Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

It’s hot. Haaahhhht. (Please supply requisite nasally whining voice here.)
It’s too hot to work.
Too hot to make the bed.
Too hot to cook. (It is, however, never too hot to eat. As long as one doesn’t mind subsisting on a diet of snowcones, smoothies and tortilla chips. But I digress.)
It is even too hot to read about Jude Law’s fall from grace inside the pages of US magazine. People, when you can’t even be rousted to read supreme trash, well, that’s just tragic.

Today, I started noodling around with Book #3. It has no title yet. It is clay. A big, chunky, unformed glob o’ gunk. “So what happens in this one?” people ask. “No idea,” I reply. “Oh come on. You must have some idea where you’re going.” “Newp. Not a friggin’ clue.” (They usually look disappointed and disdainful at this point and I feel compelled to come up with an answer like, “Ah, I’m pretty sure some bad things will happen and stuff? And there’ll be some loose ends to tie up and crap and I’m pretty sure it will be too long.”)

Anyway, I went to B&N to grab some books for research and wool-gathering. I usually read all kinds of arcane stuff just to jog the old synapses into firing instead of lounging around in my brainpan and having conversations with the other synapses about whether or not to order pizza. So I get there and here’s how it goes. (Dramatic recreation of conversation with kind, beleaguered Barnes and Noble employee):
Me: Hi, do you have any books on the Freemasons and secret societies?
Him (cocking an eyebrow): Did you have a particular book in mind?
(Sure, Freemasons To Be, You and Me; The Sound and the Freemason; Freemason Willy.)
Me (sheepish because I used to work in an independent bookstore and HATED it when people would do this to me): Um, no. That makes it hard, huh?
Him: Yes. Yes, it does.
(Pause. Somewhere in the store, another person orders a frappucino and an angel gets its wings.)
Him: Were you looking for something on the history of the Freemasons….? (His pleading look says, Help me out here, sugar.)
Me: Yeah, I’m sort of looking for kooky, conspiracy nut stuff? The kind of books that might be written by a guy who lives in his mother’s basement and spends his days putting duct tape over his windows to keep out the gamma rays and jams a fork into his phone to foil the government plot to establish a new world order.
Him: Oh, you want supernatural/occult and possibly world history.

All in the name of research, folks. I ended up getting nothing from supernatural/occult or world history but did pick up lots of books in mythology and travel. That’s mythology. And travel. In case you were wondering if you can now book a Frommer’s Guide trip to Ancient Celtic Legends Ireland. Let’s Go Eddas and Sagas! Lonely Planet Valhalla! Snowboarding with Vishnu!

It’s the heat. It’s the heat. This is your brain. This is your brain on humidity.

In other news, I just got back from a trip to Phoenix (more heat, again. And don’t give me that crap about how it’s a “dry” heat. Yeah, I’m sure a microwave is dry, too, but I don’t want my ass in one.) and San Francisco (ahhhh, soooo not hot and humid). Did a book signing at Books, Inc. along with the lovely and talented crew of Holly Black, Liz Braswell (aka Tracy Lynn), Heather Frederick, Jane Kurtz, Jennifer Jacobsen, and Cecil “Throw it in…” Castellucci. We were greeted by the dynamic duo of Jennifer Lauren (sp?) and Shannon Mathis who ran a fabu book signing and gave us daisies to boot. We adore them beynd all reason. Long may they book.

The next day we shuttled out to Marin County for Barry’s (our mutual agent and my exclusive husband…I think) annual client retreat. We were staying at the Marin Headlands Institute which is incredibly gorgeous–hills behind us, ocean and craggy sea rocks in front–and we slept in bunk beds. It was like camp for grown-ups. Well, the grown-up part is debatable but the being like camp part is right on. I bought Curious George p.j.’s at Target just for the occasion (instead of the rattty, disgusting old stuff I wear at home.) I loved hanging with that crew and talking writing. Somebody (Cecil? Holly? Cassie Claire?) had the idea of having an annual convention just for readers: ReaderCon. Hey, they have conventions for Star Trek and Gaming. Why not? The food was actually great, as opposed to barely edible, and we even had a campfire one night where I lived in fear that we would all go up in flames as we moved closer and closer to the fire to get warm. I went hiking with Heather, J.J., and Jane up in the hills. Saw a bobcat. Yes, and honest-to-God-guess-what-I’m-capable-of-tearing-off-your-leg-in-an-instant bobcat. You have never seen a girl turn tail and get the hell out of some place so fast in your life. Brave Sir Robin…brave Sir Robin….
Also saw a snake. That’s the only problem with nature. It’s just so…naturey. (Can you tell that all my Girl Scout merit badges were in things like “Reading” and “Crafts”? To this day I find sleeping bags baffling inventions.
Miss Cecil (aka Nerdy Girl for you Canadian indie music fans) played her guitar and sang for us and that was so wonderful. She is such a gifted singer/songwriter. And Mette Harrison (Mira, Mirrror) who was eight months+ pregnant did not go into labor. Whew. Not sure I was ready to earn the “Guess what you’re going to deliver a baby on the fly!” merit badge. Knowing Mette, she could have probably delivered baby #6 (yeah, 6) herself and been on time for dinner. Go, Mette. Cassie told a HILARIOUS story that I cannot repeat but I can say that I will never be able to look at Bobby Brown again without laughing. And Jo Knowles came up with the perfect t-shirt slogan to match: What Would Bobby Brown Do? (More than you care to know, apparently.)

