Wow. I am completely gobsmacked by all the posts about Rebel Angels. Thank you so much for the support and kind words. I’m so glad you liked it, and as for book #3, I promise I’m dancing as fast as I can. Oh, the Winterlands are a scary place…

On another note, I have also been completely devastated by the news and pictures coming out of New Orleans, one of my favorite American cities. It is an absolute tragedy, and I urge you to do whatever you can to help. We are all connected.

“It’s time we stopped, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down…”
–For What It’s Worth/Buffalo Springfield

I thank you again for your posts and I promise I will respond to them as soon as I can (i.e., when the kid goes back to school and the computer once again belongs to me and not Neopets.com.)


123 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Killer

    Ohmigod. They were like awesome. I read through church, geometry, english, spanish, orchestra, citizenship, biology, and algebra for Rebel Angels. Actually, stayed up late last night to finish it and my dad caught me and was mad, but it was SO worth it. AGATB and RA rocked. Were killer. Like, just gave AGATB to my friend on Fri and she wanted RA on mon, she was so into it. Cannot WAIT til third book!

    I always knew Pip was evil….

    *Yay, Kartik! I

  2. I loved it!


    I loved this book so much. It was awesome. The story is so strong, and puts all the fear, joys, and worries of a teenager in one book. I hope that Katrick, I’m REALLY sorry if I spelled that wrong, and Gemma date. They have. That may seem out forward, but they have to. No pressure, but do the third one as fast as possible!

  3. wow

    i really love your books i stayed up till 10:00 last night finishing Rebel Angels, it is really good, are you gonna write another? I hope so i really enjoy them.
    Cheyenne Sukalski

  4. thanx

    lol i have just finished your book. and i LOVED IT!!!!!! i died laughing when she ran headfirst into the barn LMAO.my sister came in wondering why i was laughing and i couldnt stop to tell her. so she thought i was losing my mind. lol thanks libba

  5. I loved Rebel Angels to death, it was absolutely amazing. As soon as the new teacher entered the picture, the first thing I thought was ‘Circe.’ Near the end, though, when Miss Moore told Gemma and the others to leave her there, I got pretty suspicious about both of them. I started spending more time thinking of elaborate theories than actually reading! XD
    Oh, and Simon has the greatest lines and is flippin’ awesome

  6. when?

    and when will this mysterious book three be coming out??

    *dances around room happily to know that there will be a book 3*

    FYI im VERY impatient!


  7. AGATB & Rebel Angels

    I read your first book, a great and terrible beauty, and i was completely hooked. I went out as soon as possible to find Rebel Angels so i could read that too.I finished the first book in two days, and the second book even quicker. The books are really good at getting into the minds of teenage girls, even if they are form the past. I am a complete romantic, so the whole Kartik and Gemma thing is definatley a good direction, and i hope you continue with it. I personally didn’t think simon and gemma should be a couple. He is a fop. So far i love your style of writing, and i can’t wait for more. Thanks for your hard work!

  8. Ok I know I’m a little late, but hey!

    Ok so I just found this amazing book called A Great and Terrible Beauty, and I read through it faster then I’ve been reading lately since a haven’t really had time to do much of anything. Well yea, so I read it and was a little sad because it was over. I was looking in the back for no apparent reason and found a question about your next book. I was so happy, like you can’t imagine; well acually maybe you can. Considering your the one who wrote the book, and people have been writing you about it forever. But as I was saying, I was frantically searching for the name of the book. I found it and came stright to the library. I looked and asked, but, to my torture, they couldn’t find it. It was miss placed. I went all the way across town to get my hands on it. I finally got it, and was so happy I stayed up until 4 in the morning reading it. By the time I decided I should go to sleep I realized I was nearing the end of the book. I was sad but counldn’t seem to stop reading it, for I finished it the next day. (Which by the way was a school day and was terribly tired.)

    Well yea I’ve kinda been rambling just a little, ok maybe a lot. My point is I found this sight on the book it went to it and found this and even though it’s uberly late I thought you might like to know that I can’t wait and I do hope you hurry and that I can read the other one soon.

