My bad

Uh, gee. I meant to update my live journal. Really, I did.
Kind of like I meant to eat only one piece of the cake I made instead of playing an insane game of “evening up the ends” with a knife till I’d consumed enough cake to induce diabetic coma.

It’s been a wild two months. There have been lots of signings and this and that for Rebel Angels, which is all cool but does leave me with a feeling of, wait, where am I? Was I supposed to be somewhere/do something today? Do I have clean socks? Where, exactly, do I live?

Also, we put our apartment up for sale and let me just tell you that having to keep the place clean on a regular basis is a herculean task. I feel like I’m living on the HGTV channel. “Let’s put lemons in a bowl on the coffee table. No! Green apples! We need green apples and candles!” Jeez, it’s like the real estate version of dating–trotting out your apt.’s best self in high heels, hoping it doesn’t have spinach in its teeth and won’t end up nursing a beer in a dark corner of the bar, alone, singing along to sad songs on the jukebox.

But enough about the trials and tribulations of NY real estate. I’m sorry that my website was having a total meltdown for much of October. Turns out that my hosting guys had switched to fiber optics and something somewhere wasn’t switched over for me. (Clearly, I don’t understand it though it was explained to me three times, in details, with bright, colorful, fuzzy animal pictures. Technology and I. We go together like peanut butter and salmon spread.) Anyway, the point is, everything is cool now, thank god. I was afraid I was going to have to figure out how to do shadow puppetry or a slide show of bad haircuts or something to hold the space until it went back up again. You have all been spared by the server gods.

I have started book #3. Sort of. Well, by started I mean I’ve been eating my son’s leftover Halloween candy while staring at the screen and typing in things that I’m pretty sure suck. But it’s something, right? I was having such a hard time writing this book. I figured it was because I no longer possess the ability to complete sentences, thoughts, and ideas in any interesting way, or to create similies and metaphors that don’t make me immediately want to put a spike through my frontal lobe to block the hideousness of my crappy writing from all memory banks, but my friend Cheryl said, “Goodbyes are hard.” And I thought, yeah. It’s hard to write the last chapter. It’s hard to say goodbye to Gemma, Felicity, Pippa, Ann, and Kartik. I find myself saying, “Hey, I can always come back.” Goodbyes are hard.

It is time for me to make the all-important book #3 playlist. I need dark, brooding music, people. Going-up-against-the-bad-creatures-in-the-Winterlands music. I am open to suggestions. Post away.

Speaking of iPods, some friends (who shall remain nameless, as will their musical choices…) and I were discussing our most embarrassing iPod songs the other day. I’m not just talking the song title you would use your hand to shield from another person’s view. I’m talking the kind of embarrassing song that, should you be hit by a car and lie bleeding in the street, you would use every last ounce of life left to you to stretch out your arm and delete from your iPod so that no one would get up at your memorial service and say, “And now, we’d like to play one of her favorite songs, a song she was listening to at the end. And we hope that, just as she did, you will take comfort in the lyrics, ‘You can dance/you can jive/having the time of your life/Ooh-ooh-oooh/See that girl/Watch that scene/Digging the Dancing Queen…'” Because really, who wants to go out like that? Anyway, I decided that my most embarrassing iPod song would have to be “Xanadu” by Olivia Newton-John. Not only is it a truly sucky song, but it’s from an equally hideous movie musical from the 1970’s when, apparently, movie execs would blow their noses and money would come out for making movies that, in the cold light of 30 years’ hindsight, must make them think, “Holy turd factory, I could have bought Microsoft stock instead of putting the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton into a musical!” I have other embarrassing songs: ABBA, “S.O.S.” Barbra Streisand, “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” The Theme from “Shaft.” The kind of songs that generally require an empty house, a generous amount of lip synching into a hairbrush, and the fervent hope that no one comes home early.

Weeeelll. Okay. That’s certainly enough disclosure for one day.

Note to self: delete the Olivia Newton-John just in case the 9th Street bus clips that corner a little too close. If anyone decided to play “Xanadu” at my funeral, though, I promise I would come back to haunt them.

