The first draft, she is finished.

It wasn’t pretty, but it got done. On the last day of my deadline, I was sitting in the Tea Lounge, typing wildly. The keys literally started to fly off my laptop. I was typing without an X, S, and D key. The space bar began to stick. Every other word out of my mouth was some variation on the theme of foulness. Also, my hair hadn’t been brushed, and my clothes were mismatched. Yeah, preeeeetty. I had to email my editor by 4pm…and the WiFi failed. No connection. I was like an insane woman, hobbling from spot to spot inside the Tea Lounge hoping to piggyback on someone’s signal. No dice. So I’m racing down the street, leaving a message for my editor in a panicked voice, holding my laptop under my arm, darting into all the coffee shops I know have WiFi, going, “Hi, excuse me, can I just send this…?” I finally got it zapped off to Random House via cyberspace. And three days later, my computer went into a complete coma. I would hover over it whispering, “Please, Trixie, come into the light.” Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Trixie was so over it all. We managed to revive her long enough to save files. (Um, back your stuff up. Nuff said. I nearly had a heart attack thinking about how everything I’ve written in the past few years was on this thing and was about to be gone for good.)

So, what have I done with myself lately?

Laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Downloaded music. Watched the cat bonk her head–repeatedly–against the glass trying to chase the squirrel in our backyard. (To be fair, the squirrel knows what time it is and taunts the cat. I’m pretty sure I caught it flipping the bird to Little Squeak. I was half tempted to let her out.) Read at the Brooklyn Literary Festival where I also got to see the fantabulous Holly and Theo Black, Justine Larbelestier, Scott Westerfeld, Ann Brashares, Aimee Friedman, Phil Bildner, Kevin Lewis, Mo Willems, Jaida Jones, Margaret Crocker, Maureen Johnson, and many others. Then I hightailed it down to King of Prussia, PA, for the NAIBA awards where I got to hang with very cool indie booksellers and snag some freebies.

What else…I’ve been reading books–bliss. Caught up on “Project Runway.” (Jeffrey. He’s my guy.) Barry and I caught The Raconteurs in concert at Roseland Tuesday night. My ears are still ringing. Sometimes I forget how much I love hearing live music and how I used to spend practically every waking moment trying to finagle tickets to this or that show. Must do that more often. Took the trash out. Hung a picture. Bought sheets. Got a new MacBook Pro that is completely intimidating to my puny, technologically-challenged brain. (Still haven’t figured out my email yet.) Discovered two letters that I thought I had mailed a year ago. Ate something green that was actually supposed to be green and my body went, “Hey, what’s with this salad and broccoli bidnesst? Where’s the chocolate and coffee you’ve been feeding us for six months solid?” And I said, “No can do. One more month of that and I will have to go to Lowe’s to build a shelf to carry my ass around.” My body grumbled and threw me hateful looks behind my back but what can you do?

Tomorrow, I fly to Boston to spend the weekend with my buddy Eleanor who has been my BFF since 7th grade when we got in a huge fight about who was better, Kiss or Led Zeppelin. (Zeppelin rules.) And in another week, I’ll probably get that revision letter and have to hunker down again. Goodbye, broccoli. Hello, double lattes.

But for now, it’s fall; the weather is fine, and I am due some R ‘n’ R.

193 thoughts on “Finally

  1. ahhhhhhh

    I can’t wait for book 3… I told all my friends about your books, yeah, they’re pretty much in love with them too.

  2. Hello, I’m Emily!

    I love your icon, I have a few pairs myself. About Project Runway, I love Uli and I wish that Allison hadn’t gotten “aufed!” I love reading (espcially your books) and I can’t wait for another one from you! I’m so glad that I could contact you! Please! Come to Milwaukee, Wisonsin : ) Who are your favorite authors and music artists?

    Thank you for the books!
    Emily Lindeman

  3. PLEASE Answer in Next LJ

    I really enjoyed AGATB and RA and can’t wait for the third one! What is the title and when is it supposed to come out in stores?

  4. Ah…

    So you finally updated, and finished Book 3, drank a lot of lattes and with a small hint of green-the heavenly broccoli. I’ve been a fan of yours for about two years now, ever since seeing the cover of AGATB in sixth grade. Been in love with your books ever since. Good luck with Book 3!

    PS-Zeppelin rules.
    PPS-Any movie news? Or book news–like a date?

  5. Hello Libba

    Hello Ms. Libba Bray,

    I am a 14 year old high school girl and I love your books. They are some of the best I have ever read. I can’t wait for your next book. Also I know what you mean by stress to make a dead line, I am in the middle of writing 2 books at the same time and need to be finishes by december. I am sort of at a stand by because I keep having to go back and change something in the stories. It can get fustrating. Also I just wanted to say one thing, I really think Gemma and Kartik should get together in the final book. In the first book I can see Gemma affection for him and his is returned in Rebel Angels. I am not the writer but it is what I would do. I have gotten a lot of my friends reading your books, they think your awesome. Have a good day.

