happy happy merry merry

I was going to do a festive post for the collective ChrisKwanzMakuhStice holidays, but life, she sometimes goes crazily awry. The house we were going to buy here in Brooklyn went to somebody else even though we had an accepted offer. (Only in New York City does “accepted offer” really mean “unless somebody with more cash comes in” which is what happened.) Big bummer. That was several stress-filled weeks for nada. We’ve got till about mid-March to find and buy a house before we are up the proverbial creek. Keep thinking those good house karma thoughts, folks. Otherwise, you might find us sleeping on your couch or wandering into your kitchen with serious bed head and asking if you have any Cheerios.

And then, sadly, my grandmother died on Friday. It was not unexpected–she was 98 and had lived a full life. But still, it is hard to say goodbye. I am flying down to Atlanta in a few hours for her funeral on Monday. I spent yesterday writing a eulogy which was nice, actually. It was lovely to remember all those special things about her. She had a bit of Scarlett O’Hara about her. Irish, southern, beautiful, and sly. I fly back to NYC Monday night and we all fly to Texas on Tuesday morning to spend Christmas with Mom. Tex Mex, here we come. Ho, ho, ho-yeah, baby.

I hope I get to see some movies while I’m on vacation. At the top of my list is “Brokeback Mountain” though I somehow doubt that will be on the marquee in Denton, Texas. Have to wait till I get back here to see it. I want to see “King Kong.” I am prepared for my butt to fall asleep since it’s three hours long. I want to see “Pride and Prejudice” but might have to settle for renting it.

I hope you all have a merry merry and a happy happy and I promise to post between Christmas and New Year’s.

By the way, you all RULE for your song suggestions. I started downloading like a fiend and now my playlist is taking shape. Hopefully the novel will soon, too.

Here’s to peace. Still a good idea.

211 thoughts on “happy happy merry merry

  1. im sorry

    Dear Libba Bray,
    you are my favorite author out of ALL the books i read. I am 14, and my life relates to Gemma in many ways. We both have deprresing families and dont care what people think. You have made up a world where people can ease their troubled minds through your works. Im sorry for the death of your grandmother.

    Eden Claire Brown

  2. your books

    i love your books so mcuh. They take me like into my own world and that is what I love about them. i read just as slow as you do maybe even fatser but when I do its like Im watching it not reading it! I can picture every thing but one….
    what color is anns hair?
    Also can you answer two question?Here they are:

    1.do you have any other books writen by you?
    2.is there a movie for these books?


  3. Re: your books

    ya i would have to say the same with this person its like we are alike. well can you answer these questions beacsue they are as well running through my mind at this moment!


  4. I feel ya’

    My grandmother died a little while ago, so I feel your pain =/

    On a happier note, I really, really, really X infinity love your books! They’re amazing and you really inspired me to write. So, thank you =]

    I want to see Brokeback Mountain and Pride & Prejudice so badly! King Kong would be nice, but I’d rather see the others first. =P There’s also another movie out now…Tristan & Isolde, I think. I wouldn’t mind seeing that one either. ^_^ James Franco is in it and he’s very good-looking, lol.

  5. yes! **sqeels like a 5 yr old** omg i loved it and have filled myself up on the wonderful fanfiction ive read on it.

    hope youre having a good New Year! dont stress about the book too much, we’ll all wait or hunt you down with pitchforks nothing to worry about…

  6. Pride and Prejudice

    ok, so i know that its already out on DVD and stuff, but it is such a good movie. i fell in love with the music and the devilish mr. wickham. such a good movie, keira knightley is sensational. no wonder she got nominated for best actress, though it was taken by the equally talented Reese witherspoon. i need to stop typing this now, b/c i’ll get carried away. TATA

  7. Hey

    Im eleven and Im reading rebel angles I haven’t read the first book but I heard its really good. I love your book so so so much! I take them everywhere! They are incredible! So are you writing a new book soon!

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