Goin’ Hollywood

This may be the shortest blog in my history, akin to LJ haiku, because I’ve got to get my butt and my laptop (hmmm, which one is easier to lug?) to Tea Lounge and write.

Already running late and it’s only 7:10 am.

But the big news on my block is that AGATB and RA have been optioned by Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions. Here’s the piece that ran in Variety this week:

Mel Gibson and Bruce Davey’s Icon Productions has optioned the rights to a Libba Bray book trilogy to develop as a big-screen franchise and set helmer Charles Sturridge to direct the first installment, which centers on four rebel teens in Victorian England who gain power from access to a mysterious realm.

Charles Sturridge directed that lovely, lovely production of “Brideshead Revisited” that made me fall in love with both Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews, so I am thrilled he’s at the helm.

Still, It doesn’t quite seem real to me, somehow. I feel a little like Sissy Spacek getting ready for the prom while her crazy mom yells, “They’re all gonna laugh at you!” in the background. Yeah, just waiting for that pig’s blood to fall. (No, really, it makes sense in my head. Go with me.)

So that’s all I know at this point. If I hear anything else, i.e., a major casting call for teen actresses, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I now have to make good on deadline #3. Yes, I have missed not one, but two deadlines. This is the no-fooling-if-you-miss-this-one-we-come-for-kidneys deadline. So, I’m off to grab me a cup of industrial strength sludge-coffee and a spot by an outlet.

And for those who has asked, yes, this is the third book in the trilogy and it does continue the adventures of Gemma and Co. Sadly, I had to ax the demonic mummers. Sadly, I’ve had to ax half the novel, and boy, isn’t THAT fun when you’ve got a month to go before handing the sucker in.

414 thoughts on “Goin’ Hollywood

  1. wow.

    after reading this entry i had the urge to scream, “NOOO!!!” but i can’t because i’m in school and people will hurt me. i want to be a film director when i grow up, and after reading AGATB and RA i vowed to myself that i would be the first one to make a movie out of those books. and stupid Mel Gibson beat me to it. dang. but congratulations anyways, i hope all goes well, and i can’t wait for the third book to come out.

  2. William Moseley would be good, but a bit young. JEREMY SUMPTER…there’s your Simon Middleton. Whooo *waves hand in front of face to keep away hotness*

    I don’t know his name, found his pic on Google Images, but HERE’s your Kartik. I mean SEXY:

    Hayley (I really want to be Felicity!!)

  3. yay!

    I have been hoping that the trilogy would be made into movies! I have always thought which one I would want to play, and I would prolly end up as Pippa since I look like her the most. Gemma is, of course, my favorite though! Good luck with your writing, but don’t stress yourself out too much!

  4. amazing!

    it’s is wonderful to hear the ABATB and RA will be coming to the screen. I myself cannot wait, and will be in line at the theatres to see it! congratulations!

  5. MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think i’m going to go into cardiac arrest.

    i’m so excited. i can’t wait. does anyone know when it’s coming out?

  6. if you are thinking of the Jeremy Sumpter who played Peter Pan, than he is two years younger than William Moseley.

    I’m just sad because I am 20 now and by the time they make all my favorite books into movies (AGATB, RA, and the Green Rider series by Kristen Britain, which if you haven’t read it you should even though she takes forever to write each new book) I’ll be too old to play my favorite characters. Tear.

  7. movie

    wait. please tell me that they aren’t turning agatb and ra into the same movie! they have to make 3 different ones for 3 different books!! and they can’t change the book around! don’t let them do it!! lol. so anyway, just wanted to say, that i have now gotton all my friends hooked on your books screaming about the third :). but we want to kno more!! lol. we can’t wait. thank you soo much!. o, if u want to reply, marsrocs2@yahoo.com


    I’ve been looking at the websites for the movie to be of AGATB. I hope it turns out as good as your novels. (highly doubt it) I just wanted to let you know that you are my fav author. I thought it would be really neat to audition for this movie and I cant find any info about auditions and was wondering if you knew if they’ve already passed or not? And I am in the process of writing my own novel and *fingers crossed* hopefully getting it published as soon as I’m done. I was wondering if you had any advice? Thanks!!!

  9. I just want to say I absolutly LOVE your books. all my friends hate to read but all of them are hooked on your books and cannot put them down. They also agree with me that you are the best author, and our favourit!!!!!!!!!!

  10. hi OMG!!!

    Wow so what if you were dying to be in a movie, and this would be your opportune chance!! i meen i love your books and the story is great! its beautiful and i want to live in a mystery..im sick of ordinary life…!
    how where and when will the auditions be?

  11. Congrats girly. I just wanted to write you and tell you what I thought of your books thus far. I read AGATB my senior year if high school. well actually I didn’t I listened to it. and I remember being so impressed. I never really liked fantasy type books but yours was so well written. I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in 6hrs. and I couldn’t wait to read your next and when I did, I wasn’t dissapointed at all. I thought it was brilliant and well thought out and when your next book comes I’d be more than happy to fork over another $24.99 to read it. and I’m the cheapest person I know. you are a very talented writer and I can assure you, what ever you publish, I at least, will love it.

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