All Hail to Laundromat

Walking down Fifth Avenue, I passed a small, hand-lettered sign on a silver door that read All Mail to Laundromat. But for some reason, I read it as All Hail to Laundromat. I looked around to see if anyone was bowing and offering the head of a goat to the rows of washers inside, but no. There was only some lady sweeping the sidewalk.

My cat thinks the ice maker is a god. For about a week, she would sit in front of the refrigerator staring intently at it. I got a little freaked out thinking that maybe there was a mouse under there. But one day, as I got myself a glass of water from the in-door dispenser (one of my personal favorite bourgeois things) a wayward piece of ice hit the floor. I swear my cat looked like she was having a religious experience. She went after that ice with a vengeance. It was like watching some PBS documentary: (whispered British tones) “And now, the grateful cat offers praises to the gods for the bounty they’ve brought forth. The sacrifice has been deemed worthy. Little Squeak will rest well today.”

My cat’s a freak.

Three weeks left on this deadline. Three weeks to make everything work. (insert maniacal laughter here.) Fortunately, I have discovered a way to blow off steam in the evenings. Anybody know about a playstation game called Guitar Hero? If you don’t know about it, don’t get started. I’m telling you it is video crack. I can see myself living on the streets, holding tightly to my controller going, “One more time, man, one more time. I’m gonna get this run down, I swear. Just one…two more times, man.”

It is the most addictive game ever. In Guitar Hero, you get to pretend to be a kick-ass guitar player. Notes come at you on screen, and you have to try to hit them to play the solo and unlock songs. Some songs are fairly easy, like Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.” Then there are things like Eric Clapton’s “Crossroads” and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Texas Flood.” Forget it. I can’t even get through them on easy. There are people who can do this on expert. I fear them.

My cat is worshipping the Ice Maker God again. I’m so tempted to go mess with her. No, that would be mean. PRAY, KITTY! PRAY FOR ICE!

She is LICKING the fridge. No, sorry. Gotta do it. The gods are angry today, kitten, aaaaanngryyyyyyy….

256 thoughts on “All Hail to Laundromat

  1. Re: Silly

    haha thats like me in every class. Except somhow i get all my work done. Mmm…? One time my friend cut some of her hair and we sent it to our teacher in an envelope. Haha, she had it coming though I swear she was satan’s wife or something. She even had the hair styled like horns. Also, we sent her a note that said can tamaris have your kidney? With a picture of a teenage mutant ninga turtle, dancing and singing the kidney song. Which came to her in a dream. haha, well goodbye-Justine Morrison

  2. sorry

    i hadnt read the previous comments.
    cant wait for the third book dus any1 no wen its goin 2 be realeasd?
    oh ye and by the way that age thing n the name my sister added a complete;y different name and age to the bottom 4 a laugh.
    please tell me when its going to be released i cnt wait

    thnx again
    an adoring fan!
    x x x

  3. Oh, dear God, I can’t stop laughing!!! I wish I could virtually hug your cat. Worshipping the fridge… *breaks off into fits of silent, asphyxiating laughter*

    I’m ok… I swear…

    NYC is great, isn’t it? Nowhere else would you mistakenly see a sign reading “All Hail the Laundromat.”

    Mmmm, deadlines. Lovely fun. One thing I do not look forward to about writing. I can’t wait till book three, though!!!


  4. A great and terrible beauty

    Well first just wanna let u know that im a big fan of both ur books involving Gemma Doyle!!!
    I loved A great and Terrible beauty that i had to reread it as well as Rebel Angels and that im Definetly looking foward to your next published book coming out in August and that I hope to read more passages involving the mysterious connection between Kartik and Gemma i hope they fall for each other and share a secret passionate love affair for her to hide to her long list of secrets. I loVE THESE BOOKS!!!!

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