  6. Computer keys and music

    Haha, I spent so much of my summer on my brother’s laptop that the ‘h’ fell off.

    I also learned about the power of live music this summer. I went to several big concerts last minute and spent probably 200 dollars in all, with gas + clothes + tickets. I go to every concert I can now. I don’t even spend money on anything else… but I promise I’ll put some aside for your next novel ;P

  7. From Canadian Girl

    Congrats on the progress of Book 3! I absolutely LOVED AGATB and RA and I’m itching to find out what will happen with the characters… especially Kartik and Gemma. I hope something big will happen between them- booyah! Haha keep up the good work!

  8. wow

    God ur doing a lot lol
    i want to be a writer so bad…but deadlines are so not my thing lol
    i’ll have to grow up..and put time into it but for now in my 4 years of high school i think i will enjoy my free time with friends and when i have nothing at all to do…that is when i find time to write…but i have so many thing to pick when im bored…at the moment about 8 things are going on in my head…not counting MY life…the way we writers work…is a wonder, even to me, how the heck do we keep it all straight…i mean it’s getting kind of hard…the other day i started talking to my BFF and i was telling her about how one girl in my story was being treated like crap and she had no idea what i was talking about…that’s because i never let people read what i write until im done…i’m thinking about ditching some of my ideas and saving them for a later date…i really hope you have time to read this one
    comment me some time…
    i would love to hear from you

  9. We Need More Info.!!!

    So what is the title? Do you know how long it is going to be? Is there any kind of secrets that you are willing to devulge? It would be greatly appreciative. Also, so form of a release date, because I am dying to know. I will be ocunting down the days, weeks, second, and miliseconds. until it does.
    Crazed out Fan

  10. We Need More Info.!!!

    So what is the title? Do you know how long it is going to be? Is there any kind of secrets that you are willing to devulge? It would be greatly appreciative. Also, some form of a release date, because I am dying to know. I will be counting down the days, weeks, second, and miliseconds. until it does.
    Crazed out Fan

  11. oh man. imagine this: a teen, book-worshipping, almost-legally-blind-because-she-reads-so-much girl, waking up to stumble across your livejournal and find that that The First Draft of Book Three in Her Favorite Series is DONE.
    you have made my life, ms bray.

  12. Third book

    I’m a big fan of AGTB and RA!! I read Rebel Angels in 2 days because I couldn’t stop when I started. The story is so good and I hope in the 3rd book of the trilogy Kartik and Gemma will “live happily ever after”? Yes? I’m absolutely in love with Kartk, and I can relate to Gemma because I’m around her age and we have some things in common. I’m hoping they will make the movie after all because that would be awesome.

    Thanks for reading Ms. Bray (if you have) and I can’t wait to read your future novels. 😀

  13. Ha ha!

    I honestly didn’t think that authors would actually have internet/computer dying problems. I mean sure- it can happen, but I thought all of those types of misfortune were designated for the movies. I suppose I’ve been watching too many. At least your computer didn’t get flattened by a huge truck driven my a driver who doesn’t know where the breaks are in his car. Yeah, I’ve been watching too many movies…

  14. Awesome!

    I’m so glad that you are finish with your first draft. On your fist book,”A Great And Terrible Beauty”, it took me about 2-3 days to read it. Then, when I found out that it has a series I requested it right away, and when I finally got it only took me a day to read. I looked for another book, but saw there was none. So I saw your website and decide to visit it(by the way I really like how it’s designed). I would like to know when the next book is coming out, and what it is called so I can get it a.s.a.p. But you should have some R & R, and time with your family. So I’m not rushing you but I don’t know about your producer, Ha Ha :). Thanks for listening and you can reach me at Hope to hear from you, Bye-Bye.


    Hey! I’m a huge fan of yours! I loved A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angles quite a bit! I was hoping you could help me out though. I have an assignment in my english class where I’m supposed to interview a writer and then write a paper about them and I was wondering if you would let me interview you! If you would e-mail me your response to I’d then e-mail you a set of questions- just a few- for you to answer. I know you’re super busy but this would be incredibly amazing, as I don’t think anyone in my class will have interviewed an actual, successful writer.

    Yours Truly,

    P.S. I love the Racounteurs and Jeffery Sebelia too!

  16. AGATB Drawings

    Omg your drawings are great! I’ve drawn Gemma, Pippa, Anime Pippa, and Kartik but they didn’t all come out so good.(sorry I could help but look at a link didn’t mean to impose or anything)

  17. Jeffrey Project Runway

    Wow. Jeffrey. The hateful, mentally abusive woman hater. Yeah. That’s one to promote. He’s so cool he’s got a mohawk and tats all over his friggin’ body. If only there were MORE men like him to make talented, competitive women feel worse about themselves. I’m sure you’re not the only one to love him. After all: battered wife syndrome looms ever large among our sex. And why? So guys like Jeffrey can laugh at us — or make our moms cry on national tv. Whatever. It’s all about him. I’m sure glad we’ve all agreed.

