Book signing on Friday, Sept. 9th!!!

Alrightythen, folks.

I’ve got my first Rebel Angels signing this Friday, September 9th, at 6:30pm here in fabulous Brooklyn. It’s at the local Barnes and Noble which is on the corner of 7th Avenue and 6th Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC. Come out and heckle me. I’ll be the one with dry mouth and sweaty palms who’s trying to ignore that her monthly horoscope said September 9th would be a day, and I quote, to “pull the covers up over your head.” Okay then. That sounds encouraging.

Oh the hell with it. I stopped believing in astrology (mostly, except when it works in my favor) the moment I found out I share a birthdate with Rupert Murdoch and Antonin Scalia. Everybody sing: “One of these things is not like the other…one of these things just doesn’t belong…”

But seriously, I’m not sure what excerpt to read from REBEL ANGELS on Friday. I’ve got one in mind but I’m undecided. It needs to be about five minutes, no longer. Any thoughts on this? I’m open. And if you are in the NYC area, please come on out. I’d love to see you there. Maybe you’ll be there for the day the cosmos says will go down in infamy for me. (Note to self: check teeth and make no questionable, easily misinterpreted jokes.)

That info again:
Libba’s reading, signing, Q&A and possible self-destruction
Barnes & Noble
7th Avenue @ 6th Street (next to Rite Aid and Methodist Hospital)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Friday 9/9

Be there or…be somewhere else.

But I will be sad. And you will feel the weight of my tears. They will mock you while you celebrate, yea verily. And you will not be free.

Two diet cokes in one day are a bad idea…

121 thoughts on “Book signing on Friday, Sept. 9th!!!

  1. Hope your book signing was successful! Your two books were amazing. I never was into all that stuff having to do with the order and visions but when i read your book I was instantly hooked! Have you thought about making the books into a movie? It would rock!

  2. hi

    uhm hi i just want to say i love your books and when is the third book coming out and uhmmmm…what else was i gonna say..sry im totally wasting your time but …oh ya uhmmm i just wanna ask if there are going to be any juicy scenes between kartik and gemma cuz there better be or….uhmm..uhm..uhm ya ill be sad anyways i really love the books!

  3. I’ve been wondering, is the crescent moon and eye symbol something you invented? I’ve been looking for a necklace with that symbol (it sounds SO incredibly lovely), so I was wondering if it does truly exist/if I could actually find it anywhere.

  4. Rebel Angels

    Congrats on the book. I’m working on finishing it (darn school keeps getting in the way). It rocks! I pretty much passed out when I saw it on the shelves yesterday.
    Psh….two diet cokes? Rookie. I’ve been up to six or seven a day (right around AP testing time of year).

  5. I read your book

    Hi! I’m 12 years old and I’ve read both your books. WOW! They were wondrerful and I can’t wait till the third one comes out! I’m also doing a book report on you at this very moment. Actually you and the book. I just wanted to leave a comment saying I loved your books and keep writing them! : )

    ~Book report girl

  6. I’m young too

    Hi! I’m twelve and I’ve read the books too! They’re awesome. I screamed for joy right in front of my friend when I saw it laying on the table from Amazon. Anyways I just wanted to say hi so . . . Hi!

    ~Book Repor Girl: )

  7. Your Books

    When do you think your third book will come out? I read A Great And Terrable Beauty, after reading the back of it when a friend was reading it. Then one day when I was shopping I saw Rebel Angels, next to your forst book. I was so excited I bought the book right then. I just now finished the book. I saw that you had a website and got on the computer. After looking around for a while I read that AGATB was the first in a trilogy. I am so happy and can’t wait for your next book to come out.

  8. Just a note from a big fan!

    Hi, I just finished reading Rebel Angels. I was even reading it at work that is how good it was, I could not put it down. And I know a lot of people are probably asking but are you writing another book in the series??I hope you are!!Also I know you probably will not answer this but I at least have to try. Are Gemma and Kartik going to kiss again? Or go out or anything? Ok well thank you and keep up the great work!!!