    Got to go,

  9. I loved both of your books

    It was my sister who first introduced me to A Great and Terrible Beauty. I once saw it in her pile of books (she is an avid reader) and I thought it looked boring.
    I suppose that is why people keep on telling me, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”
    So one day, while at the library, I decided on a whim to check it out. I read the first page, the second…on and on it went. I actually read it TWICE that time. I loved it.
    Carefully I counted down the days till Rebel Angels. Which brings me to my previous words; not being able to wait for it at the library (they were all borrowed already and I had to wait), I ran over to Barnes and Noble and bought it quickly. I didn’t want to wait for paperback at all! There was half a shelf dedicated to it and I grabbed it and bought it. It took me less than a day to read it; my eyes were glued to it, and no one would/could tear me away from it, and I thought it was terrific.
    So now I have both A Great and Terrible Beauty (actually, my sister bought it but I pretend it’s mine) AND Rebel Angels, but Rebel Angels with my very own money so I don’t have to lie about anything. =)

    I cannot wait for the third book! It’s a trilogy, huh? =( Too bad. I hope you write more stories like it after the third book comes out. I mean in the Victorian Era. Ever since I read your books I’ve been obsessed with the Victorian Era.

    I would love it if you would email me: helenaorama@gmail.com


  10. Re: I loved both of your books

    Really? The corset girl looked boring? LOL!

    I’m glad you got past the cover and enjoyed both books. I don’t know if I’ll write more Victorian books (I do love the Victorian era) but I’m definitely enjoying this trilogy and will be a bit sad when it’s over.

  11. Rebel Angels

    I read a great and terrible beauty and rebel angels about 4 months ago but i still cant stop thinking about those books. you are an amazing writer if you can make it stick with people like that. and i gotta tell ya… im absolutely THRILLED that you are writing a third book! you are such a fabulous writer and i look up to you. *even though that may sound a bit cheesy* thank you so much for writing a third one! hehe. im looking forward too it.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. gosh you are right about the Winterlands… very scary

  12. Amazing books

    your books are fabulous! infact… they are beyond words. when i first looked at the cover of A Great and Terrible Beauty i knew that i found my next book. or more so, the book found me. i love the whole victorian times, corsettes, and things of the sort and as i read the back of the book i was striding toward the cashier knowing that what i held in my hands was gonna be amazing. and guess what… i was right. it was beyond amazing.. i read it in about 3 nights and then picked up a copy of Rebel Angels the next day. (of course it took a lot to persuade my mom to drive me to the nearest book store that day, but i just couldn’t wait!) i read Rebel Angels in around 2 days or so and was walking around with dark circles under my eyes for lack of sleep. but wow i love those books so much and am thrilled that you are writing a third one!!!!!!!!! best wishes and good luck! i bet it is going to be great!


    P.S. i love the whole Kartik and Gemma thing too (as someone else has already mentioned) and i hope you continue with it.

  13. i love new orleans too

    i no its been a year since katrina but i do agree it was and still is an amazing. i actually wanted to write a short story that was based there ,but that didnt work. have you ever been there?

  14. rebel angels and a great and terrible beauty

    yayyyyyyy! i just finished a Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels! in a week! alright they both were the bomb! go libba…go libba..*do a happy dance* oh! anyway i cant wait till the third book man i hope they beat the crud out of pippa…..oh and gemma and kartik need to pull themselves together and get together! they dancin around each other jeez.. anyway i liked the ending on both books it left me wonderin if there really will be another book1 they both were…i cant find the words there are no words to how good they are! Oh yeah, Libba can u pretty please go a tinsy bit faster with that third one please, im a seventh grader and a bit impatient^^.Keep up the GREAT work Libba!

  15. book #3 :]

    Dear Libba Bray,
    you are farrr most the BEST writer in history of writers! i LOVE LOVE LOVE both of your books “a great and terrible beauty” and “Rebel angels” i read then both in 4 days!!! i couldnt put the books down pls pls pls tell me when your 3rd book comes out i just can’t wait!!!! whats it gonna be called? have you started writing it? pls pls pls tell me i am gonna die of anticipatience!!!!! :]

    your #1 fan (honestly) Victoria

  16. a third book?!?!

    hey! i enjoyed both your books so much!they are wonderful i could n ot put them down! out of curiosity are you currently working on a third book!?!?! i just don’t want the story to end!!please post somthing about it!

    sincerilly-the great and terrible beauty

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