Holy crap, it’s still not finished

It’s February 1st, and this is a quick update.

In early January, when it became clear to me that I would never in a gazillion years finish my revisions by January 15th, I called my lovely, long-suffering editor, Wendy, and made a new deadline: February 15th. Yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day.

So, I’ve basically been under house arrest since Christmas. No fun for me. I don’t even know what’s going on on “Heroes.” Oh, the humanity. (P.S. DON’T TELL ME! I DVR’d all new episodes. Yes, I know DVR is not a verb. It is now.)

My orphans file? The one where I stick the stuff I’ve written but realize won’t make the final cut? It is now 398 pages. Granted, a lot of that is duplicate. But I’m guessing there’s about 200 pages of cuts. The page count for the manuscript is 587 pages and climbing daily.

(Why am I telling you this? Why? Good God, it’s so freaking boring! I’ve become like those new parents who want to discuss the consistency of their kid’s projectile spit-up because that’s all they live and they have become virtual zombies. I have become a writing zombie. I am going to be that person at parties standing too close to somebody, not blinking, and speaking in a scary monotone about my book while they smile uncomfortably and look for the exits: “Oh, multiple plot lines…yeah, sounds tough…I, um, just remembered I need to have a liver transplant but it was nice talking to you…”) Even the scene that appears as a preview in the paperback of REBEL ANGELS has been cut. So, consider it a rare B-side.

In other news, I was sad to see that one of my favorite Texas women died yesterday–political columnist Molly Ivins. If you’ve never read Molly, I highly recommend that you do. My favorite is MOLLY IVINS CAN’T SAY THAT, CAN SHE? She was a dame who kicked butt and took names and she was hilarious, too.

Alright. The realms await. See everyone on the 16th.

238 thoughts on “Holy crap, it’s still not finished

  1. Holy cow

    Wow these books are amazing! I thought there were no more. Boy was I in a bad mood this morning. Then I though to check you site. Thank you!!!!For making one after Rebel angels. I would like to know a few thing like when it comes out and what it’s called if you can write me about them. My E-mail is coffeequeen@hollysungia.net. Thanks sooo much. You Rock!!!!

  2. Aww Libba you sound like me when I’m having to turn in a long assignment THE NEXT DAY for my creative writing class, and I haven’t written one single word. It’s terrifying! But I have faith in you. You’re an awesome writer and a great person. I love reading your blogs!
    All the best,

  3. Re: Holy cow

    ok.i wanna put this out there for everyone cuz i kno everyones rly anxious.the 3rd book comes out in the fall this year. not too far away..right? *sighs*.and its called THE SWEET FAR THING.if you wanna c the book cover,go to page 4 on this comment site.the 13th comment down has a link.just click on it and scroll down a lil.ull c the cover for the 3rd book…its gorgeous!!!and im soo exited about it!!!!omg who isnt right…

  4. are you writing a new book

    Dear Libba Bray,
    I was wondering in your recent message dated Feb.1st if you were talking about the latest book that you are now writing and are releasing soon. I hope you are because I really did like both of your books and I hope that you write a new one soon!!

  5. Libba does rock!!

    i completely agree with you!! I just can’t wait until the new book comes out, I had no idea until today!!You can tell that I’m on the computer alot.


    Just think of the relief when it is all over.

    I only know the sort that comes after a term paper or (gag) expository writing paper. You must experience it like a billion-fold! (If that makes sense)

    Anymore instances of Kartik hooting like an owl? Because I totally just got that part from Rebel Angels, when Gemma sees his lantern after vespers.

    Yay for bird calling!

  7. happy deadline day!

    and happy birthday to conor oberst!
    deadlines are fun, aren’t they?
    //deadlines suck
    ///but i like you having this deadline because the sooner you finish the sooner i get to read it
    ////yay for deadlines!

  8. i love your books. they are amazing!

    hi, this is one of ur newest fans, from a small town in canada. i must they they i am not a big reader, but when i read ur first book a great and terrible beauty, it was like a door opening a whole new world to me and that was a place for me to escape, and now i must say those books r my favorit. right now i am reading ur second book, reabel angeals and im almost finished. the way to write is amazing, i feel what those girls feel. like i am living what they live. like i am gemma herself. i cant wait fo rthe third book. and when it comes out i will be sure to buy it and read it. ur books r so amazing. im sure you’ve heard this plenty, but for me its different. they have opened a whole new world for me, a whole new meaning to live, and even though its fiction, i still cant help believing that there is another world between these two worlds. thank u soo soo much for inspiring me with ur books. and i hope u will keep on writing. sincirely: one of u biggest fans.

  9. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you finish the book in time. Wish I could help. Don’t stress out too much. Sorry about Molly. I really hope you don’t have to make too many revisions.
    T. E. L.

    p.s. And yes those are my real initials(T. E. L., tell me, get it?)
    p.s. (again) LOVE. YOUR. BOOKS.

  10. i didnt know that editors cut that many pgs out!! that would b soo hard then to write a 500 pg book!! u would have to write 700 just to b on the safe side!! wow i have soo much more respect for writers now.

  11. ugh i wish they let us use lap tops or sumthin in our classes. lucky ducks..
    *snickers silently to herself bcuz she is impressed with vocabulary*

  12. I think it’s my twin!!!

    Okay, so you’re not my twin. For one, we’re NOT the same age. Two, I don’t think we look the same. Alright, so we’re not twin. Give me a break, okay? I think I’m a lot like you. Procrastinator and same sense of humor. Your posts sounds just like all my emails! I have a GREAT sense of humor online, but in real life, I’m one of those people who you have to make yourself laugh just to make me feel good. Every once and a while I can put a good joke out there, but not usually. Boo hoo. What can you do?