  9. Gosh Darnit

    Shucks! I totally live nowhere NEAR NYC…the prairies of Canada anyone? How utterly depressing I say. Hope it goes well and that you aren’t smited by lightening on the spot or anything for making a questionable joke. That would be utterly depressing too! How would we, the faithful readers, ever find out how the trilogy ends? And it’d just be a waste of such an amazing writer!
    word up.

  10. I finished reading your second book yesterday, in under 12 hours I might add (I did go to sleep 4/5 of the way through). I made sure I woke up extra early to finish the rest. I love it. I love A Great and Terrible Beauty too. They are my two favorite books EVER and will probably be my favorite books for many more years. I’ve been getting everyone I know to read them, and surprise, surprise (okay, so maybe it’s not a surprise), they love them.

    I actually had to wait an extra two weeks plus to get my book because the first time the order at amazon didn’t go through and I didn’t find out until later, so the second time I ordered, it took a while to get here. If the book didn’t get to me soon, Amazon would have had a lawsuit on their hands.

    This is a weird feeling I get after reading books (usually those that are in a series) where I feel kind of empty in a way like something is missing. It’s like now that the book is done, I’m sad that I’m finished reading it. And I’m missing closure (because, of course, there will be another book doing that) and I want to know more. I must ask you, if you can, please try and avoid becoming comatose. I don’t know what I’d do if I never got to finish the books. I read in another post you made, someone asking you if you’d write more than three. I think that’s a good idea.

    I know that everyone has been saying this, but I love the whole story with Gemma and Kartik. I will be so sad if it’s one of those endings between them where they finally tell each other how they feel and then they’re like “Oh, well, we can’t do this. Let’s go our separate ways, but I’ll always remember/love you.” That would kill me. And I’m pretty sure it’d kill many other people too.

    Good luck on writing the third book. I can’t wait. But don’t worry, no pressure. Haha. I hope there are lots of pages, because the more pages to read the better.

    I also love reading your livejournal; it offers something to tide me over while I’m waiting for the next installment. And even your entries are entertaining and humorous. Keep writing in your livejournal. 😀

    Much Love.

  11. Rebel Angels

    I just looooooooove Gemma! The book “Rebel Angels” is such a wonderful book and you really understand where Felicity is coming from and i just fell so sad for her! Ann on the other hand, needs some self confidence and to realize that its not the end of the world if she’s not rich. I think that Gemma and Kartik shpuld be together, not Gemma and Simon because Kartik understands her better than Simon who only wants the bragging rights of having her. Please tell me that there will be a third book! PLEEEAAAASE!!!!!! Thank you so much!

  12. Aspiring artist and author

    Hey Libba!
    I just wanted to say that I have read both of your books, and I must say that I was addicted to them so much that I finished them in days! They are quite lovely books. I have long dreamed to become an author and artist (i’m a horse freak, so naturally i’ve become fairly good at drawing them) and was wondering if you had any tips on writing! You can reach me at if you’re arn’t too busy with all your fans and everything xD
    -Emma Finney

  13. Moulin Rouge

    Agreed. I absolutely LOVE Moulin Rouge, it’s truly my favorite movie ever. Kylie Minogue (spelling??) as the Green Fairy was awesome! and, of course, I LOVE Ewan McGregor!

    The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return…

  14. Your a very strange woman in other words im trying to tell you that you are crazy! Reble Angel was by far one of the best books I have ever read trust me I have read A LOT of books my nickname at school is the readaholic so you seriously have nothing to worry about the only thing is if u dont start writing another book to go with it some of us (meaning me) will start to get impatient, beware though for your book wont be top for long once I finish my book i’ll be the one with the book signings! lol, Sincerly your 13 year old future opponent

  15. OOh I seriously wish you would come to Oregon. There is nothing better than your books, it’s funny I lent them to my friends and just like me they were sucked completely in and didn’t want to come back out. I finished Rebel Angels in Algebra 2. One of my friends took it home, and because of work only got 2 pages read but then her mom stole it and she had to wait till her mom had finished.

    Now to the reason I am posting, when is the next book coming out I desperatly miss Gemma.

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