Electric Pikachu wishes you a Happy New Year

This should be an interesting post. It’s 7:57 a.m. I’ve been up since 5:00 obsessing/freaking out about the book. (I didn’t actually get out of bed at that hour, mind you, but instead I stared at my ceiling and chewed my lower lip and silently implored my cat to please stop making biscuits on my stomach, that I would feed her at a decent hour.) And now, I’m trying to write a journal entry while my son watches “Pokemon” and gives me running commentary, sort of an 8-year-old’s DVD extras.

Living with an 8-year-old boy is sort of like living with someone who has Tourrette’s, and the tics take the form of arcane information about Pokemon, Star Wars, and various Gameboy games. I’ve long since realized that my job is to be the straight man. The sidekick on the late night talk show that is his life. “No, I didn’t know that.” “I’d love to know what kind of Pokemon.” “Fire powers! Really? Wowee.” “Yes, Mace Windu is cool. Very cool.” Occasionally, you will be thrown by a question like, Who would you rather be, an Aerodactyl or Pikachu? Roman Legonnaires or a Grimnak? This is a fool’s errand, because whatever answer you give will be the wrong one and you will be drawn into a protracted discussion of which powers you could have had if you had chosen differently.

Today, the power I would like to have is the power to finish this book. I was up until midnight last night trying to make sense of it all. Kind of like when you pull everything out of your drawers and cabinets to clean and pare down, but all you can see is crap covering every surface of your home, and you wonder how you will ever get it together. I know I’m on the right track now, but it is such a sloooow process. And painful. I realized that every time I sit down to write a book, I think I can avoid the painful, through-the-fire part. And every time, I get my ass handed to me on a platter. There is no avoiding the pain. The work. The frustration. The uncomfortable, wow-being-a-human-being-ain’t-easy discoveries you make on one page or another. But it’s necessary. Otherwise, you end up with processed cheese food product novel. (of course, this novel could still suck big time so it could all be for naught.)

(My son has just interrupted to say that eventually he’s going to get an Electric Pikachu in his game. Eventually. When I murmured, “Right. Electric Pikachu,” he looked at me like I was the stupidest person in the world: “No, Mommy. Electric is the TYPE of Pikachu.” Right. God, I’m a moron. I HAVE AN ENTIRE NOVEL SPREAD OUT ON THE FLOOR OF MY HEAD! GIVE YOUR MOM A BREAK, KID!)

I am about to be wrangled into a game of Heroscape and I’m only on my first cup of coffee. Doesn’t the Geneva Convention forbid this?

I’m getting the Grimnak this time. Just see if I don’t. And I will have massive powers of attack and lay waste to everything in my path. Mwahahahahaha!!!

I’ve had no time to make resolutions this year, so please feel free to post your top resolutions here so I can borrow. What was the best part of 2006 for you? The worst? What do you hope for in 2007?

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

Oh, and I plan to get back to answering posts after the novel’s turned in. Honest. Unless the Grimnak eats me. 🙂

281 thoughts on “Electric Pikachu wishes you a Happy New Year

  1. Mrs. Simmon Middleton

    Sorry to bother you Ms.Bray, but just out of pure curiousity why does Gemma refuse Mr. Middleton? The way you wrote about him and her I thought for sure they would fall in love but they didn’t. Is this because Gemma loves Kartik? Or is Simmon coming back in Book 3? I do hope does. Please reply.

    Thank you.

  2. Random comment— nothing to do with your post…

    This is exactly what the subject says it is…
    I was wondering when Rebel Angels would be available in Australia, because so far i haven’t been able to track it down anywhere here in Sydney. So if you have any idea please let me know.

  3. love the book

    Dear Libba Bray,
    Your books have enspired me to start writing myself. The characters are what bring the book together, to make as good as it is. When i read the books i bought them both on the same day and were done them in three days. But i continue to read them over to get the most i can from them.
    I hope that you continue writing such fantastic books, and that i will be able to read the sequil soon,
    yours truly,

  4. So, I’m a bit late on this one…. :]

    My best friend’s brother is eight or seven. He chooses to spew incoherent chains of information about the Fairly Odd Parents and Spongebob, plus some phrases which he just might have heard around the house… Pesky little ears. Going over to her house makes me overjoyed to be the baby of my family.

