I got over myself

Two posts in one day? What are the other signs of an impending apocalypse?

Okay, folks, I’ve officially climbed down off the ledge. Um, yeah, so after my big freakout, I ate some veggie dumplings, bought some mascara at Sephora, reminded myself that I was not a heart surgeon for heaven’s sake and lives were not hanging in the balance if I screwed up a metaphor, found my happy place again and just generally got over myself. (Come on, Lib, walk it off, walk it off.)

Many thanks to all of you for the well wishes. You guys rock.

Fortunately, about the time I was considering torturing myself by rereading my high school journal while listening to Great Psychotic Break Hits of the ’80s–Solid Gold! Barry walked in the door with Holly…and I promptly broke into tears. This is really not the way to greet your guests, btw. Holly sat me down in that wonderful Holly way and made me focus.

Holly: I know you hate to outline but…
Me: gurgle, whine, tell me you have Ding Dongs in your purse.
Holly: BUT…you don’t have to outline. Let’s just talk threads, okay?
Me: Okay. sniff. No Ding Dongs? How about some M&M’s? Mallomars? A puppy?
Holly: Focus. Paper and pen. We’re going to write stuff down.

So I started talking and writing it down and Holly pointed out that it was all in my head, I just needed to organize it. And then we went shopping. And there was much rejoicing.

There was also much rejoicing at Teen Author Drink Night tonight. (Never have I been so grateful for that little monthly soiree as I was tonight…) Besides Holly, I saw John “Who’s Your Printz Winning Daddy” Green, Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbalestier, Cassie Claire, E. Lockhart, David Levithan, Rachel Cohn. Natalie Sandefer, Daniel Erenhaft, and a cast of thousands. (Okay, so I’m compensating for the bad writing day by the egregious use of hyperbole. Sue me.) They made me laugh lots. Rachel and I made a writing date for next week (what will I wear?!) where she promised to keep me on the straight and narrow and away from Page Six. I drank two cranberry juices and hoped my body wouldn’t freak out from the sudden addition of vitamin C. (I’m secretly working to bring back scurvy.) And on the way home, I looked up and noticed the big, fat, full moon. No wonder. Craziness on tap.

I’m taking everyone’s advice and giving myself a day or two off. And if the writing sucks on Sunday, well, maybe Gemma and Kartik will make that little trip to the Victorian 7-11 after all.

Okay. Bed.

255 thoughts on “I got over myself

  1. Re: OMG!!!

    I KNEW, yes KNEW that was gonna happen!!!!!!!!!! I CAN”T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O OMG! When’s it gonna come out? TELL US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O :-O :-O

  2. I dont have a subject…jees…sue me

    This is my first time on your website and i really didnt expect for you to be this damn funny. I love reading your posts and your books :).

    But i have to say that the ending to reble angels really got me. I didnt expect Miss.More to be Sara rees toome Or for Pippa to go to the Winter lands.

    Yes, yes i know that this has noting to do with your post AT ALL but i really wanted to say that ;).

    P.S. I know your really streesed so here is my tip. Go take a walk in the woods. Thats what i do when im streesed and it always calmes me down 🙂

    -Alexandra F.H Myles

  3. Ello Mate

    Hi!!! Ding Dongs are good! 🙂 Kind of hiper right now and having the worst case of writers block in my life!
    Just glad that even excellent writers suck as yourself have problems writing! Teehee
    By the way I’m from Montana and it just snowed in the middle of March! lol

  4. i just wanted to say that your books are amazing and are among some of my favourites. The style of writing you use works perfectly, like how the characters have silent comments. It really makes them come alive as people one can relate to. SO as lame as this sounds..u go girl..lol..

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