And starring Rachel Cohn as herself

Can’t think pithy thoughts.
Can’t finish novel.
Can’t write LJ entry.

So instead, I’m having a guest star blogger: Miss Rachel Cohn. I’m posting her response to my last blog and going back to the writing of third novel. And now, Rachel Cohn:

Dear Ms. Great-and-not-at-all-Terrible Bray,

It has been brought to my attention that you’ve outted my love for High School Musical on your LJ. (Of course, I outted it myself on my amazon blog, but no one reads that – which is exactly why I maintain it there.) I could anonymously comment my response on your blog, but I’m old-fashioned; I prefer to kick it old school via e-mail. So, herewith, my comments:

The espresso malted milk balls have all been part of my master plan to extract from you the secrets of the third book. (Insert maniacal laugh here.) And I know book #3 is Top Secret, but ahhhh, I know stuff now! The temptation to sell the info on eBay is weighing heavily on me. But your secrets are safe with me (as is the assurance of future deliveries of espresso malted milk balls – or are you ready to upgrade to the chocolate-covered espresso beans from Oren’s – way more deadly, I mean, your heart will jump out of your chest from the pounding?). In return, all I ask of you is to figure out a way for Gemma to call upon the realms and bring forth Markus Zusak to sit in my chair and write my next book for me. Libba, if you continue not to put out on that level, I’m not sure how long I can hold out with keeping the Knowledge to myself. Just saying.

It should be understood that the real High School Musical addiction has to do with the songs I downloaded. See, the intrinsic danger of feeding songs from the ‘pod to your brain, on repeat repeat repeat, is that your brain takes on the message from the songs. A few weeks ago, I had Cat Power’s new CD on such heavy rotation that it almost put me into a trance – and the overplay of the song “Hate” possibly made me the most venomous person in NYC for a while there. But daily repeat listens to those damned addicting High School Musical songs have rendered me incapable of intelligible thought (and intelligent thought – but I was already there, anyway, no thanks to HSM). Examples of recent conversations:

“Rachel, do you think I should change my hair color?”

Rachel (wagging her index finger and singing very off-key): “NO NO NO! Stick to the stuff you know!”

“Rachel, the book I’m working on has me completely confused. What should I do to get out of this rut?”

Rachel (bouncing her index finger against her forehead temples) “You gotta get’cha, get’cha, get’cha head in the game!”

“Rachel, you seem so happy. What’s your secret?”

Rachel (throwing her arms in the air and twirling ‘round and ‘round): “I’m soaring! Flying! There’s not a star in Heaven that I can’t reach!”

(Please. Someone stage an intervention. Except for Ryan and Sharpay’s songs. I will never give them up. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I specifically did not bring the High School Musical video to your apt for us to watch because we know what that would have meant. Buh-bye, writing day. As a devoted member of your fangirl tribe, I cannot in good faith contribute to Further Acts of Procrastination on Top Secret Book #3, especially by way of the Disney Channel. I will continue to shoot you up with espresso malted milk balls until your book is finished. Then, and only then, shall I hand the video over to you. So git writin’.

Yours most devotedly,

Rachel (who thanks you for not calling her “Rach”)

P.S. A great resource for your aspiring teen writer friends:

P.P.S. You are welcome to post this on your blog – or not.

I did. So there.

136 thoughts on “And starring Rachel Cohn as herself

  1. new entry please

    Just wondering when you will post a new entry, i know that you have been busy, but i am dying for some spoilers!!!! : )

  2. High School Musical

    Those songs from High School Musical are eerily similar to the soundtrack from Wicked. And the music from said CD is truly wicked (or Ijiwaru as they say in Japan). Excuse me while I bleed my brains out with Kristen Chenowith. “Popular, you’re gonna be pop-u-la-ar….”

    Natually, I highly suggest listening to “No Good Deed” from said soundtrack. Especially if you’re looking for something to get the entire grief/angst/on-the-brink-of-dissolving-into-pure-evil vibe. “Defying Gravity” is good too, but it’s much more Disney-heroine-ish. Eh.