    Anyways, to the best and worst of 2006 and my resolutions.
    I was hired at the library where I have been volunteering for less than a year and a half. (They even came to me… :])
    Worst: The aforementioned best ticked off my ex-boyfriend who just happened to also be a volunteer. Yeah, so summer ended up sucking because of him.
    Keep life simple.
    No more soda pop.
    Work out, instead of being an ugly little couch potato, and loose five pounds or so. (Just enough to get me away from the “dangerously close to being overweight” category that the school nurse put me in…)

    P.S. This novel could not suck one bit. Unless you kill off Kartik, but I can’t believe you are that horrible.

  5. Re: Mrs. Simmon Middleton

    In the end, I think Gemma knows she loves Kartik. I have a feeling she was more crushing on Simon. He’s everything a “proper” English girl could ever dream of, after all. But as she said, she knew she wouldn’t be happy with him in the end.

  6. Re: Come On

    Her edited draft was only just due on the 15th of January. The book will probably come out in late summer/early fall. And she has a life, you know. A kid. I think that probably takes precedence over her career and the impatience of fans.

  7. Well, it’s the 28th of January, and I’m thinking you’re either holed up still desperately editing/rewriting tSFT and avoiding your editor like the plague or you’re done and you’re taking some time to wind down. Here’s hoping it’s the latter.

    I should really head down to the Tea Lounge one of these days and see what it’s like. Maybe I’ll even see you there.

  8. Re: Come On

    The only reason why I said those things is because its been over a year I mean come on alot of authors have kids but they still meet there deadlines. Its no excuse. And you read whats in her blogs she does other stuff just so she won’t have to work on her book. Its her fault.

  9. Re: Great and Terrible Beauty series movie

    Taylor, you’ve been studing all of these posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good for you (since your newer here)

  10. Re: hello!!

    Ya I agree with you, but remember libba had to like skrap half of the 3ed book! so maby shes like just working on the book!?!?-Jasmine

  11. Has He asked you to

    Has your son asked you to play yet? My little brother used to bug ma all the time. He still does sometimes. I always say no, but he ignors it. I find myself at the table with some pokemon cards in front of me. I don’t pick them so he does he ends up trying to outsmar hemself. and its very funny. Recently he moved to Yo-Ge-oh or something like it. That one has cards to. Some of the stuff he says is starting to make sense. I thank you for having this page for it is my procastination agianst wrting and doing homework.


    when is your new book coming out?? what is it called? i need info!! i love your books!! hurry up and finish writing the next one! you take too long! but i still love u.

  13. Dear Libba Bray,
    I love your books “A Great and Terrible Beauty” and “Rebel Angels”. As I read these two books and can’t stop! I loved the first one and am wrapped in the second one. I am half way through but i will not stop until i reach the end. I don’t understand how you can write so beautifully and make it so amazing. Please do write back to me. I would highly appreciate it.

    yours truly,

  14. Re: Come On

    Who said she didn’t meet her deadline? Edited draft due January 15th. There has been no indication she hasn’t turned it in. And then there’s the fact that she scrapped 2/3 of her book a few months back, practically starting over. It’s pretty hard to write a whole novel in that amount of time.

    Would you rather she get fed up and stop writing completely? She doesn’t have to write, so you have no right to complain unless it turns out to be a completely horrible book.

  15. Re: Come On

    (Having just read her latest post) Ok, so she didn’t meet her deadline. There’s still the fact that she had to rewrite 2/3 of her novel to take into account.

  16. Re: Great stuff!

    But to be honest, I don’t want it made into a movie. It might just get slaughtered like so many others before it. Ella Enchanted, Eragon, Blood and Chocolate… You do the math.

  17. I feel your pain

    I babysit my best friend’s 7 1/2 year old brother all the time. I’ve watched more Pokemon than I ever thought I would. Hope the third book comes SOON

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