340 thoughts on “My bad

  1. Random

    Don’t worry, Rebel Angels didn’t give me brain cancer. It even inspired me to start writing something I’ve had in mind for a very long time. Are you writing any more books? Will you have any book sighnings near or in L.A. anytime soon?

  2. !Absolutely LOVE ur books!

    Hey Libba!!! Itz me Melody again. I came back to say, that once again ur books are awesome!!!! U are literally my favorite author, and i am sooo excited for the 3rd book. I’m like still thinking about the last two and re-read the first again. Ur books are AMAZING, and i agree with everybody who says that when u read them its as if u enter another world and it feels like u were/are actually there. EEEEEE*squealing* YAY!!!!!! But yea, it would be kool to make it into a movie as everybody else was saying. But if u do let us know, plz, cuz i to would LOVE to be an extra or try out for a part. But yea, if u make it into a movie, take ur time gurl and choose wisely the actors/actresses. Oh and u REALLY DON’T have to say goodbye to gemma and everybody else = D By the way, are u going coming to California someday to sign books? Wellz can’t wait for the next book! Libba Bray, u Rock!!!

    ~ Melody Blanco (weird email, i know, but i couldn’t think of anything else at the moment)

  3. Broody music

    I sugest a little bit of Something Corporate (from the North album) and maybe Straylight Run whose awesome piano melodies make for a wonderful cup of coffee and a laptop mood. And not to mention something maybe a litte harder to find Meg Hutchinson, a folk/alt rock singer who has amazing lyrics try the song Vanishing Points and then anything else. Hope this helps. oh and a real estate tip I learned on Gilmore Girls heat some water cinnamon, nutmeg and apple peel on the stove and let it simmer. The resulting smell will make potential buyers think of a warm comfy home and immediately want to put down roots. Love your books, love your blog, love you,

  4. I am sorry if this is already been suggested….

    I didn’t read all the suggestions, but I recommend Nine Inch Nails, Potishead, Ani Difranco, Bright Eyes, maybe some Linkin Park…..
    I loved both your books(just finished Rebel Angels), and when I worked at Barnes and Noble last year, I recommended A Great and Terrible Beauty to EVERYONE. As for embarrasing songs….two words-Barbie Girl

  5. I side with the people who voted for anything by Evanescence, and would like to also mention that while reading Rebel Angels Half Jack by The Dresden Dolls applied in some weird way to the story (even if only I think so). Maybe it was just the whole “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water” thing. In all her insanity, I think Nell is one of my favorite characters.

  6. Re: Great Music

    who the hell are you? my doppleganger?
    hahaha! j/k…

    have u seen the new pc2 trailer? it’s amazing!!!

    and it is, by far, the best sound track ever. i ALWAYS write to it. usually ending up with my writting to the beat, and pretending to sword fight an invisible person around my room, but yea..

    good luck to you!

    Now, bring me that horizon

  7. HI

    I`m in 5th grade and can`t wait to get in middle school.I like your books alot I`m on your second one.You ever have a awfull year,well I`m having one.One of friends is sooooooooooooo smart I can tell my mom wants me to be as smart as her.I try to work hard but it`s not as if she helps.She is at work till 5:00pm every day.And she always complains she would not have to be working if her and dad had not split up.I still see dad alot but it`s weird did I spell that right,one good thing I can read really well.I read Jane Austen books when I don`t read yours.Gota go BYE

  8. Re: WooT!!! Hi!

    I don`t know how high school kids act [I`m in 5th grade]but you sounded like Libba Bray`s books as much as I do.Trust me Rebel Angels is great.I started a hour ago and I`m on page 167.Don`t think I diden`t work for the money can you say clean up the yard I have a big yard!Do you know if a 3rd book will come out, couse I`m not sure.

    FROM:a huge fan!