  3. hahaha brilliant…I’m so glad us “High School Musical” fans can help you maximize your time on getting Kartik and Gemma to kiss and make out…I mean, up in the third book. Although, I suppose snogging in the Winterlands would be a HIGHLY uncomfortable activity 😛

    PS, if this comment seems completely random to you, I’m a huge fan of your books and plan on friending you right now. Just a warning.


  4. Much love to you Libba

    Libba, (I can call you that right? well, I’m calling you by your first name I hate calling people by Mrs./Mr.{enter name here})
    I just want to say that i have much love for you thank you for writing A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels me, and that my friend Katie (you know who you are…hey i’m talking to you right now! fancy that!) okay anyway me and my friend, Katie have decided that we will reread both of your books until you come out with book #3 so hurry up!! (i mean no pressure or anything and when i say “so hurry up” i don’t mean that your books are bad i just mean we wont be able to stand the suspence)well now i am just rambling so….

    by the illustrious fallen friend of Katie (don’t ask)

    if i have spelled anything wrong do not hold it against me, Katie says i am an atrocious{did i spell that right?} speller{i’m not sure that’s spelled right either, oh well})

    to all that matter in the world {if you’re reading libba bray’s live journal you obviously matter} my restrained and flirtatious best friend Katie S. looks magnificent with her face smeared in blood and paint)

  5. new book?

    Ok, so we just had our junior prom, and this morning when we woke up we decided that we needed to find out how soon the next Gemma book would be out. We really really really miss Kartik, and we also need to find out what happens! Merow and garrr!! So, if you could please post it in your journal when you think it will be ready for publishing, we would greatly and terribly(get it?) appreciate the beauty of knowing. Thanks!

  6. I don’t know if this is a bad or good question, but are these books going to be made into movies? Because, if they are, I’d either be first in line at and audition or first in line at the ticket box!!!!!

  7. Great New Readers…ONE of your great new readers

    O So Great Bray, i just finished your story shortly, less then half an hour ago i assure you. And i was just fasinated, this may not be the place to rant on or comment, but i don’t have the effort to find a real one and i have to epress my thoughts before my ‘old age’ ‘memory loss’ takes over me… where was i? o yes i was absolutly delighted in the mist of reading your book, it was just relishingly sweet, so unbearing that i couldn’t put it down. at the back it writes it is a ‘curel-up-under-the-covers’ and unbeleivably i did that, for two hours streight, straining my eyes with a dim yellowish mini-flashlight every night for about three days as i am busy during the day. well it was worth it, worth my ‘beauty sleep’ that is. and i just wanted to say thanks. as for how ‘GREAT’ the story line was or how ‘TERRIBLE’ the characters were at some points, you’ve heard millions of time over again over the year since your creation had taken birth. i’m getting draggy ain’t i? well i just know that my reading project on this book: ‘The great and terrible beauty’ will be a joy indeed. Thank You. God Bless.
    o and by the way, just to let you know, i didn’t really read the blog at all… so sorry or maybe i’m just too anxious to find the next book ^^

  8. um….

    Have you heard of “Wicked”?
    The musical?
    If you haven’t…
    run out RIGHT NOW
    and buy a CD!
    Its amazing
    I’m sorry Rachael but its much better then “High school Musical”
    I hate…well


  9. Libba I was listening to your first book while studying for my math test and I noticed something: The French teacher is the feminine nominal equivalent of the French teacher in Burnett’s ‘A Little Princess’ (sort of…they are both Farges).

    In my Brit. Lit. class we just finished up with the Victorian period so my mind is stuck on colonialism and British occupation of India. I brought your book up to my teacher and he chuckled at me. He also chuckled when I said T.S. Eliot’s ‘Wasteland’ reminded me of Graham Greene’s ‘The Destructors’. Fool! He knows nothing! He may have nine years of college on me but I have something more powerful…a head full of HAIR! Ha…ha…ha…ah-Well, anyways, happy trails!

  10. And here I thought that actually enjoying High School Musical was a taboo.

    hehe Thanks for the amusement. And for the link…the site seems interesting. I can definitely use it. Do you know if it’s credible?