And there was much rejoicing.

Must go lay in front of the gasping air-conditioner with a wet towel on my head.

83 thoughts on “Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

  1. Re: Marin!!!

    Wow, Vietnam, huh? That sounds much more interesting than my trip. Yes, I thought Marin was crazy gorgeous. Beach AND hills? Doesn’t get much better.

  2. Re: readercon

    If it will annoy Focus on the Family, I will go buy it right away. And thanks for the compliment. And your life is just fine the way it is and has a great personality and loves to dance.

  3. Re: Amazing Book!

    Some people snagged ARCs (advanced reader copies). These are bound copies that are not the final book but go out to booksellers and reviewers ahead of time. The actual book is on sale August 23rd. And thanks for the lovely words.

  4. Re: My name is Brandi…

    Are you sure the empty, sinking sensation wasn’t a need for snacks? 🙂

    What a lovely compliment–thank you very much. Thanks for stopping by and making my day. Hope you like Rebel Angels, too.

  5. Hmmm, I’m still intrigued by the prospect of being made small and put in a doll’s house. No chintz in the doll house, you understand. I break out in hives at the sign of chintz.

    I don’t know if I know Lori. Lori who? Yeah, Holly and Cassie are exceedingly cool. I feel lucky to get to hang with them.

  6. Re: songs that rock!

    Please don’t die of embarrassment. It’s so hard to get out of the carpet.

    Glad you like the Underground and Mr. Reed, too. I have a playlist called “Moody” (betcha can’t guess when I play THAT one!) and it’s got lots of glam rock and V.U. and Lou Reed and Bowie, etc. on it.


    I’m working on book three even as I type. Because there is a part of my brain that does that. It does tricks, too, like remembering where I’ve put my keys. Sometimes. Glad you liked R.A.

  8. I’m not the only one?

    Oo Augustus Gloop…does this mean I’m not the only one who likes listening to the Oompa Loompa songs [and singing along]? Haha… anywho, A Great And Terrible Beauty is amazing, and I’m working on Rebel Angels and I absolutely lurv it. I can’t wait until the third book…even though I’m not done with the second…

  9. i am just in the middle of reading Rebel Angels
    im hooked, reminds me quite a bit of DaVinci Code/ Angels and Demons,
    thought provoking,gripping, and quite fantastical
    but not so attention seekingly ‘dissagreable’ as Dan Browns novels.

    its so amazing how you tied together so many unique themes making Rebel Angels a truely unique, appealing novel.

    thank you!


    Your books are amazing but will you please write one more please,and that would be treffic!

  11. Rebel Angels

    I really like your book Rebel Angels. It was very good. I would love it if there was a third book! I would love to hear more about Gemma and her friends and the Realms. I could not put this book down.
    Thank You for writing this great book!

  12. question that dosnt really concern these entries

    i was only wondering if you are coming out with a sequel to Rebel Angels.I love your books and i cant stop reading them.I got rebels angels yesterday and i have already finished it.I know you are very busy so do take your time in writing a sequel.(If you do)

  13. hi!

    dear miss bray,
    i am 14 years old and i LOVE your books! you are an awsome writer, and i’m dying to know when the next book is coming out….if there’s another book. If you’re thinking about not making another book, please keep in mind all of the people like me out there who will kill to know wut happens next. i can not live my life with an unfinished story always on the back of my mind!

  14. When???

    when are you going to finish the book #3? I’m so excited to read it and so are all of my friends. I got the first one and I had to pass it on to let everyone else read it and they loved it so then we all read the 2nd one and loved it. but we’re so ready for the next one! please reply…
    love, alli

  15. ?

    Will you please write a third book I really love your first two AGATB and Rebel Angels they were great your a awesome writer
    Hey and we have a lot in common I live in texas sadly, lol but im only fifteen and still have a while till i marry a guy in Italy, lol. Thank you for writing you books they are wonderful!
    Maree Haney
    ps. can you emial me and tell me if you ever write a new book… i would really appreicaite it!!!

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