  9. your life

    If someone saw this please reply.Do you watch adult swim on cartoon network.If so do you watch Inuasha.I love that show what is your favorite band.I love Green Day.My friend Zoey has a tone of Green Day posters in her room,she kisses everyone of the poster before she goes to bed.


  10. Re: WooT!!! Hi!

    yeah…well i’m just one of the crazier high school kids…but yeah i bought Rebel Angels on I think it was Monday night…and i finished it on Wednesday…and that’s reading on all my spare time…between classes, after school…mostly after school…and I can’t wait for the next book to come out…so far all I know is that Libba is just starting it…but if it’s anything liem the other ones…it should be amazing!

    See ya later!

  11. Song!

    Hey, you completely rock by the way! Anyway, some great, deep songs are:
    Mad World by Gary Jules
    Colourblind by Counting Crows
    I hope that helps! They are really fantastic songs so check them out!

  12. gemma needs a boyfriend

    hi libby,
    i absolutely LOVE your books. i am fourteen and love a good book above all else. the only comment i have about the books is about the future book. obviously your going to have the dynamic trio (felicity, gemma, and ann) have to face one of their best friends (pippa) when they have to fight the evil spirits of the winterlands, but what about a romantic angle to the story. I know there’s that tension between Kartic and Gemma, Simon and Gemma in the last book, but since Simon wasn’t the one for her because he wouldn’t have loved her no matter what, can’t she love Kartic? She does like him, I can tell, but he REALLY likes her, so why can’t they get together?? kartic would accept Gemma no matter what because he knows all about the order and what she’s going through, so I think they would be a perfect match, unless of course someone even more perfect was introduce to add tension and non-stop interest in Gemma’s love life, ha ha. anyway, thanks for letting me comment on your fabulously PERFECT books, keep up the good work!
    your loyal reader (lol) rachel

  13. question

    Hi, I love both of your books and anxious to see what’s next. When can we expect a new book or a 3rd installment ….

  14. Um, gee.

    I have “I’m too Sexy” on my iPod…now that’s something to be ashamed of.
    And “What is Love.” By Haddaway.
    Terrible, really.


    i just wanted to tell you that your books are awesome!!! i recieved both for christmas and read them within 3 days!! i just wich the never ended!!! I did have one question about the scene where Gemma bound the magic. Did Circe die or did she vanish i was a little confused about what happened?? I can’t wait until the next one, and hopefully you believe in happy endings so Kartik and Gemma end up together!!! Thanks again for writing these awesome books!!! Chelsey

  16. Seriously Gemma and Kartik need to get together and I think it would be good if you kept what you implied in the 2nd book and had Felicity, Ann and Gemma fight against the dark spirits including Pippa. Oh and another thing,I hate feeling bad for Ann, she should get something good due to all of her fighting in the realms, you should give her Tom.

  17. For the book 3 playlist I’d reccommend “Ghost Love Score” by Nightwish. The song is 10 minutes long, so its great for thinking and day dreaming to. The lyrics are a bit scary, but the melodies, harmonies and instruments are beyond incrediable and really magical/otherworldish.

  18. =]

    You’re a writting genious…i love your books..
    – They make you think..
    – They take you to the Garden…
    – They are everything a girl could ever wish for in a book.
    Thank you.

    btw..will you ever be at the Barnes and Nobles on Staten Island??

  19. Re: Book #3

    Its the same person.
    I have some music I would like to recommend.

    ‘Such Great Heights’ by Iron and Wine (Garden Sate sountrack)
    ‘Like Lovers Do’ by Heather Nova (Serendipity soundtrack)
    ‘Moonlight Kiss’ by Bap Kennedey (serendipity soundtrack)
    ‘Wait’ by Get Set go (grey’s anatomy soundtrack)
    ‘Fools in Love’ By Inara George (grey’s anatomy soundtrack)
    ‘Such great heights’ by The postal service (grey’s anatomy soundtrack)
    ‘The Hand Song’ by Nickel Creek
    ‘Something’ by The Beatles
    ‘I Believe in Love’ by the Dixie Chicks (Album: Home)
    ‘I’m on my way’ by Rich Price (shrek 2 soundtrack)
    ‘Daughters’ by John Mayor
    ’83’ By John Mayor
    ‘Don’t Panic’ by Coldplay (Garden state soundtrack)
    ‘I’ll Try’ Jonatha Brooke

    these are all basically folk/folk rock/country/rock- but they are all very good songs. Most of them are good for passionate parts within the books.