  11. I have a friend who is obsessed with HSM. When it came on the Disney Channel for the first time she dragged me over to her house after she had taped it and made me watch and sing along with her. Yes, HSM is preetty cool once you get past the dancing basketball people, until I feel asleep during it and my friend was forced to wake me up stuffing cold M&M’s down my shirt. Not very pleasant…anyway. I am a ginormous fan of your books. I spend hours late at night contemplating what will happen in your next super amazing top secret book part 3. The Gemma and Kartik ship has me mind boggled what will happen next. I am craving an update from you! I check this thing seriously everyday along with my own lj to see if you have added any news on your next books.

  12. Re: High School Musical

    no. no no no no NO. im sorry but wicked soars circles around high school musical….

    and the musical talent is better….

    as in the singers dont sound like mice…

    well galinda does but shes supposed to….

    and she STILL rocks and doesnt sound annoying

    thank yew

  13. Re: High School Musical

    *frowny face*

    High school musical IS NOT LIKE wicked!!
    Excuse me, but DISNEY-HEROINE-ISH??!?!?!?
    Wicked is NOT bubbley and bouncing and ANNOYING AS HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!

    I’ve seen the play and actually know the story the story you cannot learn by just listening to the soundtrack. I think it is wholey unfair that you call it “DISNEY-HEROINE-ISH”

    I look at the CD and only find SLIGHT similaties like the same “fun” they add, but most broadway productions have “fun, bubbley” songs (Phantom- “notes” and “prima donna”)

    I know everyone has their own opnion, but comparing Wicked to High School Musical ISSSSSS UNFFFFAAAIIIIIIRRR!! *waves “WICKED” broom in the air*!!!

    I’m a fan.
    Can you tell?


  14. a small note

    While stumbling about the site today and halfway reading comments I noticed that Rachel loves High-School Muscial, and I couldn’t help but comment. I agree that it is full of horrible acting and cheezy basketball numbers but yet I find myself comming back. Its fabulously amazing!!!

  15. Channeling?

    I do believe you are channeling me, Mrs. Bray. I found an eerie similarity in the third book, as Gemma tries to make a classy exit…and hits the wall. I’ve done that before, and by all thunder, it left a goose eggs for weeks! I thank you for having a character I can fully (almost) identify with, and for not giving her all the sense in the word. It is most annoying when these characters know the right thing to do every time and for every situation.
    Other than that…good luck on the third book, I can’t wait. I read both your books (after stealing…er, borrowing them from my friend) in less than six hours, and it was worth sitting down for.

    Happy Pen Trails!

  16. HI!!! mrs. bray

    my name is jasmine and you are my favorite author!!! i loved ‘ag reat and terrible beauty’ and was thrilled that i came across ‘rebel angels’, i was wondering if you were writting a third? also have you thought of contancting a movie producer??? i was imagining you books comming to movie… i was be soo thrilled. as an actress my self, i belive gemma doyel would be a fun role to play. your books have helped me get threw rough times. thatnk you. i would also be pleased is i could hear from you!!

  17. WOW

    It’s really you. My friend and I have read your books. (Rebel Angels and A Great and Terrible Beauty.) Wow…just wow. (Obviously, I’m nowhere near as good with words as you are. Sad, eh?) It was an amzing read. You know how Rebel angels is about 500 pages, making it a pain to carry around in schoool? Well, I ended up reading it in a total of two days.

    And I’m 13.

    I hope you’re books go movie someday. Ah, they HAVE to. Harry Potter is abesolute crap compared to your books. (No, I’m a Harry Potter fan…seriously…pretty damn obsessed.)

    I plan to tell each and every one of my friends to read your books or face a gruesome and horrible death. I mean…well…if you see any mysterious deaths in the OH area…NOT ME. I swear. >_>;;

    Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your books. I’m not signed on but on LJ I believe my sn is ChibiMoonEmEm if you’d ever like to comment me back. I’m not sure because I prefer my xanga. Just in case I’m REALLY wrong my mail is

    Now…I’ve become your rabid fangirl. If this thought creeps you out in anyway please ignore what follows.


