward to it ( I have been since 5 hours after rebel angels came out, lol I couldn’t put it down) So I hope things are working out 🙂

    Good Luck!


  24. Re: Uh, not about your journal entry, but important all the same..:)

    Next entry down, end of entry. The Sweet Far Thing is in editing stages, likely to come out sometime in the fall, or at least that’s when I’m expecting it to be on the shelves. Personally, I can’t wait. =D

    Note: Try not to have spoilers in your entries (or at least mark it with a huge spoiler announcement). Most people who read this LJ have read the books already, but some haven’t and get really really angry about it. So just fair warning here.

  25. prom nights from hell

    Prom nights from hell is coming out soon too, eight days to be exact!!! cant wait! XDahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. anymore sequels

    i loved alot of your book and think that A GREAT AND TERRBILE BEAUTY…and….REBEL ANGEL…show be movies..and if you have made another sequel….if so could you post something about it…this is my first time visiting this sight and ill start looking at it more and more

  27. Re: ECLIPSE!!!!!!!

    You’re dying?! I’m gonna be away in the middle of the woods at camp when it comes out!!!! : (
    I went insane when I found out I wouldn’t be able to get it.

  28. Lol! Me too! My prom is May 12 and I’m pretty excited. I have a date(my boyfriend of 11 months), but if by then I don’t, then I’ll just chill with my friends and dance like crazy. “Life may not be the party we hoped for, but since we’re here, we might as well dance.” By the way, Libba, you DO get cooler every post.

  29. ehheh…

    Erm, helloooo, Ms. Bray… I’m a girl somewhere between teenage and preeteen, who has been called emo, nonconformist, nerdy, unpopular, weird, and a best friend. I’m commenting mostly on your two books, which I love and am working on spreading to my friends. I have to say that Rebel Angels made a real impression on me, with the scene in the art gallery where the meaning of evil is questioned. I brought it up at my Sunday school (which is on monday nights) and with my dad, and nobody could give me a straight answer. So, um…yah… my mom’s calling me now… sorry if this seems silly to you… ah well.
    ~Anonymous Cai

  30. Yes, there is another book after Rebel Angels!!

    The book is called A SWEET FAIR THING and when I found out I FLIPPED!! it comes out September 25th, you can go online and order BEFORE it cames out and when it’s out it’ll be sent to you. If I had the money I would have already ordered, but I’m poor and without money until I’m 16! But yeah, I’m pumped and ready, I’m going to be getting all 3 books for Christmas this year, and if not then, I’ll buy them myself, I’ll be 16 by then!! WOO HOO!! Ok, bye.


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