  20. Lessons Learned

    Your books have enspired me to oopen several parts of my unexplored heart. Yesterday I was at Quaker Bridge Mall in a Borders bookstore, and I needed a book for school, and ‘A Great and Terrible Beauty’ and ‘Rebel Angels’ lay on the shelf as the last of their kind. I grabbed book #1, and I new I was going to buy it. I needed to buy a book for school, so that one I new I was going to buy, but by then I new that I couldn’t afford to buy Rebel Angels, and I felt afraid that I would never see that again, and it was agonizing to leave it on the shelf, although i carried it with me as I browsed for more good reads but i left unsuccessful with a new something tucked under my arm waiting for my want to get home and read it. But I did buy A great and terrible beauty’, and I’m and almost done with it, on page 311 with less than one hundred pages left.
    I am reading ‘AGTB’ for the second tie, leaving color-organized post it’s at my favorite parts, using green post its at the bottom of the pages to tell me where all of the parts with Kartik are, yellow teling me which parts I like and what I thought was significant to the mystery and orange to highlight where the messages he had left for her.
    and every scene with him in it I desperatly wish they could have a future together. I have also read Rebel Angels, and i have heard you have started a third and are taking suggestions. I left a note to you earlier with suggestions and song suggestions, and I’m writing back to you with some hope that this might be made into a movie series, and that Gemma’s dream with Kartik in it (book #1) really happens. And every time the words printed say he’s staring off in the distance, I am short of breath and am desperatly fighting some tears, and i cry every time she talks about her mother as if every mention of her or every thought of her is a single tear in the tissue of her heart, and I cry not wanting to experience that pain, and because I wish she didn’t have to endure that pain.
    I apologize if all of this is just too unorganized to read, but you have created inspiration in me, and I have continued writing a book of mine (gramatically incorrect for the time being) and I find that words flow from me.
    I wish i were Gemma, lucky to hve Kartik watching me, even loving me in secret, and having Ann and Felicity and poor Pippa as friends. I want to have the power she has, wear the cresent eye amulet around my neck, and solve brain- rupturing mysteries. I want to live in her time, wear the clothes she wears, even the corset which i know sounds extremely absurd. I want to have her red hair thats long and wavy and wear it in a bun every day, and cary secrets with me til i die. I want to see the realms become apart of the order, help gather the almighty sorceresses and gather the power until everything is fine because i did it, because i was able to do something. But mostly because of Kartik. I love India- I always have, I want to go there and meet my future husband, handsome with dark, sun-kissed skin, but I realize that it is just some fanasy just like Pippa’s dreams were. But it sounds so good within my mind and heart that i’m sick to my stomach as i daydream wild adventures with my future love.
    I am only 15, turning 16 this september, and i can hardly wait to see gemma’s life unfold, and I was to see every step of her life to the day she dies and further, but most authors believe that the story continues within the reader, and its hard to accept that because it’s easier and happier to see it written in words prooving that it’s permanent and indeed “true”.
    I have sat here typing to you for quite a while just realizing that you may not even read this. But I stil want to be seen r heard or even apart of something, because i feel i need to or I might explode. But it’s late and I would like to read a bit more before i turn out the lights.

    I would like to recommend a song. ‘Lessons Learned’ sung by Carrie Underwood Album: Some hearts Song: #6

    I appreciate you writing on this, its a relief to see others feel the same way i do, and it’s nice to see what you, a great and wonderous author, has to say about everyday, stressful but mightily fulfilling life. Good night, i say hello to your son, husband and oh-so many pets.
    -Sydney (Ewing)

  21. Mikado music

    I borrowed this soundtrack disc for the Mike Leigh film Topsy Turvy. It’s about the Victorian guys who wrote The Mikado! A few of the songs, including ‘Three Little Maids From School’ caught my attention and made me think of Rebel Angels. This is such a great series!! Thanks!

