Scavengers, unite!

Oh, hey, I forgot to mention that Random House is doing a cool thing this month in conjunction with the August 23rd pub date of Rebel Angels (oopsie. my bad.) They are hosting an online scavenger hunt. How cool is that? No, you do not have to go to the home of the boy you’ve got a crush on and ask his parents if they have any toilet paper because it’s on your list and now you want to die. Absolutelynot. This is totally embarrassment-free…as far as I know. To participate, go to Fly! Be free! No fuss, no muss! And that shine lasts all week long!

Also, I did an interview with YA Book Central and it’s up now:

You can check it out if you are so inclined.

I’m going to hear Rufus Wainwright, Ben Folds and Ben Lee play a concert in Prospect Park tonight. I’ll be joined by friends, including Mr. Levithan, Jen Hubert (super-cool librarian at LREI in Manhattan), Joe Monti and his wife and a cast of thousands. Okay, not really thousands but a few others. We’re gonna confab at the apartment which I had to spend all day cleaning because it was incredibly scary. No, seriously, the dust bunnies had tattoos and cigarettes. They had a union. They frightened me and my tiny sponge of hope.

It will, of course, stay clean for approximately one night. By tomorrow it will look like a FEMA fundraising poster again. What can you do?

Got the word yesterday that I will be doing a two-week tour in September. Boston, Miami, Dallas, Seattle, and L.A. Whoo-hoo! I’ll be visiting girls’ schools in those cities and hopefully doing some writing workshops there. I’ll also be doing signings, I believe. And racking up the frequent flier miles. Yeah, did I mention I’m a white-knuckle flier? Time to start meditating. Or medicating. I get those two confused.

Alrightythen. Must fly. I’ll let you know how the concert goes.

121 thoughts on “Scavengers, unite!

  1. If he’s there…there’s usually someone famous there everyday. And if you feel like shopping there, I suggest wearing walking shoes and studying a map of the mall first. (that is if you can find one)

    Thanks for your reply. And your question made me laugh.

  2. Mmhmm, totally worthy; definitely.

    lol, we were all concerned that you were lurking it and would be too afraid of us to visit our schools or something.

    And Rebel Angels was the most unnerving book I have ever read. Maybe I shelter myself…I did just have an awful nightmare stemming from the TRAILER of an exorcism movie…but I think it’s just that you’ve gotten me SO attached to the girls. I could not even sleep before I finished it, so rather I deprived myself of sleep to find out what happened. Chilling.

    Plus I got the only copy at the local Borders (I was on vacation) the day it came out. I nearly died when I picked it up, like, what if some dumb twelve-year-old who has neither the cognitive development nor the vocabulary to understand it snag it from me?! So I was QUITE pleased, really.

  3. Re: i have a question

    thanks! i just picked up rebel angels yesterday i have barely been able to put it down its so awsome!!

  4. Re: With your white-knuckles in gear…

    Haha you rock 😛 I shall inform my journalism teacher tomorrow. He’ll wet himself, I swear.

    I’ll be emailing you then!

  5. Re: my god woman

    I am going up to the University of California, Merced. No you havent’ heard of it. Nobody has. There are cows there. Nobody has heard of any place in california that has cows. But, they do exist. As does snow. Another foreign thing to me.

    I am going to die.

    WHEN are you coming to LA. Because, if it is the same weekend as my sisters babyshower, then I will come down. I won’t come down just for her, but I’ll come down for you, and make myself look like a great sister for coming to her babyshower.

  6. I just read your interview, and ohmygoodness you are such a funny person. 🙂 I’m glad to know that an author of such a fantastic book is still indeed human. Yep. I just finished Rebel Angels yesterday, and in combined time it took about an hour and a half to two hours. It was fantastic, and you’re mean to make us wait so long for the third one. Just thought you should know. =P One thing I don’t understand about you though, is how you liked both books from George Orwell. I had to read them in my freshmen year of high school and oh man… They were horrible. Hmm. I can let that slide though.

  7. ben folds

    Oh wow I love ben folds I just recently saw him. He is sooo great! I was wondering if you will write a third to your Rebel Angels series?

  8. Rebel Angels

    This book is AWESOME. I think it was even better than the 1st which was Marvelous in itself. I hope Libba Bray writes a 3rd one. And she should really turn the books into movies. one more thing. Gemma + Kartik for life. I hope they stay together.

    Dara 😀

  9. Oh yeah

    Libba I love your technique i felt so raomantic when kartik kissed Gemma hope filled me when i found Crice couldn;t bind the magic, and i felt a stabb a pain when i found out who miss moore really was. You are amazing and i wish that i can write like u someday.

    Dara 😀

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