    Super pathetic. Super disappointing.

  18. rebel angels.

    are you going to be writing another book to continue rebel angels? my friend brittany and i are impatiently awaiting the arrival of another book!!



    Sorry its october, that i finaly get a chance to comment. I was checking about 1 every 2 weeks since August where you left me in suspence! After a while i figured that you were too busy to let us all know what has been doin down in your life.

    My stupid violin teacher, arg* i do dis like this person. She is soooo harsh on me. Even though i do know shes right 😦 but o well guess i have to continue to eat, sleep and once again breath violin. O, the rapid joy that comes to me when i hear the words ” You have been practicing it wrong once again, which means you have waisted my time and your time” she actually sat me down during my lesson which is an hour away from my home and charging my parents 50.00 per lesson which i have once every week. To tell me if i dont come back next week with everything perfect then she is dropping me and that i can find a new violin teacher who can except me-di-ocer work.

    *sighs* I do love the violin but some times i wish i didnt have to practice, i wish i could sit down and play video games for hours though out end, i wish i could go to the movies with my friends, but no i have to hear her screaming at me…..*blah blah blah

    wow, that felt good…..

  20. Hi 🙂

    Just finished reading “Great And Terrible Beauty” and loved it! My friend said you had an LJ, so I’ve added you. Can’t wait to move to the second book.

  21. Cats and Squirrels

    Before I moved to Ohio last year I lived in Woodinville Washington, surrounded by trees. My two cats were obsessed with the squirrels. My outdoor cat actually hunted them down while my little ball of fluff Kari, the one in my user picture, would watch for them out the windows and you could always tell when she spotted one, there would be a rather loud thunk, thunk, thunk as her tail hit the window in excitement. Occasionally the squirrel would walk across the roof right in front of the window and she would freak. Her tail would wipe about like mad and she’s meow at me so I could come look at what she had discovered.

    Cats truly are remarkable creatures. They will always find ways to make you proud – or ways to make you laugh at their stupidity, but I think either works

  22. CosmoGirl Story

    I just finished reading your story in Cosmogirl about how you cut off all of your hair to liberate you after your car accident. It could not have resonated with me more. I’m 16 years old now but a few years ago, I had an accident too. I was wearing headgear for my braces and the metal prongs from my mouth snapped back like a slingshot into each of my eyes. Besides the puncture wounds, the bacteria from my mouth spread throughout my eyes. My right eye is now completely blind, but luckily I maintained vision in my left. My right eye has no pupil, lots of scars, and is glassy and waters and drifts to the right. My pride was damaged when I started high school with an eye like that. It will eventually atrophy and need to be replaced with a prosthetic one. I would style my bangs to the side so no one would have to see it; everyone was disgusted. This past summer however, I felt brave and strong and cut off all my hair to give to Locks of Love. Now, my eye is out there for the world to see, and I am proud. When I read your story, it was like reading a page out of my own memoir. (I also want to be a writer, can you tell?) I immediately felt the need to write to you. I don’t know if you’ll even read this whole thing. I just had to let you know that you wrote about the past few months of my life in better words than I ever could. I am a senior this year and will go off to college with short hair, ready to take on the world. And my new senior quote?
    “My wonderful, intense, beautifully imperfect life is zooming along full throttle, and frankly, it’s rocking some pretty fierce hair.” -LB.

    -Jordan Hart

  23. Re: CosmoGirl Story

    Dear Jordan,

    I am so sorry to hear about what you have gone through. I know firsthand how heartbreaking it can be to live through such a challenge. I am so touched by your decision to donate your hair. I’d like to send you a signed copy of A Great and Terrible Beauty. If it’s okay with your parents (sorry, you’re under 18 and the mom in me has to make sure you have their permission) and you want to give me an address, I’ll happily send them along. If you do end up needing a prosthetic eye, I have two wonderful ocularists to recommend.

    I’ve no doubt you’ll become that kick-ass writer you want to be. All the best, Libba

  24. The Raconteurs

    i just read this so sorry for the late reply but i just had to say that the raconteurs rock! they’re one of my currently top favorite groups. if you like them you might also like the white stripes (another one of my currently favorite groups)

    and yes, led zepplelin IS better 😉

  25. have you been watching

    I ment to ask you…have you been glued to the TV like I and watching Veronica Mars??? Who do you think is behind the rapings? and what do you think of Piz?

  26. Hello. So I’m reading Rebel Angels… again.

    I’ve realized that I really want the next one to come out. I love your characters and their interactions with one another. It is entertaining. Plus the romance…. *squeals* yea. I just wanted to tell you that!

    Oh.. Laundry… that reminds me. mine should be finished soon. oops.

  27. led zeppelin all the way!

    Led Zeppelin doesn’t rule, they Conquer and Dominate the the music world. i have every single one of their albums!! and their poster be-deck my walls. and i also have 3 shirts and sweatshirt that have led zeppelin on them

    call me crazy but LED ZEPPELIN CONQUERS and that’s all their is to it!! haha lol


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