  18. Onother random post

    HSM, I couldn’t c it forever because I don’t have satellite or dish (I know it’s sad), but then my friends little sister taped it for me, and I got hooked, my friend’s little sister memorized all the dance moves and it was quite scary, so that kinda stopped my obsession.

    Now on to something that actually has to do with the book ( I spent millions and billions of hours on Itunes buying and downloading ur audio books by the way) I was wondering on your site if u could put chapters that got discarded bye the publisher, kinda like a deleted scene kinda thing.

    I was also wondering if u had a contact bye e-mail, or snail mail.

    One more question i was also wondering how to get an autographed copy of your books.

    Keep up the great work Libba ur my Favorite writer!!

    P.S. Im really sry if I am asking questions that have gotten asked a million times by now.

  19. You’ve become my favorite author ever. =)

    I just read Rebel Angels for the 3rd time since I got it the day it came out, making me a complete and utter lover of your books. I can’t wait until the 3rd one comes out. Seriously, the day it comes out I may trample anyone going into Barnes & Noble before me. Yeah, you and your novels are THAT

  20. You’ve become my favorite author ever. =)

    I just read Rebel Angels for the 3rd time since I got it the day it came out, making me a complete and utter lover of your books. I can’t wait until the 3rd one comes out. Seriously, the day it comes out I may trample anyone going into Barnes & Noble before me. Yeah, you and your novels are THAT amazing. Other than the setting and time period of this book, I love the relationship between Kartik & Gemma the most and I can’t wait to see more romance in the 3rd book.
    Keep writing, you’re amazing.

  21. We Miss YOU!!!!

    its been a whole month as of today and i think i speak for everyone when i say COME BACK WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥

  22. secretkeeper

    well i was reading Rebel Angels for the fourth time last week and i noticed that you had a site and i was so exited to see what was on it!!! I cant beleive your writting a 3rd book! If you can beleive this: A great and terible beautie was the first english book i ever finished because you see i am french and i usually dont read in english but your book cryed out to me and i loved it! them both!I always wondered if there would be a third one because the second novel doesnt seem to end in a final way…. i guess you are writting one tho so im very contente:D

  23. Books.

    You’re right, it does seem like april went by really quickly.

    My friend told me that A Great and Terrible Beauty was an amazing book. I read it, and it was awesome. I love the fact that it’s both fantasy and history together. I then read Rebel Angels, and it was very good. I can’t wait for the third book to come out.

    Do you have an approximate time when you think it will be published? In a year? Or less. I need to get all excited about it.

    Oh, and one more question.

    I’ve been reading a lot lately. Maybe too much. Nah, you can never read too much. Anyways, I ran out of fantasy books to read. Do you know of any really good fantasy books? I looked at your list, but i wasn’t very familiar with them, and I’d like to know if you know of any more.


  24. Dun-dun-DUNNN!!!!!!!

    I’m going to have to listen to some of those songs… Of course, Beautiful Day is a classic! I’m sure whatever comes out of your story with the missing blue-pring, we your faithful readers will love. I think spontenaiety adds to creativity! Anyway, good luck! Can’t wait!

  25. Yes! Me lurves Ryan and Sharpay! They are the bestest singers on the CD! Especially Ryan. He is so much better than Troy.

    But Troy is hotter.

    yes. Now I am mini-rant free. BREAKING FREE!! HAHAHAHA!


  26. Chocolate Covered Expresso Beans 🙂

    Hey there! Had a couple things to tell you
    1) You’re my new hero.
    2) You must try chocolate covered cofee beans.
    3) You must try chocolate covered espresso beans.
    4) You must try home blend cofee beans, some are chocolate, some are white chocolate and some are caramel. They are all shockingly amazing.
    5) I think you just might be one of the fricking sweetest people out there.
    6) I’m fricking addicted to your books.

    and thats about all. Have a splendid day.

  27. Your books

    Omg, your books are amazing, I love them, I read/own A Great and Terrible Beauty and I’m now reading/own Rebel Angels. There awesome, just keep up the great books! And you should make up something like the tour of Spence into the tour of the Realms, that you be so cool.

    – Jessica MacDonald, Age:16

    -I don’t have a livejournal. Keep the books coming ! 🙂

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