Note to Winter: Please Go

Quote of the Day:

“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.” -Joan Didion

Exactly. But then, that’s why she’s Joan Didion, folks.

I’m trying to feel my way through book #3. (I’m thinking of calling it Winterlands. The Winterlands? This Is How It All Ends? The Sound and the Fury. Oh. Wait. That’s already taken. (Why is it that I always think The Sound and the Fury would make a great title for a post-modern Bruce Lee Meets Faulkner southern dysfunctional kung fu movie? There could be lots of super-cool aerial moves followed by long, rambling discourses about time and luck and occasionally, somebody could bellow in the background. These are the thoughts that derail me.)

It’s cold in NYC today. Waaaay cold. And the chirpy weather woman (who is secretly sadistic) announced that we were going to have an Arctic Plunge! come Monday and Tuesday. And I thought, wha??? Aren’t we already in the arctic plunge? You mean it’s going to get COLDER? Whimper. Grumble. Sigh.

I’m not a winter hater. I love snow. I like hot chocolate and the wearing of scarves. Theoretically, I like winter sports but since you’re never going to see my clumsy a** on a snowboard or skis or any other instrument of possible early death masquerading as fun, it’s only a theory. Yeah, so winter is all well and good–in its place. But come March 1st, it’s over for me. My Texas blood wins out. That’s about the time that winter becomes a guest who has overstayed his welcome, and all the “great to see you! Wow, thanks for the hostess gift. Can I get you some tea?” rapidly fall apart. Suddenly, I see winter sleeping till noon, traipsing through my kitchen in his boxers and bedhead, scratching his butt, nearly tripping on the pizza box carnage on my floor while grabbing my remote and pronouncing, “Whooeee! Sorry, man. Those bean burritos did NOT agree with this boy!” Winter needs to catch the next train outta town. (My Canadian friends are reading this and chuckling to themselves. “Wuss!” they cry. “Come up here and get a real taste of cold. We go outside in January wearing SHORTS, you wimpy author type, you.”)

Okay. Must bundle up to take my kid to McDonald’s. I’m going to look like the Michelin Man with a sudden fondness for pink.

209 thoughts on “Note to Winter: Please Go

  1. Hey

    Oh my God I cant wait till your 3rd book comes out!!!! I loved the 1st two and i really cant wait to find out what happens!!!!
    Dont mean to rush you but……:P jkjk

  2. ah! no!

    No Libba!!!!! The Winterlands?? Come on! That title in no way is romantic!! Just think, after AGTB and Rebel Angels, don’t you think that’s going to be some what of a let down?? I know you can do better than that! And anyway, the Winterlands are sad and evil, so make everything NOT end there, make in romantic. But most of all, make the title reflect what’s hidden in the 3rd book, even if it’s totally impossible for you to come up with an amazing title.

    your books rock! (no matter what the title! :))
    lol always

  3. Hi I love your books because…

    Hi I just wanted to tell you that I love your books and that I am SO SO SOOOO excited to hear that you are writing another book (book #3) I loved A Great and Terrible Beauty because it was so inspiring in the end how she was determined to overcome Circe and it was shocking that Pippa decided to stay(how do you think of these things!). Rebel Angels was awesome because Gemma started to have a love life (sorta) and the twist was great with Ms. Moore being Circe and it all fits with what you had included with her from the first book. I stayed up till about 4 in the morning because I HAD TO FINISH IT, I was just freaking out because it was so exciting. The only problem is that I have no one to talk to about it! Thank you!!!!!!
    Tanya K.M.C. age 13

  4. books

    I love your books! I can’t wait til the 3rd comes out!’Winterlands’ is not the best title for it in my opinion but i’m open to anything!

  5. winter cold?

    hahahaha miss bray, you are very funny. as it so happens, i am canadian meself and i feel just like you! well it’s gotten warmer now up here, but around march, that is my EXACT mood…winter, you’re overstayed your welcome and so now…GET OUT! hehe, but seriously…it’s all nice and cosy in the beginning, but later it’s pretty cold..and no we don’t go outside in our shorts actually, we bundle up and no we don’t think you are a wuss, because you are writing the 3rd book and we don’t want to insult you…so get back to writing! 🙂

  6. I Love Pink


    I totally agree! Winter can be fun (awesome clothes I have so much pink stuff) until you wind up with frostbite and watch movies like Grease so that you can actually see the long forgotten sun. (I dont know why I chose Grease i guess Summer Lovin is stuck in my head!) Okay i’ll say goodbye now because i’m sure I’m annoying everyone with Summer Lovin. (Sorry if it is now stuck in your head too.)

  7. Winterlands?


    Winterlands is not the best title (by the way, I HATE titling things) Think of something magical. Yeah not very helpful am I. Lets see…I got nothing. If the movie comes out, I think it would be disappointing! No offense. I just totally love your books, and books are always better than movies! (ALWAYS!) I want to be a writer. More of a journalist though. I love writing! Your books are awesome (im sure your tired of hearing that by now! Okay I really have to go now!

    BYE!! (though we were never really talking)

    P.S. stay away from Winterlands (shudder!!!!)

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