    I must say, your books are really good. Honestly, when I saw the cover I thought it was going to be one of those average “teen” books with nothing but boys and parties in it. It’s nice to have an actual PLOT. Every good story needs a good plot. And good characters. Yes. *nods head wildly* Yes, yes.

    I hope you’re reading this. It would cause me heartbreak to know Libba Bray didn’t read my post. So I’d be in my bed a night thinking “Is it me? Is it her? What’d I say wrong?” All because you didn’t read my post. I’m just kidding. But seriously.

    🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading this. Here’s a lame and totally ripped off comment about your books: You got it goin’ on! Yeah!

    Well adios, mi amiga. Well, I’m not sure if you’re my friend yet, but hey. Bye-bye


  13. Just a question

    I’m alittle out of touch with how you are coming with the third book. I just want to say that your first two books were amazing and I look forward to your third book. Do you know what your third book is going to be called? I am ver anxious, but I commend you for spending all your time to write a book everyone wants to read. May God bless you on your journey of being a writer. I hope you have a great day. Good Bye

  14. Re: hi

    I hope you do do a movie that would be awesome, and yes don’t let them ruin it, how aesome would it be it you could say “I wrote that movie” Wow good luck.

  15. Aww

    NOOOO! *Gasps in horror*

    Libba dont become a zombie!
    that would mean the world would end cause your the koolest, haha =p
    Come to the light, we have cookies

  16. Re: Your not the only one whos in the dark.

    Yes thats what makes me “Unique” at my school… and it could be because I write songs and preform them in front of a BIG croud (I have NO coment on the spelling…) last time I did a one song consert(I know I suck at spelling…bad) was at my dads wedding where ther was over 250 people… You have to admet that a girl of 13 years can do that.-Jasmine

  17. Re: happy deadline day!

    ???????????????????????? what was THAT????????????????????-Jasmine
    ps I also want a guy…’sigh’ Brooks I love you…

  18. Your Books are amazing!


    I don’t know if you read these, but I just wanted to say that your books are truly amazing. I have just moved to the USA from England,and just reading your books, with the Victorian era helped me feel more at home. Whenever I felt even a tiny bit homesick I would pick up one of the books and read them.
    If the books are going to made into a film, that sounds fantastic, I would love to audition for one of the parts. When I was in England I used to attended one of the schools that had a special status in performing arts, and have been told that I can act.
    All the best, your books are spectacular and capture the real Victorian England, with a bit of Magic, and mystery. I love them, and are on the top of my list along with Harry Potter!
    Thanks and good luck for the future.
    Kathy x x x

  19. Re: happy deadline day!

    doesn’t it make you sad to listen to him feel like that, though?
    + i prefer early conor, park ave. and stuff.
    loose leaves and let’s not shit ourselves are really good, too.

    and to the other person, i don’t know why i wrote that for libba bray to read (hi libba bray! do you listen to bright eyes?) it’s just it was conor oberst’s birthday (i’m not a stalker, it was feb. 15, and i was listening to “happy birthday to me (feb. 15) and i realized it was in fact, feb. 15 while commenting so there you have it)

  20. Good Luck!

    First, I would like to say that your books are absolutely AMAZING. Honestly. You are probably my favorite author, ever. Just wanted to get that put of the way.

    Anyway, hope your deadline date wasn’t TOO stressful and that you had a wonderful Valentines Day.

    Emma Louise

  21. Happy Late Valentines Day!!

    I red this cooky articul in the Headlight Herald called “Will U B Mine???”

    I know,thier spellings horible.

  22. The Book

    Hello Libba!
    well i just wanted to say that i absolutly LOVE your books. i dont know if you reply to tehse comment (i doubt you have time with all the editing lol) but i was wondering, when’s the dat the book is supposed to be published at? is that the FEB 15 date.. im guessing not since it is ohh the 18 now i think? lol. well good luck, im sure this book will be amazing (as long as there is some kartik-Gemma romance *nudge nudge*) but anyways i will love it either wait. can’t wait!


  23. another book

    i just finished reading Rebel Angels today as i was walking home from school and i want to know..are you gonna write another book to go along with A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels because i think your books were AWESOME! and im sooooo glad i picked them up off the shelf at the book store. i really hope that you write another or if your already writting another, then write another after that because i would buy anything with your name on it.

    ~Casie, a loyal and true fan.

  24. oh wow

    it said right in your blog that your writting another. so now i feel dumb. but hey
    thats the price i pay for staying up all night reading =]
    but thats what i had to do to finish your book by today.=]
    but now im sad =[ cus i dont have any more to read and i will have to do my homework instead. please hurry cus i am soooooooo waiting for some more Kartik. =]
    i think his character is like one of the hottest guys ever, cus hes soo mysterious.

    have you read Twilight? by Stephenie Meyer ?? cus that book is Phenominal! as is yours. if you and her became one person i would lose my mind because i would be in a different world that you created. her books are very good and i cant wait to read the next two.
    now my list is very long, i have to wait for Harry Potter[which i reserved ofcourse], Your new book, her new book, and like ten more. =[

  25. I like cried when Molly Ivins died so I’m right there with you. Luckily though, the republicans aren’t doing to great, and are looking like morons. All is well.

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