  22. About “Goodbyes Are Hard”.

    While I was reading your first book I didn’t realize that a second one would be coming out. When I got to the last three chapters I stopped reading. It wasn’t because the book wasn’t good, it was exactly the opposite. The book was so good that I didn’t want to say goodbye to the magic. I wanted to keep reading about Gemma and the others and find out if there would ever be that romance between her and Kartik. Finally I finished it, and it was great, but I was sad that that was it.
    The other day I was walking through Chapters when I picked up your second book. It was the cover and the title that intrigued me, and I read the back cover. As soon as I figured out that it was the second book, I had to buy it. For the first few days I couldn’t put it down, but here I am now with only a few chapters left to go and I find myself staring at it and thinking, well maybe I’ll read it tomorrow. I don’t want it to end.
    So you’re very right, goodbyes are had.

  23. the book

    I loved your book so far it is so good and is it true that Kartick is someone you use to have a crush tell the truth.

    Ciara Banks age 13

  24. Song I’d delete before I die? Hmmmm…. hard one. There’s a lot…. any of the recordings I made myself, The Safety Dance, half of the Producers album, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch and Bring on the Men from the Jekyll and Hyde movie, Lovely Ladies from Les Miserables….. the list goes on.
    As to what to listen to? A lot of the songs by Keiko Matsui. They may be a little too ‘light’ and ‘nice’, and her ‘dark’ songs tend to be more sinister than anything else, but still.

  25. an orchestra song that matches agatb!!

    this song makes me think of a great and terrible beauty every time my orchestra and I play it… It is called “a gypsy tale” and it is soooo easy, and I’m only in my second year of playing the cello. a perfect song for any gypsy scene at all!!

    a beautiful pippa lover

  26. haley westerna

    haley westerna rocks a gentle meancholy lullaby i totally agree with you and ask libba bray to put some of her music in the movie pleeeeeeease??

    beautiful pippa lover

  27. is there another book after rebel angels?

    It’s a trilogy right so theres going to be anohter book? Does anyone know when its coming out?

  28. hey,I just finished reading Rebel Angels and I thought it pretty good. But you did leave it a cliff hanger and I was wondering if you are going to make another book to see how Gemma’s thought of an alliance worked out. Also what ends up the whole Gemma,Kartik relationship. I ask because I like to know the proluge of a story, yeah.


  29. Hey Libba

    Hi Libba,

    I know I’m a little late on the commenting, around two years too late, but seeing as how you can’t really find time to reply to most of the comments on your newer posts, I decided to post on this one and hope that you somehow manage to stumble across it as you reminisce over 2 year old posts.

    This is very strange, I feel as though I’m writing to the 2 years previous you.

    The you who had pretty much no idea where The Sweet Far Thing was going to go, let alone be titled. I just hope that you’re one of those people who like to read over things you wrote in the distant past and think about the period in your life when you wrote it.

    I know I do that.

    I just wanted to let you know that your books really have changed my life.

    When I first say AGATB at my local bookstore, my mum shoved it into my hands and said, “Here you picky little…This looks like one you’ll like.” I read the back cover and have to say I wasn’t really all that intrigued.

    It wasn’t until our second trip to buy a birthday gift that I took a second look at it and decided, ‘What the hell?’, and bought it.

    I gulped it up.

    After I finished it, I begged my mom to buy me Rebel Angels, and seeing as how it was only in hardcover she was a little reluctant, but I finally persuaded her, and off we went to the cashier, her mumbling under her breath all the way about those blasted books.

    After I finished it, I heard the glorious news about the film and I’ve been completely obsessed ever since.

