Blame it on the weather

This is Libba’s husband, commandeering her LJ to post some unfortunate news. Alas, due to Hurricane Rita’s untimely arrival in Florida, she won’t be making it to Miami tomorrow for her school visit or book signing. She’s terribly bummed about it, though glad she doesn’t have to fly into a storm, given that she’s not big on flying to begin with. She will be back in Miami in January, though, when she will hopefully do makeup dates for all the scheduled events.

Stay safe down there!

54 thoughts on “Blame it on the weather

  1. for your story,

    hi libba my name is crystal and im14 yrearsold and i ve read all your boks youve aspired me to writ my own ,tahnkyou.the chace of you reading this is slim to none since you have abillion other comments out there and mines like well the last i just wanted to say that i also like to white fantacy storys but havent gotten the time to actually publish any but my friend sadie is trying to get me there,well on your next book you shuld have kartik and gemma like in the end one has to get sacreficed ,cough(gemma)and felicitys the daughter of circe and well anne dies well somwere along athose lines well if you do ever see this find me at my journal,forbden_secret still work in progress

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