    It’s completely taken over pretty much every aspect of my mind. I think about it at least 12 hours a day, each day. Heck, today I spent 3 hours lying on the couch listening to “The Matrix Theme” on repeat, for Pete’s sake, imagining what the trailer would look like with me in it, let alone directing it!

    I just wanted to display to you the extremely powerful influence you have over young girls minds, let alone very horny, very impressionable girls minds.

    However, I personally, couldn’t think of anyone else I want influencing my young, horny, impressionable mind than you, as I think you are a genius and very funny as well.

    But as Uncle Ben says, ‘It is my gift, it is my curse.’ Although it’s not even really your curse, well, I guess the fan girls scaling the walls of your apartment with blood on their minds if you screw up the next book is. But I’m sure it will be fantastical as always.

    So, it is just my hope that you will find this somehow, and write me back. As for now, I’m sure I’m just stuck with some other fan girl finding it and thinking about what a creepo I am. Ah well, such is the price of…well, er, being me, a creepo.


    – Charlotte

    P.S. If your still looking for songs, I suggest these:

    This Place is a Prison – The Postal Service
    Useless – Imogen Heap*
    Dirty Little Secret (Thievery Corporation Remix) – Sarah McLachlan
    St. Francis – Sarah Slean*
    Sea and the Rythm – Iron and Wine
    Get Cape Wear Cape – Fly
    Lover I Don’t Have To Love – Bright Eyes*
    And lastly, my all time favourite AGATB theme,
    Hello, I’m in Delaware – City and Colour I always imagine Gemma screaming at Kartik not to leave her when he turns away from her in the stables when I hear it.

    P.P.S. Sorry for leaving the longest post of all time, but, seeing as how you’ll probably never find it, I’ve given myself the liberty of writing all that I see fit.

    Good luck Libba.

  30. Do the Hippogriff

    I swear, that is one of my biggest fears! I think about that all the time!

    So when I’m walking alone on a dark street, I leave the little scrolly bar on a song that I think would make my friends cry at my funeral, then leave it and let it resume to the song that I was listening to, so that if I spot a car barreling down the sidewalk towards me, all I have to do is press ‘Menu’ then the centre button and I’m all set! Then I guess I could run, but who’s got the energy for that?

    Just for laughs, I dare you to do that and leave it on ‘Do The Hippogriff’ by The Weird Sisters from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Mad, insane dancing would quickly ensue at your memorial service.

    “Good times had by all, Tears cried by many, Conga Line participated in by some.”
    That is what I want my obituary to read at least.

    Awesome song though.

    – Char
    (Victoria, B.C. Canada) Oh god! Now you know where I live! You could find me…

  31. Re: Hey Libba

    Hey Charlotte,

    Okay, so now I’m responding to your new post to my old post. Is this sort of like that cheesy Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves movie about the lake house?

    Loved your post–it made me laugh, and, actually, reminded me of the teen me. Daydreaming…extremely underrated. Someday, I’m sure I’ll see a Charlotte-directed movie and get to say, “Hey, you know what? She left me a post in my LJ once!” And my friends will all say, “Naaah, you’re full of it.”

    Thanks for the song list. And happy new year.

  32. New Day/Kate Havnevik

    New Day by Kate Havnevik

    Every time I hear this song, it seems like something changes inside me.

    The music floods my body and images rush through my head and inspiration seizes me.

    A turning sky, a phosphorescent spine, spinning lights creating fairies in his eyes.

    I feel as though I could film an entire movie, or write a book, or compose a symphony. It makes me feel as though I could do anything.

    It’s incredible, beauty seems just a melody away.

    I just hope that it can work it’s magic on you.

    Inspiration is just a download away.

  33. I know you won’t actually read this… I mean I’m like a year late but I couldn’t resist reccomening the lacrimosa (?) requiem by mozart. If you thought those new age-y bands were emo, you should DEFINETLY listen to this. It’s the ULTIMATE emo song.

  34. Also

    Ironically enough, Loreena did a song version of “The Lady Of Shallot”.

    (And if it’s not on the AGATB soundtrack, I will SCREAM.)

    That is all.

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